The Nine-tailed duelist!

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Chapter Three:Revelations!

Naruto's night didn't end as he stayed the night customizing his deck once again. The cerulean blue eyes scanning over his collection of cards before grabbing a select few and replacing some more powerful cards in his opinion. "Hmm now the big question do I keep the Kyuubi with me or do I go with Chief Toad Gamabunta?" His eyes darted back and forth between the cards before a growl erupted throughout the house. "Boy if you replace me with that infernal toad, I swear to god when I'm ever summoned I will eat you right on the spot. Freedom be damned." The reaction was instantaneous as Naruto shot off the bed and bashed his head against the ground sending him to sweet slumber. "Why am I trapped with idiots for hosts?" The cards eyes gleamed with malice before a not to subtle breeze blew him on top of the unconscious blondes left eye. It would have to wait till tomorrow or when Naruto got up, hopefully it would be sooner than later.

The night billowed on as the fox growled in irritation at the weakling laying before him. It had already been two hours and the only reason he wasn't remotely concerned for his safety, was the small steady breathing, and then finally it hitched. Naruto's eyes opened his right eye welcoming the sight of his shitty apartment and his left staring into what seemed a mangled picture of red. A sudden movement brought his sight back into full force and the gentle touch of a card on his lap. His face looked down at the card, watching as it's nine tails move back and forth waiting for him to speak up.

"Gah, it's moving the cards alive, dammit I've gone crazy first the weird noise and now living cards. I'm to young forall of this, it's madness I tell you madness.." The fox rolled his eyes at the idiot proclaiming his madness out loud. "Shut up, dammit why are all the people I meet either masters of sealing or dense morons that amaze me how they can keep on living." The cards life-like presence scared the shit out of Naruto, but still he wasn't a damned coward in no way shape or form, so he'd muster up whatever courage he had in against this supernatural force and face it head on. "Oh, look the boy is now aware of the talking card, anything else like how hastily you put that crap shoot of a deck together." The fox's tails stopped in place as the boy picked him up, and placed the card on the bed next to the rest of his cards. "Okay talk, if I'm not going crazy, then this I better hear a damn good explanation." Naruto's glared as darkly as possible at the fox card on his bed.

"Well boy let's get started on the details then. It all started when this world was young and almost all the land was connected to each other I believe you all called it Pangea or something of that nature. We called it the Elemental nations." The fox did the closest thing it could do to a grin, as Naruto just gaped like a fish. "Well then lets see, I'm sure that story gives a simple idea of what happened. Raijin Namikaze sealing me into his son Arashi as his mother Mitsuri Kazama lied on her death-bed, Arashi eventually won the 4th shinobi war by defeating Sasuke and Tobi Uchiha. Tobi Uchiha was the real reason the world is split into so many pieces, thanks to his innate stupidity by releasing the body of the Jubi to reek havoc on the land. We won that day our casualties were great, and like a man of his word Arashi found a way to free me from that infernal prison. Iwa knew the damage that was done to this land couldn't be fixed so they warned the rest of the world, while most scoffed and laughed at such claims others readied themselves for the worst, Iwa and Sand did the most preparation. Eventually I retreated to Suna spending my days sleeping or killing, but mainly sleeping."

Kyuubi stopped for a few moments, letting him taking in everything as he began again. "The lands split and everyone went their separate ways. The weird part was how things changed after the land split and the use chakra stopped almost all together, but I believe it was something towards the unnatural distortion of land I never paid no mind to the complaints of you mortals, it really doesn't matter when you are an entity of mass destruction that could kill a civilization by the swipe of his tails. Decades passed before another being came in contact with me, at first it was a decent enough girl but once their ruler came well things didn't sit well with him. His name was Atem and like they said history repeated itself as I was sealed again, this time into a stone slab." His eyes flickered with anger as he mentioned the pathetic mortals name, oh he wanted to rip that mortal into a billion shreds before vaporizing him with a bijudama, nothing made him feel better like unnecessary destruction. "Again years passed before I made contact with another human this time a Silver haired man who gave me a new prison, which is what you own now. The days I sat on that guys mantle just dwindled by, as he brought the rest of my brethren to life in their own prisons."

Naruto let the information the demon fox dropped on him soak in, he seriously couldn't dispute the fox's claim because seriously the fox was right in front of him, daring him to think this little story was all a farce. So the story was true, Arashi was his idol along his parents, teaching him little things like what it meant to keep his word among other things. These were important life lessons to him, when his parents died he didn't know how to cope without them, sure they had taught him many things, but still nothing about the cruelties of the outside world and its people, which helped him become the man he was today.

