Intertwined Destinies

Previously in Intertwined Destinies:

Eight children have appeared in the Digital World, seven who have a partner and one who has memories of the Digital World from her childhood. This child is Jade Potter. Together the group of eight humans and seven digimon (Digital Monsters) explore the island they arrived on, slowly making their way to the mountain in the middle, Infinity Mountain. One of the many dangers they come across is the Black Gears, evil discs that can make good digimon into dark digimon. After arriving on Infinity Mountain the group meet Devimon and are subsequently separated. Alone and adrift, the children all make their way back to their friends. Tai and Matt have found each other, as has Mimi and Izzy. Protecting them from harm is the fabled Sovereign, protector of all digimon.

Now we learn of the outcome of Devimon's plot to rule the Digital World, and discover the Sovereign's identity...

Chapter 8: Angels

Joe was sinking, and he was sinking fast. At first he blamed Ogremon for destroying the bed he and Gomamon had been floating on, for if the digimon hadn't attacked them they would still be floating aimless towards the land that they couldn't see. He probably could also blame Gomamon for not being strong enough to save him, but that was cruel. Gomamon was exhausted and drained of energy. No, in the end Joe blamed himself for not fighting the sinking. He wasn't a strong swimmer, and hated water with a passion, but he knew the basics of how to float. He decided that he wasn't fighting because…if he died maybe he would return to the Real World where he wouldn't have to worry about saving someone else's world.

All his life Joe had been working towards a career path that he didn't want to do. His father was a well-respected doctor, his mother a paediatrician, and his brother was in the middle of working on his doctorate. Everyone expected him to be a doctor like everyone else in his family, but Joe hated blood more than anything else. He got squeamish if someone's insides were on display and when faced with a crisis everything he knew disappeared from his head. He had resigned himself to being miserable.

But then he had been sent to summer camp despite having wanted to go to summer school, and he had had fun. He had been able to put some of his medical knowledge to use without having a panic attack, and had even been able to talk with some of the English students. He had always been fascinated with other cultures, and he supposed that if he hadn't been working towards a career in medicine, he probably would have considered being a teacher in other countries.

And then everything had changed. They had been sucked into another world, another world! And that hadn't even been the biggest shock. No, the little creatures that called themselves digimon stuck with them as if they were a part of their shadows. Joe had never had a good relationship with any animal he had come across. Cats tried to scratch him, dogs tried to bite him, birds pooped on him or pecked at his head, and any fish that he had died just to spite him. Bukamon, the name of his new…pet…didn't seem to want to leave him alone. He didn't understand how the others accepted their own digimon partner so quickly.

After Kuwagamon attacked and Bukamon became Gomamon, the danger became real. They weren't on a vacation; they were in the middle of a war they knew absolutely nothing about. Digimon were trying to kill them, and Joe had no idea why. It seemed like the only other child who understood the dangers around them was Jade, and while that could have been because she didn't have a digimon of her own, it made Joe feel like he wasn't completely alone in his beliefs.

Joe opened his eyes and stared at the inky blackness of the water. He was pretty sure that he had already run out of air, and briefly regretted not telling Gomamon that he was sorry for yelling at him. He couldn't even see Gomamon now…oh wait, there he was. Gomamon was sinking right along with him, and just before Joe closed his eyes he smiled. He wasn't as alone as he had thought. At some point in their adventure, he had come to trust Gomamon, even like him. It was such a shame that he only realised that now as he was dying.

You're not going to die

Joe blinked in shock as a voice not his own echoed in his mind. The sound of bells rang invitingly, and instinctively Joe reached for it. Warmth surrounded him, and he looked towards Gomamon to see that he was encased in bubble or something. They were moving up now, and despite what the voice told him, Joe was positive that he had died and was now being carried to heaven. He wondered if, when he looked back, he'd see his dead body drifting to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. He wondered if anyone would miss him.

You are so negative about yourself, I didn't think anyone could rival Jade in self-pity

Jade? Joe thought about the little girl fondly. So afraid of everything around her, she had really warmed up to all of them. He could almost see her emerald eyes staring at him with amusement, reaching her hands out for him to help her. How could he deny helping her? He reached out and caught her hand. Water was forcefully expelled from his lungs and as he went limp he realised that he was above the surface of the water. He passed out.

Gomamon knew when Joe passed out for he went completely limp and his eyes closed. He felt weak himself, but he still had just enough strength to look up at their rescuer. A warm arm was wrapped around his waist, and he knew that Joe was safe in their rescuer's other arm. He was ashamed of himself for letting them both sink, but he hadn't had the strength to keep his partner safe.

It wasn't your fault Gomamon

"But if I'd just held on a little longer, maybe I could have made it to land before my strength completely failed," Gomamon protested.

