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It simply was another country on his list of nations that he had yet to visit, and he would visit if only to recover any – no matter how significant or not – of his memories that he desperately tried to... well, remember.

He supposed that Japan could have something to do with his past because he could speak and understand the language without any difficulty (which would greatly benefit him in his search), though he could not exactly remember how he learned Japanese to begin with.

Tokyo was his first stop.

And to be honest, he wasn't enjoying his trip one tiny bit.

'It's crowded.' Logan thought with irritation, and it only seemed to grow as the large mass of people passed him by, bumping into him without any sort of apology and moving on indifferently with their cell phones pressed to their ears.

Damn people and their damn technology.

With the large crowds came the smells of a megacity, and it certainly wasn't kind to his overly-sensitive nose and so, he had quickly moved to an area where it was much more quiet and serene and not crammed with noisy people.

He shoved his hands in his pockets of his jeans and wondered why he even bothered to come to Japan because nothing was sparking his long lost memory.

Maybe it was time to head back to North America...

A sudden noise had him raising his head in alarm and his well-muscled body tensing and he almost rolled his eyes at his paranoid actions when he noticed it was simply a woman who had simply dropped one of her grocery bags right near the base of a large flight of stairs that led to a temple or shrine of some sort, "Need help?" He gruffly asked, startling the woman as she looked up with wide surprised brown eyes.

But she wasn't what caught his real attention and he almost felt light-headed at the wonderful scent that suddenly invaded his nose and he couldn't help but to look down at the small bundle cradled protectively in the woman's arms.

And he felt a shudder run down his spine as big innocent blue eyes sleepily looked into his own.

A baby girl...