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I know I just gotta let it go

I should'a known

I gotta learn to say goodbye now

I throw my armour down

And leave the battleground

For the final time now

I know I'm running from a warzone

The second I pulled into the driveway of my house, I could see all the lights were on. So they were awake. The thought of having to face them like every night, sent shivers down my spine, and not the good kind. I opened my car door softly, trying to not make a lot of noise and locked the car. One step at a time, I walked up to the door and pulled out my keys. While fiddling with them to find the right key, I noticed that my hands were already shaking very violently. When I eventually got the door open, I stepped in and saw my dad at the kitchen table drinking his usual beer and my mom passed out on the couch.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home," I announced. Based off of the racket coming from the kitchen, I knew that my dad was getting up. To avoid my dad, I started walking up the stairs that lead to the bedrooms.

"You're late," Dad announced, stopping me in my tracks. So it's going to be one of those nights huh?

"I know. I'm sorry. My phone died and I didn't know the time-" I was stopped by a rough slap to the face causing me to fall down the few stairs I had climbed. Picking myself up, I held my face in one hand, and tried to scoot up the stairs backwards away from the monster in front of me.

"Don't use excuses with me Natalie Carter!" Oh no, he's using my full name; well my first and middle name at least.

"It's not an excuse-" I started attempting to defend myself, but only received another slap forcing my head to hit the stairs. Well there's going to be blood now.

"You're useless! You're worthless! I can't even look at you! You're disgusting," My dad slurred. He was definitely drunk. Hearing those things, brought tears to my eyes. No one deserves this kind of abuse, but I couldn't do anything about it. I had frozen on the spot, not knowing how to react. Usually it's just a quick slapping here and there, but not usually verbal abuse.

"Dad, is something wrong-" I croaked out, but was interrupted.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!" He screamed in my face, scaring me. Nodding my head, I walked up the stairs trying to keep my balance.

Before walking into my bedroom, I walked into the bathroom to see the new marks my dad had given to me. Stepping into the old bathroom, I looked out the hallway one last time, checking left to right to make sure my dad wasn't coming. I closed the creaky door as quietly as possible and walked over to the shattered mirror that lay in front of me. I remember the day that mirror cracked. It was the day my life began to fall apart.


Humming to a song, I let the water douse my auburn hair. The warm water felt good on my skin. I was getting ready for a date. His name was Brett Allens. He was the star track runner. He was tall, thin, but built. He had soft blonde hair that hung just above his eyebrows. And his eyes were very warm. Oh his blue eyes welcomed me in his embrace. Jacob didn't approve of him, but never told me why. He might be my best friend, but that doesn't mean I won't go against him.

I turned the water off and grabbed my soft towel off of the bathroom hook and began drying myself off. When I finished, I wrapped the towel around myself to perfectly fit my body. Before stepping out of the shower, I grabbed my hair and turned it, then squeezed, to ring all the water out of it. Pulling back the shower curtains, I heard a knock at the door. Quickly, I stepped out of the shower and ran to the door. In front of me, stood my dad.

"Hey dad," I said happily.

Before he even responded, he roughly shoved the door open and pushed me back into the mirror. I heard a crack, but I didn't know if it was my head cracking or the mirror. A slight scream came out of my mouth as my dad slapped my face shutting me up. Once again he picked me up and threw me into the mirror. This time I knew the crack was my head. I felt a hot liquid slide down my neck, creating a trail.

"Dad you're hurting me! Stop!" I screamed trying to protect myself. Looking into his eyes, I saw a flash of evil that I had never seen before. It scared me. The moment he let me out of his grip, I crawled back as far as I could resulting in my back hitting the wall. He shot a wicked smirk back at me and walked out of the bathroom, beginning the years of hurt.

End of Flashback

Reality quickly hit me when I looked past the shattered mirror and saw my own reflection looking back at me. I had a new fresh cut under my right eye, five branded fingerprints going along the left side of my face and a gash going along my hairline. Sighing, I grabbed some rubbing alcohol and a tissue and began cleaning myself up.

When I finished, I cracked open the bathroom door and listened, making sure nobody was coming. When I didn't hear anything, I opened the door all the way and tiptoed out of the bathroom and into my room which was down the hallway. When I arrived in my room, I quietly closed the door and walked over to my bed.

I didn't know what to do with myself at this point because I wasn't tired. I decided I would just look up at the night sky. Walking over to my window, I opened it and slipped outside onto my little balcony that's fit for four. I sat down on the chair I had set up for myself, brought my legs onto the chair, hugged them, and looked up at the dark, starry sky.