You did your best

"My best wasn't good enough."

Gomamon stared up at the girl holding him. She was wearing a strapless pale gold dress that stopped just above her knees at the front, but at the back the dress stopped mid-calf. On each upper arm was a golden cuff, and there was a golden bangle on each wrist. Her hair was pale with strands on gold and red scattered throughout to make give it a shimmering appearance. He couldn't see how long it was, but he imagined that it was fairly long. Her eyes were a stunning green colour, and were glittering with amusement as he studied her. But what really caught his attention was the she had wings, and they were made of fire.

"Sovereign?" he asked uncertainly. Then he looked closer. "Jade?"

Very observant Gomamon

"But – how? When?"

All will be revealed in time, but know this little one, I will watch over you

Gomamon nodded and snuggled in closer to the Sovereign's body, to Jade's body. Questions spun around in his head quicker than he could imagine, but there was one question above all that stuck out to him: How was Jade the Sovereign?

Sora was fishing, but she wasn't having much luck. Biyomon was dancing around behind her, excited at the prospect of fish, but Sora wasn't paying much attention to her. She was worried about all the others, and was wondering if they had all landed safely. She and Biyomon had been lucky to land near the island they were currently on, her bed hadn't lasted long crashing against the shore. Sora was also happy that she had her clothes with her. But she also had Jade's clothes with her. The young girl had been so tired at the mansion that she had fallen asleep as soon as they had her in something to sleep in, and Sora had kept Jade's bag and clothes with her. So wherever Jade was, she didn't have her clothes.

"Hey Sora, do you see what I see?" Biyomon asked, bouncing over and staring out over the ocean. Sora followed her gaze and gasped in shock. A bright light was making its way closer to them, and without meaning to Sora dropped her fishing rod and stumbled away from the shore. The light came closer, until Sora could see that the light was actually wings.

"Oh my," Biyomon breathed. "It's the Sovereign."

"Sovereign?" Sora asked her.

"Yes, and she's got Joe and Gomamon."

Biyomon was right. Hanging limply in the Sovereign's arms were Joe and Gomamon, both unconscious. The Sovereign landed a little ways away from them, and gently placed Joe and Gomamon on the ground. A small fire was glowing near them, but as Sora and Biyomon came closer the Sovereign took a running leap and was soon flying in the air again. Biyomon stopped to watch her go, but Sora continued running so that she could check on the two new visitors on the island.

"They're just exhausted," she told Biyomon with relief in her voice. "They'll be fine."

"I can't believe that the Sovereign in actually back," Biyomon cheered as she bounced around excitedly. "We've been waiting for so long, and now she's back and she's helping us! Yay!"

"She's not just the Sovereign," Gomamon murmured, sitting up and blinking his eyes. He looked around curiously and smiled at Sora and Biyomon before continuing. "I'm not sure how it's possible, or if I'm right at all, but I think the Sovereign is Jade."

"Jade?" Sora repeated, pausing in her efforts to get Joe closer to the fire. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, but I don't know how it's possible," Gomamon told her. "She's like a more confident version of Jade, one who smiles more. But her warmth and her eyes are definitely Jade. She saved our lives, and I know that she's been helping the others as well."

"How's that possible?" Biyomon asked.

"You remember Toy Town Biyomon?" Gomamon asked. "Jade's eyes glowed, she changed just slightly then. And then when we fight the Black Gears Jade is always a little weaker afterwards. And then there's the fact that she's been here before, a long time ago. Everything makes sense."

"But…Jade's a human," Sora protested. "We don't have the ability to become digimon."

"Maybe something happened when she was here last and that made it possible for her to become like us," Biyomon suggested. "And yet, if something did happen it would have to be really big, because she is our leader. Patamon wasn't exaggerating when he called her a demigod. The Sovereign rules over us and keeps us safe."

"We'll have to ask her about it later," Sora decided. "But for now, I think we should worry about how we're going to get off this island. We need to get back to the others."

The two digimon agreed with her. While they were tending to Joe, who was still unconscious, Gomamon told them how they had landed in the middle of the ocean and were attacked by Ogremon. He had digivolved but lacked the strength to keep them both afloat and sunk below the surface. The next thing he knew was being lifted in a warm bubble and being carried by the Sovereign towards land. He admitted that he was worried about Joe's confidence, now that they had been frightened by Ogremon, half drowned, and lost on an island in the middle of nowhere. He suggested the Joe become their leader, something the others were willing to do as it meant someone else could make the decisions about what to do.