"So your real name is Kurama then right, why do you insist on being called Kyuubi?" Naruto backed away as he saw phantom tails appear out of the card, some trying to wrap around his neck before fading away getting an irritable growl from the demon fox. "Do not say that name ever Uzumaki. Only a select people have earned the right to call me by that name and you will never be one of those people." The air thickened with killing intent as every word passed through, before returning to its once calm state. "Fine I won't call you that sheesh, didn't know a card could be so scary." This time the fox knew it was crucial to get its plea out, this one step would be the nudge for him to be free in due time. "Uzumaki, I have a deal for you if your interested. I'll help you with your deck and teach you the strategies and obvious mistakes you're putting into your deck I mean honestly your deck is pathetic."

Naruto still knew he was new to the dueling thing, sure the cards weren't hard to understand. Another thing rubbed him the wrong way as well what did the demon fox get in return a deal required something on both ends. "What's in it for you, I mean with everything the book says about you, I see no reason to even remotely trust what you fox." It was at that moment that Kurama knew that this wasn't a blithering idiot like Arashi had been, this would take much more time and effort. "Summon me to the field, that's all that I need." The look of disbelief written across Naruto's whiskered face. "Think of it this way, the holographic form projects my body, with such technology even for a moment my body will be unsealed, visible to only those that are deeply bonded with their cards or have a special circumstance around them. I doubt anyone would see it anyways, these people treat cards like trash so it wouldn't surprise me a bit if this phenomenon went unnoticed. With that minute of time I'll release a portion of my chakra and manifest myself only a short distance away from my prison in a smaller form." Kurama wasn't surprised at the look of confusion either, it had seen too many things for it to be ever surprised again. "Let me put this in easier terms, When you summon me, for one minute I will be real to the world, in that minute a part of me will escape the card and be only visible to you. The chances of me being seen as more then a hologram by the people is almost impossible since they aren't as close to their cards as my second captors were."

The silence again echoed through the small home as Naruto, contemplated the ups and downs of such a deal. He could get advice on his deck fomr something that's been a part of the game for who knows how long, but on the other side if he did summon the fox what then? His eyes never strayed to far from the card as he flip-flopped back and forth on the subject, before finally deciding on an outcome. His hand activated the empty duel disk and just settled on gambling with the fox. His hand reached for the card holding it gently, as if at any moment the thing would blow-up. "Boy you should summon me outside, that way you're not homeless after you summon me." An appreciative nod before he headed outside, back under the moonlit sky this time readying himself for the act of summoning a monster that could rampage and destroy everything in sight, without the slightest himt of reservation. He stopped at his destination, looking at the sea that separated him from new domino city, the best placce to do the deed. "I summon to the field the Kyuubi-No-Kitsune, to the field in Attack mode."

Naruto was sure he did the right thing, until the fox actually came to life. The giant kitsune gave an utter roar at the delight of being alive even if for a brief minute Naruto knew this would be etched into his insignificant life forever. The fox's paws dripped with water at each step it made, even the water seemed to part from the malevolent presence. Kurama knew this time wouldn't last so it began to search the confines of his prison to free itself even if it had to have such a demeaning form. Kurama's power began to rise, and with each tail that shot forth into the air Naruto found it that much harder to breathe. Every second he stood watching the Kyuubi in all it's glory, made him feel like ending his own pitiful life, the only thing truly stopping him from committing such an unspeakable act was the fact that he couldn't control his body to do anything in the first place. So he watched as the pressure around him increased and amplified as all the tails aimed towards he air and then nothing. The sense of dread gone, as the water started rushing back rushing back into the hologram where Kyuubi once stood. De-activating his duel disk, he headed home ready for bed, never noticing the problems he caused or the chibi nine-tailed fox following him home.

Arcadia Movement

A man with a scared face, stood before the Arcadia's main computer reviewing the footage he just bore witness too. This giant fox appearing out of nowhere, in the slum sector at that, but that wasn't what caught his interest it was the power that radiated off the damn beast whoever summoned such a thing he wanted that person for himself. Akiza as powerful as she was didn't even measure up at her peak when that first materialized, Sayer let those thoughts stew as he examined the monster more. A giant red fox with nine tails how odd though, he'd never heard of such a card until today. though if the card was one of a kind then that made things so much easier, all he would have to do is find the duel disk that last played such a card and wallah potential recruit found, willing or not. His face turned into a grin, before beginning his fox-hunt.

Akiza's room(inside arcadia Movement)

Akiza glared again at her arm as it burned with pain, before stopping again. It was becoming more frequent, since that flash of red light, her thoughts turned towards the blonde earlier today she knew he had something to do with it. Even after the boy defeated the red-haired kid with a combo on the, he still looked like he barely knew what he was doing. It was shameful though that he had found her so easily, clutching her arm on the ground. Then offering to help her what nerve, did he have the Black rose witch never accepted anything from anyone, she'd destroy him the next chance she had, but for now she'd sleep and then let the world know of her existence by hurting those that had hurt her.

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