Deaths Mercy

As she ran down the long steel hallway with other survivors, Lorna had to fight the temptation to look back. Her curiosity bred from fear was almost forcing her to look at death literally chasing her. The swarm of Xenomorphs behind her were closing in quickly, no matter has fast her adrenaline-pumped legs carried her. She screamed a little when she saw another colonist behind her get pounced on by one of the creatures. This happened mere feet from her. She then noticed her legs go a tad bit faster.

"Shit! Where do we go guys?" one of the other colonists in front of her asked out of breath.

Another spoke up. "Lets try to run for hydroponics. Maybe these things don't like water."

As much as Lorna would like to believe this, she doubted if it would actually work. Seeing as to how he Xenomorphs were build, they would probably be at home in the water. And we would be sitting ducks. She wasn't about to let that happen to her. As soon as the next four way corridor came up, she changed her direction to the left. All the other survivors were surprised, for they all went straight. She didn't care for where it went. As long as it wasn't with the others. All they were now was a liability.

She heard one of the xenos break off and go for her, screeching as it sprinted forth with renewed energy. "Shit." She was getting real tired by this point.


He was a male. A warrior. And he didn't care for why the human left her party. All he knew was that he was going to catch her, and bring her to the hive. He was close enough to pounce her now. Going for the jump, he managed a glance at his preys surprised face, as he crashed down upon her. He held her down while she struggled, digging his razor sharp claws into her. Feeling the pain and knowing it was over...she stopped. But she did not cut down on her swearing.

"Get off me you bastard!" the human shouted. Wanting to not listen to this all the way back to the hive, he backhanded her hard enough in her head to knock her out. Now his prey was incapacitated. But he felt the strange sensation to inspect her. He got off her and turned her over. Although he couldn't see colors so differently as humans, he could definitely tell her hair was a shade of black. Her skin was pale like all her kind. She was soft and weak as well. Her second layer of skin was different colors then her first. It was also very loose. He never understood that about humans.

Happy with his examination he also noticed her scent. Indefinitely that of a females, it also did smell somewhat nice. A gentle sweet scent. Very distinctive from others. But he stopped himself there. She was a human. A different species. His prey. Throwing her over his shoulder, he walked on his hind legs. He started off for the hive.

She would make a fine host. Bringing forth a sister no doubt. He had led this party of brethren under his Queens orders to take as many alive. He was a warrior, but not a royal guard. He defended the hive and obeyed his Queen without question.

After about an hour, the human began to awake. With a hiss of annoyance, he hoped she would black out again. But she didn't.


Lorna woke to see a blurry but black form. As her vision cleared it looked like a black body, very skeletal. It had what she could only describe as tubes on its back. She then remembered what had happened. The running, the screaming, her capture. As she looked down the Xenomorphs back, she also saw ridges going down from its head all the way to the tip of its tail. This xeno was different.

Damnit. I'm not gonna become a host for these monsters. With that in her head she started shouting and kicking as well as pounding on its back.

She started to struggle again. The xeno felt this. It dug its claws into her again, careful not to go to deep. Lorna was not stopped by this, and continued her tantrum. It growled and lifted her up and dropped her down in front of it. She gave a surprised yelp as gravity pulled her down with a thud.

She looked into her captors face. It growled at her loudly, baring its teeth as a warning. She crawled backwards, obviously intimidated. Keeping her eyes on it as she moved. It advanced toward her with small steps.

"Your never gonna make me a host!" she yelled at it. Almost understanding her words but not caring. It jumped onto her, forcing her to stay down. As she recovered she once again looked into its face. Lorna saw no eyes but felt a gaze burn into her.

It hissed at her, slowly opening its mouth and letting its inner mouth creep out towards her. Seeing this, she new it was over. Closing her eyes as she started to cry and looked away.

Seeing the shear fear in her and hoping it was enough, it slowly retracted its inner mouth. It then just stared at her but did not release its grip.

I don't feel dead. What happened? Lorna opened her eyes only to see its face again. Why did it stop? Doesn't it want to kill me. She slowly stopped crying and stared back. It tilted its head. What the hell? She thought as it stared at her curiously.


He looked into her eyes now. Somehow he knew there color. They were a very light brown. It amazed him, put him in a trance. As he looked into her eyes he felt her return his gaze. He couldn't stop looking into her eyes, something about them forced him to look deeper.

"What the fuck are you doing?" His thoughts halted, he shook his head and looked down. She had a confused scowl on her face.

"Listen, if your gonna cocoon me then do it. But don't stare into my soul." He couldn't understand him well, but he new her tone. It relayed a message meaning for him to get on with it. Fine. If she wanted him to do that then he would. But why did he hesitate? And why was she so different and interesting? He yet again threw her over his shoulder and started walking for the hive.

"Hey! I was only kidding. Put me down!" He hissed again, losing patience. But he listened to her. She was gently placed on her own two feet. Afterwards he sat down in front of her, looking expectantly at her.


I cant believe that actually worked. Lorna slowly backed up a few steps. She looked at him with a shocked face. "Well since your so nice why don't you not hive me?" She was almost sarcastic. The creature snickered, but didn't remove his gaze. "I'll be leaving now." Looking back behind herself quickly, she cautiously backed away. She then turned around and sprinted.