Joe woke a short time later and after a short explanation of what was happening, excluding what they had talked about in regards to the Sovereign and Jade, they decided that it was time to make a move. At first Joe was very reluctant to be the leader of their little group, he had been quite comfortable letting Tai take over leadership of them early on, but he warmed to the idea after they had looked at him with such hope in their eyes. He was a sucker for puppy dog eyes, something that Jade had learnt early on and used often when she needed something from him.

Bells ring in the distance and they all turn to look up the mountain. The fog that blankets the island lifts slightly in order for the group to see a church of some description sitting innocently by. The fact that there was a building sitting in the middle of the island caused much excitement, and Joe leapt at the chance of finding other people. He led them up the hill, though he carried Gomamon on his back as the digimon was still weak and couldn't keep up that well on land.

They made it to the church without any incident, and despite feeling utterly terrified, Joe instructed Gomamon to stay with Sora and Biyomon while he went to check out the church. He really wanted to see if there were people around, and he knew that there were people in the Digital World somewhere. He remembered Tai talking about Jade's dreams, and the fact that there had been people to help take care of the digimon.

Sora, Biyomon and Gomamon watched him go with some confusion.

"I really hope he's not going to turn into Tai and start behaving like everything is his responsibility," Sora muttered. "One stubborn fool is enough. We don't need heroes, we need to work together."

"He's taking our safety seriously," Gomamon told her. "He needs others to rely on him, just as much as we need him to stop being a basket case."

Sora sighed, even though she agreed with Gomamon to a point. She turned her eyes skyward, wishing that she could see the stars through the fog. She knew that they would need to be together soon, something bad was about happen.

Meanwhile, Joe was sneaking around the side of the building and was staring gobsmacked at the dozens of people dancing around wearing masks. While he had wanted to find people, actually finding them was incredible. A huge grin appeared on his face and he ran back to Sora and the digimon to tell them to good news. They didn't believe him at first, but after he pulled them around so that they could see, they were equally gobsmacked.

"There are people," Sora said surprised. "They're dancing and wearing masks, like it's Halloween."


Joe, Sora and the digimon screamed in shock as a person dressed like a priest spoke from right next to them. They hadn't even heard him sneak up close to them. He, like the others dancing, was wearing a mask that just made him look odd. Sora calmed down first, though Joe found it a little more difficult. There was something really wrong about where they were, and he knew that something bad was about to happen to them.

"I'm sorry," Sora said, once she'd stopped screaming. "You startled us."

"I apologise," the man said. "I thought you had heard me approach."

"What are they doing?" Biyomon asked, pointing to the dancers. The man looked at them quickly before leading them to the entrance of the church, explaining as he walked.

"They're celebrating the Bakemon Holiday. Every Holiday, we dress up and dance around the church."

"It reminds me of Halloween," Joe said. "We dress up every year in costumes and play around the streets where we live."

"We'd love to have you join us," the man continued. "We don't have a lot of young people around, and no holiday is complete without them. You arrived just in time for some…fun."

Joe suddenly had a really bad feeling. The way the man had said "fun" had made him think that what would be fun for them, wouldn't be fun for him and Sora. He didn't say as much, as Sora and the digimon seemed to be relaxed, but as the temporary leader of their group he needed to protect them. All of a sudden he thought about Tai's actions, and how he always jumped into danger. Was it because he was the leader and wanted to protect everyone?

"Like trick or treat?" Sora asked curiously. "You do that for Bakemon?"

"Yes," the man said slowly, turning so that he could face them.

"Bakemon, as in Lord Bakemon?" Gomamon asked.

"Yes," the man said again, this time with a hint of curiosity.

"But the only Bakemon I know is a horrible digimon who lives amongst ghosts as their ruler. Why would you honor and celebrate someone like that? In the words of our friends, he's like a loser."

"You got that right," Biyomon added. Joe smacked his head in embarrassment. Maybe he should have stopped Gomamon from speaking as soon as he knew what the little digimon would be asking. He knew that there were people out there very touchy about their religion, and it seemed that these Bakemon followers were the touchy kind.

"Don't you dare some in here telling us who to honor or not!"

"Now, now," Gomamon stated uneasily.

"Back off," Biyomon agreed.

"You're a little touchy," Sora told him. "We just want to know when the trick or treating starts."

"You're not afraid?" the man asked curiously, the earlier violence gone from his system. All four of them shook their heads, though the way that he had asked was causing Joe to reassess how afraid he should be.

"Well you should be," the man growled. "Because it's a trick."

His mask started to break, cracks appearing in numerous places before it shattered revealing the true face of the fiend behind it. A white ghost, complete with two dark eyes and sharp pointy teeth burst into existence, demonstrating that the image of the man had been the costume.

"And you're the treat!"

