"Quickly.. put him on the pool table."

"We ain't got time to be messing around Rochelle. The horde is close behind us and we're miles from a safe room!"

"Then we'll make this room a safe house until the boy can stand. "

"And how are we going to do that? The doors are busted and-"

"Nick just shut the hell up and help... We can't leave Ellis to die."

"The damn kid's practically dead already... he's not gunna make it. Let's just leave him and get to the safe house."

"It's the least we could do for the boy. He's saved all our asses a number of times."

"Coach is right... without him I don't think any of us would've made it this far."

"Pssh.. We would've made it much further without him."

"Boy, you're wearing on my last nerve!" Coach scolded, his gaze falling upon Nick. He certainly was an ass at the worst of times, especially towards Ellis. The boy wanted nothing more than to be friends with everyone and Nick just had to go and make it difficult for him.

Coach's gaze fell back to Ellis' wounds. Nick had been right. The poor kid was loosing blood fast. Quite frankly, it was a miracle he had even managed to make it this far. Rochelle and Coach soon got his body onto one of the pool tables and began to look over his wounds. Not only had a hunter tore chunks of meat off the bone, but a spitter had added acid burns along with several scratch marks that ran down his cheek and neck. This was probably the worst shape the young mechanic had been in since they started this little survival trip.

"Coach, do you have anything left in your kit?"

"No, I used the last of it a whiles back.. do you not have anything left?"

Ro shook her head then looked ot Nick. "What about you Nick.."

"Huh?" Nick answered rudly from afar, his gaze starring down at the infected below. They seemed to be slowing down but god only knew how long it would take for them to find them. 'Damn overalls..' he thought, anger coming over him.

"Do you have any bandages.. anything?"

Nick's gaze shifed from the infected onto Rochelle. "Nah, I don't." Rochelle's head dropped as the answer came out. Things just kept getting worse. They'd loose Ellis soon...

Tears welled in Rochelle's eyes, fighting to keep the tears in; this was no time to cry. "Coach help me board up the doorways and broken windows... Nick.." She paused, letting out a sigh. "Nevermind." She knew it was hopeless to ask anything of him especially to stay by Ellis and watch him while they looked for things to patch up the room and make it somewhat safe.

Heading off, the two took their guns and went down the stairs into a bar-like area where, back when everyone was actually alive, would drink and have their own idea of a good time. The bar was empty, the ground covered with broken bottles and shards of glass. In short, it was a utter mess much like most of the places they had camped in. The search soon began to ensue, their hopes of returning back upstairs to find Ellis still alive low.

Back upstairs, Nick was leaned against the wall beside a broken window, just starring out into the dead streets. "Damn kid..." he mubbled as he brought his gun onto his lap before glancing back at Ellis. There wasn't anything that could be done. The boy was dead.. or so he wished. Grunting, the male stood up and moved towards a pool table where he took out and set up a game. 'One ball in... and I'll help the damn kid.' he thought, the gambler within coming out though the losing end of his bet meant the death of Ellis. Bet made and stakes decided, Nick set himself up. The pool stick was soon pulled backwards while the front end slide easily between Nick's rough fingers. It was followed by a quick jab forward, the end of the stick making contact with the white ball. The ball flew down the torn green velvet, crashing into the other pool balls and causing them to scatter in all directions upon the pool table. Nick sat back and watched, wincing at one that came quite close to entering the pocket. At this point it appeared that Nick's help wasn't going to be offered, well, until the rather plain sound of a ball landing inside a pocket echoed in the silence. Nick's grin dropped. "Shit." He dropped his pool stick onto the ground and walked over to the pool table with Ellis lying ontop, pulling out his medkit. Fortunately for Ellis, Nick had lied about his medkit being empty; he had been saving it for himself.

With a heavy sigh and unpleased look present upon his face, Nick climbed onto the pool table and readjusted Ellis' head onto his lap. An embarrassing pose to be caught in if Ro and coach ever returned. Quickly, Nick lifted the boys shirt, careful not to disturb the wound, and began slowly wrapping it around his waist. With each wrap, Nick felt himself becoming more emotional. "Fuck.." he grunted through a locked jaw. He didn't want the damn hick to die.. 'Why couldn't it have been me..' he thought, his bloodied, shaking hand placing itself ontop Ellis' cheek. Nick finished the last loop around before tucking it into the other bandages and lowering his shirt again.

"...Ni..ck?" a dry mouth hick spoke, pain eveident in his half open blue eyes.

"Overalls.. nice of you to join us." he replied, realizing the position they were in. Man.. why'd he have to pick now to wake up? Stupid hick..

The mechanic let out a pained laugh before reaching up to grab Nick's hand. "Thanks.." he started, taking a heavy breath in. "Sor..sorry 'bout all the-" he stopped, letting out another pained cough, blood trickling down his chin. "the trouble." Ellis' hand squeezed Nick's tightly before going limp.

"Dammit Overalls.. if you die, I'll kill you." Nick said, his hand tightening around Ellis'. Just then Coach and Rochelle returned.

"...Wow..." Rochelle spoke, her shock present among her facial features.

"What're you doin' boy?" Coach questioned, dropping the items he had brought to patch up the broken doors and windows.

"Err.. I was... Alright. I was patching him up. I found an extra kit over in that pile of shit." nick replied, his hand releasing Ellis'.

"Alright then son.."

"'Ey Nick."

"What?!" he grunted as he removed himself out from under Ellis' head.


"...whatever." Nick glanced back at Ellis then moved to pick up his gun once more. Damn hick has a chance now.. he'd better not throw it away.