Why does he have to hurt me like that? I never did anything wrong to him or my mom. I was always the good child that was never rebellious unlike Embry even though my parents still favored him. When he left, I guess it just tore them up inside, but it's not like it didn't effect me! He meant everything to me and now I lost him at home and I'm suffering for it. Thinking of my terrible lifestyle only brought tears to my eyes, but didn't stop the thoughts from running through my mind.

What would happen if the guys found it? I wonder what Embry would do. I'm sure I'd end up staying with him at Jake's house or something, but would they go all werewolf on my parents or what? I just hope I never have to tell them. I may tell Jacob everything about my life and all my secrets, but this is one secret that will never be told.

I was so involved in my train of thoughts that I didn't even hear Jacob climb up onto my balcony. I didn't even notice him waving his hand in front of my face saying my name over and over.

"Nate? Nate?" He continued.

"What?" I answered dumbly. That's when I realized that he could see my face. It was a usual thing to come by my house every night and sometimes stay with me, but I didn't expect him tonight because of the kinda awkward moment that we had at the beach, so I didn't bother covering up the marks.

"What happened-" Jacob started, but I cut him off.

"Don't look at me," I said. I shoved my chair out from underneath me and fought my way into the window quickly attempting to get away from him before he could see my facial damage. But he was too quick and he grabbed my hand, spinning me around to face him. I watched him as his eyes stared at my face when realization hit him.

"Oh my gosh! Nate, what happened!" He said as his thumb grazed the cut below my eye as he gripped my face in his hands. I turned my head away trying to look less shameful.

"Nothing," I spoke sliding myself into my room through my window.

"That is not nothing," Jacob said. He's right. It isn't nothing. It's my dad being an abusive asshole hitting me every chance he can because his son left and I'm paying for it!

"I tripped down the stairs, Jake," I was trying to get him off my back. I knew he wouldn't believe me, but he didn't protest against it. I sat down on at the edge of my bed and sighed. Jacob followed and sat down next to me.

"You okay?" Jacob questioned. I looked at him and saw care written all over his face. Seeing as he has been my best friend for eleven years, he can see right through any lie, but I can't let him find out about my parents.

"I'm fine," I said while lying back.

Instead of Jacob lying next to me, he turned over and propped himself up on his elbows next to me looking at me in such fascination. My eyes wondered along his masculine features on his face, but my eyes stopped when I got to his lips. His lushes pink lips that always drew me to him. His lips that I've longed for against mine. But I could never tell him that because I'm his best friend and nothing more.

"You are so clumsy," Jacob joked, breaking me out of my train of thought. I noticed a long smile going across his face as he teased me.

"I am not!" I defended back.

"You sure about that Ms.I-just-fell-down-the-stairs," He mocked. I slapped his arm playfully then crossed my arms over my chest and stuck my nose up in the air jokingly.

"Oh that's it Jacobson," He said. He sat up fairly quickly and started tickling me. He first start softly, but then went harder all up and down my sides making me burst in a loud laughter. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this tomorrow, but I'm living in the moment.

"Jacob-stop!" I choked out in between laughing.

"Not unless you say Jacob Black is the sexiest man alive," He said with a big grin on his face.

"No!" I said refusing to say it even though that's what I actually thought about him. Jacob, not wanting a 'no' for an answer, began tickling me again. I slapped his arm a few times so he grabbed my arms and pinned them above my head with one hand leaving the other free to tickle me.

"Stop Jake!" I said while laughing loudly. Once again he refused me and I was trapped, so I started wiggling back and fourth. Eventually, I flipped him over and was now straddling him, but I fell with our faces very close. That was not so graceful.

I stared down in his gorgeous brown eyes and began getting lost in them. All the memories of us as little kids flashed before my eyes. The time when he taught me how to swim, when he stood up to the biggest bully in school for me, when he taught me how to ride a motorcycle. All of them. He truly was the perfect best friend, but something pulled me to desire more than that from him.

Getting lost in the moment, I felt Jacob's head float up close to mine, our lips merely millimeters away from each others, when my phone went off. I pulled away and crawled off of him and peered over at my phone that was on the nightstand, to see my dad's name flashing across the screen. Oh no. He heard us.

"Don't answer it. Stay with me," Jacob said at me. I knew that I was going to get a bad beating tomorrow, but this moment meant so much more to me.

Looking over at Jacob, I saw him under my covers watching me. Nodding my head, I let him direct me under the covers and into his arms. I buried my head in his chest, able to hear his heart beat. I felt his arms tighten around my waist as he pulled me closer to him.

"I love you, Natalie Jacobson," I heard Jacob say while fading in and out of consciousness, but it might have just been my mind playing tricks on me like usual. I mean, I did hit my head pretty hard tonight. But I so wished it was true.

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