She then heard not only her own footsteps, but the sharp tap of claws hitting metal. She stopped and looked behind her. There it was. The creature sitting behind her with the same expectant gaze. It tilted its head as she gasped. "A-a-are you following me?" Unbeknown by popular belief, Xenomorphs were actually very smart. It all came down to how much that individual xeno knew and observed. Apperentaly this one was a smart-ass. It just shuddered. She groaned and turned around to continue.

After a few hours of blindly walking, Lorna turned around for the 10th time to see the very same Xenomorph that had captured and released her. She knew because of its ridges. Getting agitated she snapped: "Why are YOU following me!?" This was only met with the same tilt of its head. She growled loudly. What does it want from me? She almost ripped her hair out. It really bothered her that a potential nature-made killer was following her around.

"I don't suppose you know the way to the barracks?" Yet this time she was sarcastic. She would know herself but after running away from it and being moved around she had gotten lost.

"Well?" Her hands on her hips she stared at it once more. Her eyes met its head and it froze, again entranced by her eyes. Lorna noticed this and it made her wonder why. What does it like me or something. Almost laughing at the thought, she reassured herself. No no no. No way. Its an alien, I'm a human. No way that can be possible. But she couldn't help feeling a disadvantage. She didn't know its gender (if it had one) or its name. (yet again, if it had one) It would make her more comfortable if she knew its name.

I'll just give the damned thing a name. She thought about its traits. It was lethal, no doubt. It was black. And it had followed her for five hours straight. It all clicked. Shadow. She spoke it out loud to hear it, and to assign it.

"Shadow..." she said while staring at it. It looked at her curiously. "Ya...I'll call you Shadow." She held out her hand and with a sarcastic tone asked, "Hi, I'm Lorna Reeds." holding her other hand to her heart. "How nice to meet you!" The xeno only sniffed at her hand. Lorna only chuckled, but then felt a little empty. Being an ass to the thing wasn't going to solve her problems. Probably doesn't even understand me.


Oh but Shadow did. He now knew her name. Although names were deemed unimportant to is species, He liked how his new given one sounded. Names didn't matter because the Queen usually addressed either the whole hive or a specific individual as children or child. His kind used telepathy to communicate, not with their mouths like the humans. This put him at a disadvantage. Not being able to speak with his human upset him. Unless humans were capable of telepathy.

He now wanted to try and make a link with Lorna. Focusing his mind on her he began to ask: Do you understand me?


Lorna felt a strangely sounded buzzing in her head. Hello? She thought. Shadow felt it too, almost hissing in delight at his success. Lorna, can you hear me? Lorna froze in place, almost choking when she understood the voice clearly. Who is this? She looked over at Shadow, suspicion sneaking in. Is that you Shadow? He nodded and she gasped. But...but how? Telepathy.You mean to tell me we can talk with our minds? Yes. Her face lit up with awe. Wow. Is this how your kind communicates? For the most part, yes.

"Ok, so do you still understand me?" Are you toying with me Lorna? She then recognized his voice. It was a little alien, but definitely masculine. Your a guy. Howd I know. Shadow got closer to her and looked into her face. She stepped back. Surprised at his sudden approach. His voice came up. Are you afraid of me? Give me one reason not to be. I haven't brought you back to the hive and turned you into a host. Or killed you. Oh ya...about that. Why haven't you done that already? I don't know. Something about you interests me. Ok. Lorna felt strange using her thoughts to talk to Shadow, but she enjoyed the new experience none the less.

So uh... now what? The alien took a moment to respond. I don't know. Well wouldn't your kind be mad at you for sparing me? Shadow began to pace. Yes, but they already know. The Queen knows what were saying right now. How? Since I linked you up, you are now able to communicate with any of my species, especially the Queen. You can share thoughts, memories, and emotions. It was all a little to much to take at once for Lorna. She felt light headed and fell. But something caught her. Her vision cleared and she saw Shadow holding her and looking into her face, a grin splayed on his face. What?Why did you catch me? I still don't know. I also forgot that humans are not equip for this. It might take time for you to get used to. Lorna than heard a screech in her head. What the hell was that? It was the Queen. She has requested my and your presence. What for? To ask me why I spared you. Lorna gulped. Do not worry. I won't let her harm you. She's more amused as why than angry. Lorna couldn't suppress a sigh of relief. How are you going to get there? I'll take us. Us? Who said I was going with you. If you don't want to head my Queens call then she'll probably send some of my kin to kill you.

Lorna sighed. As much as she doesn't like the thought of being surrounded by xenos, she has a better chance with Shadow. She strangely trusted him. Probably because he hadn't really done anything to hurt her so far.

Just promise me you'll protect me? With my life. The sincerity of his statement surprised her, but gave her comfort none the less. "Lets go." With that being said, Shadow hoisted Lorna up and went for the hive.

Note: PVS means point of view switch. I did this so you could get into the characters a little more before I put TPV: Which means third person view, showing from that point on I will tell most of the story from third person view. Sorry if this chapters a little short, if it is I will make sure the rest are longer. Please let me know if I'm going to fast.