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"How about when Amber and Alex are away from rose mason and Eddie can restrain her while me, Christian and Dimitri can take the bracelet off."

"You make it sound so easy." Said Mason. "But haven't you heard rose is dating Adrian Ivashkov. If we take the bracelet off he will be crushed because the bracelet made her date him. He truly loves her liss."


Hearing that rose loves someone else sends daggers to my heart. It can't be I have to do something. I have to save my roza. Just then the doors of the commons opened and in went the person I dreaded to see. Oh no great Tasha already has a huge crush on me and now Hope. I need rose I'm 100% sure that she would be jealous if I ever dated one of them but has she considered my feelings now she's dating Ivashkov. Sure the bracelets charmed she just needs to fight it she's a fighter that's why I love her. She's my other half my soul mate

"Dimka?" asked Tasha.

"What." I said I know my voice sounded harsh but she interrupted my thoughts of rose. She flinched but pointed to a person that I'm guessing wants to talk to me. I looked at person i looked in an emerald green eye which I'm guessing is Sabina Hope Ivashkovs eyes.

What do you want hope. I asked my voice sounded so cold I couldn't recognize it. Everyone flinched.

"I just guessed that you might have wanted to say hi to me."

"I'm busy now if you excuse me I have to find a way to get rose back." I left them and headed to my dorm. Only one thought in my mind. Save rose bring her back to normal. It was the only thoughts that entered my mind. No matter what I'll get my roza back.


I was eating with Adrian in Alex's table. When I sensed lissa's confusion. So I went in her head I guess hope arrived and Dimitri, it was like he was thinking about something. One thing that made my heart beat faster was when he said "I'm busy now if you excuse me I have to find a way to get rose back." He truly did love me I have to fight this, this isn't me I would never abandon lissa like that whatever is controlling me is pretty strong.

"Little royal you ok."

"Yeah I'm alright." Not. Geez why does whatever Alex charmed need to be so strong. I already can't control myself but now I can't control what I'm saying too. Great just great. I so wanted to rip Alex's head off of her body but mom and dad would be angry. Wait mom and dad they can figure it out and since Alex is dumber than a coconut she wouldn't know.

"Alex I totally miss mom and dad can they stay here in the academy." I tried putting a little compulsion in my words but it won't work stupid charmed thingy.

"That would be great I'll call them later they'll be so happy that your dating Adrian." I ignored her. Yes I bet mom and dad would know easily that whatever I am saying now is really not me. Just then mason and Eddie went to our table they glared at Alex. Then they looked at me.

"Rose why won't you hang with lissa anymore?" Asked mason.

"Why would I it's infected with dhampirs and strigoi wannabes I don't want to get contaminated." They looked hurt. Oh no I just hurt their feelings why can't my life be normal? I just wish mom and dad will stay here so I can go back to being myself and maybe tell Dimitri how I really feel I don't care if me and dimitri can't be together. I don't care if our love is forbidden. All that matters is were together but my problem is Tasha and Hope. I don't want to hurt them dammit.
"Hey Rose let's go to class everyone's leaving already." Said amber. I nodded and went to my first class. I usually sat with Amber and Alex but today I'm going to sit with lissa. At least they can't control who I can sit with. The looks on their faces were priceless. I used the bond to see what lissa is feeling she was surprised and happy. I didn't listen to a thing in class all I could think about was Dimitri it was always Dimitri he was always in my mind. I guess I truly do love him. The day passed by uneventfully. My dreams were about Dimitri but Soon it turned into a spirit dream and I knew it was Adrian. We were in the school library.

"Little royal you've spaced out every time I look at you. Alex told me when you were in your morning classes you spaced out too but in your afternoon classes you were looking at an dhampir should I be jealous?" I looked at my wrists the bracelet was off so that means I could control myself but I guess when I'm awake I can't.

"I think Alex charmed the bracelet I was wearing. It controls what I say that's why I said what I said to mason and Eddie. Whenever I try to take it off it's like something's preventing me to. When you first dream walked me. I was wearing the bracelet so yeah. That dhampir I was looking at he was always in my mind whenever I close my eyes he's all I see." He nodded. I checked his aura he was jealous.

"So that means you dated me because the bracelet made you too." I nodded.

"It's ok rose it's not your fault it's your sisters I truly do love you rose but if you love that dhampir then it's ok I love you too much to keep you when you love someone else." I smiled.

"Thanks Adrian you're a great guy but the bracelet is my problem."

"Don't worry little royal I heard your parents is coming here tomorrow you just have to wait and I'll let you dream about that dhampir." I smiled and nodded. Then the dream started to fade. I dreamt about dimitri again.