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The Doctor and Donna were trying to decide where to go to ''so Doctor do you know where to go'' Donna asked ''dunno'' said The Doctor ''wait about a cartoon universe'' ''Yeah I what to go'' Donna said then The Doctor asked Donna ''I know the perfect place a place called Coolsville'' ''okay then let's go'' Donna said ''ALLONS-Y'' yelled The Doctor. As the TARDIS shaked and bumped around ''Doctor what's happening'' Donna yelled ''we're going to crash'' The Doctor yelled ''where are crashing'' Donna said ''got no idea'' The Doctor and then they crashed in an unknown place.

Finn and Jake are trying to decide on what adventure they should go on ''what about the Trickful Troll'' Finn said ''what?'' Jake said confused ''I don't know either man'' Finn replied then they heard a very strange noise ''dude what's that noise '' Finn said ''I don't know man let's check it out'' Jake said then Finn saw a big, blue box .As Finn and Jake went outside a man popped out of the box accompanied by a woman ''Hello'' said the man grinning happily

The Doctor and Donna were looking at a human being and a yellow dog ''um who are you guys'' The Doctor said ''I'm Finn and this is Jake'' Finn said ''what's up'' Jake said ''but who are you'' The Doctor simply replied ''I'm sorry I'm so rude hello I'm The Doctor and this Donna'' ''hello'' Donna said ''wait a minute what do you mean The Doctor doctor who?'' Finn said