Hi guys! This is my new story that is a tragedy. Someone dies that changes someones life forever! R&R! This is about the filming of School of Rock 2. This isn't real. The person that dies in the story is still alive. This is not why School of Rock 2 didn't come out this is my own story.

"Cut!", Richard Linklater yelled to the cast of School of Rock 2.

"Why?!", Rebecca asked.

"Robert keeps laughing.", he tells Rebecca.

"Robert!", Everyone yelled at the same time.

"Sorry, it's just to funny.", Robert said.

"Everyone take five.", Richard yelled.

Everyone rushed to the snack table. Rebecca and Kevin reached for a muffin at the same time, their hands met, 3 seconds later they moved their hands. "You can have it.", she said. "Thanks.", he said while taking the muffin and taking a bite. Joey took Kevin's hand and pulled him over about five feet from the snack table.

"Oh my god! Ask her out!", he told him.

"Who?", Kevin asked.

"Rebecca. Sooner or later you're never going to see her again.", he said.

"First, I don't like her and second, we both live in Chicago of course well see each other again.", Kevin said.

"Everyone! Come on we have to shoot it again!", Richard told everyone, "Let's start when Katie walks down with Freddy."

Rebecca did what she was told. The scene started. "Action!"

"Hey, Katie?", Kevin read his line walking down the stairs.

"Yeah?", she said softly.

"Remember last year when you said you thought I was a terrible drum player?", he asked.

"Yeah, why?", she asked.

"Do you think I'm still that bad?", he said.

"Of course not. Your way better.", she said.

"Well, in that case your a way better bassist.", he said.

Apparently, in this script Katie and Freddy had to fall in love. But Rebecca started to wonder if she liked Kevin outside of the movie. After, there scene they shot the next 2 while Rebecca and Kevin had a break. It was about the start of shooting the movie.

Hi guys during chapter 6 the tragedy happens. R&R!