Joe and Sora screamed in horror, and all the other people in the church got rid of their costumes and became ghosts as well. The ghosts were Bakemon, and they were the types of digimon who caused nightmares. Joe ordered them to run, grabbing Sora's hand as he moved so that she wouldn't get left behind. Their digimon followed, the adrenaline keeping them going even with the energy levels so low.

"This is worse than Halloween!" Sora screamed as they ran. They burst outside, coming face to face with more people. As soon as they appeared, the people became more Bakemon, and Joe knew that they were in trouble. The island was small, there was nowhere to run, and their digimon were too weak to properly fight. They were surrounded, and even though the digimon tried to fight they knew that they were outnumbered.

"We're doomed," Joe moaned. The Bakemon descended upon them like dogs over a scrap of meat. No matter how hard they fought, it proved to be useless.

"I'm allergic to pain!" Joe screamed as he and Sora were pulled away. Gomamon and Biyomon were taken to a cell of some kind, where they could only imagine what torture Sora and Joe were being forced to endure. They lay still in their cell as they tried to regain some energy, but as soon as they could they were hunting for a way out. The only guard in the room was fast asleep, and the two digimon were trying to think of a way to trick him into giving them food. Gomamon was about the throw a small rock at the Bakemon guard, but the sound of the door opening distracted him.

He and Biyomon watched the door apprehensively, and gasped in shock when the Sovereign walked in with a platter of food in her hands. The Sovereign smiled at them and placed the tray on the ground just outside the cell so that the two could reach it and eat.

"Please tell me this isn't a trick?" Gomamon pleaded.

I wouldn't trick you Gomamon, the children need help and you need food

"Sovereign, why don't you talk?" Biyomon asked, even as she started to eat the food.

"Yeah, you're always speaking in our minds, even though you're within speaking distance," Gomamon agreed, pausing briefly in devouring his food.

I can't

"Why?" they both asked.

I'm not really here

"…We don't understand," Biyomon told her. "We saw you carrying both Joe and Gomamon. That looked like you were here."

Everything will be explained in time, but time is something we don't have at the moment. Joe and Sora are being prepared as sacrifices for Lord Bakemon, you must save them

Gomamon and Biyomon nodded, finishing off their food in record time. The Sovereign smiled at them and left the room. She pointed to where the others were, directly above them, before disappearing from sight. The two digimon stared at the spot and let their new found energy gather.

"Gomamon digivolve to – Ikkakumon!"

"Biyomon digivolve to – Birdramon!"

They burst through the roof together, just in time to knock away the largest Bakemon they had ever seen. Joe and Sora looked up from where they were bound on the alter, and Birdramon quickly severed their ropes. The children left running as fast as their legs could carry them, and the two digimon prepared to fight Bakemon. This Bakemon was different than the others, for one he was several times bigger, and another, he had blue hands. These blue hands had the ability to stretch, as he demonstrated by pushing the two outside without moving his main body.

With the fight taking place in the cemetery, and Joe and Sora hiding behind some gravestones, Birdramon and Ikkakumon were able to spread out. Lord Bakemon still proved to be a lot stronger than the two champion digimon. Joe had seen a documentary on the television about mind over matter, and wanted to try it out to make Lord Bakemon weaker. Over and over he would chant "Bakemon lose your power". Sora donated her lucky hat so that Joe could use it as a drum.

"It's working," Sora said in amazement. She looked over to Joe and saw that his eyes were still closed as he beat the "drum", but then she frowned in confusion. The drum beat wasn't the only sound she heard. Keeping in time with the beat was a bell, a little one that sounded sweet and happy. She looked around in confusion, before spotting a fire in the distance. In shock she recognised the Sovereign dancing to the beat with her wings pointed up into the sky. The bells that Sora could hear were attached to the Sovereign's feet, and every step meant another sound.

Shortly after that Lord Bakemon was defeated and with the combined attacks of Birdramon and Ikkakumon, he burst into pieces. The bells stopped ringing, and when Sora turned it was to see that the Sovereign had disappeared. Her eyes returned to the ground she was standing on as it broke a part underneath her. She and Joe gasped in shock as they saw hundreds of Black Gears all breaking apart at the same time. The fog lifted, and they were finally able to see Infinity Mountain.

"That's where we need to go," Joe said. "Come on Ikkakumon, let's go!"


"Maybe our friends are there already," Joe told Sora as she and Birdramon flew above him and Ikkakumon.

"I hope so," Sora told him.

Leomon was on the outskirts of the Primary Village, and he was conflicted. He had jumped across several islands, and aside from meeting Mimi and Izzy, he hadn't seen any of the children…and now the youngest was before him. This was the digidestined whose digimon hadn't digivolved yet, and Devimon's orders were to kill all who crossed his path. But…the Sovereign had said that the children were under her protection. He roared his anger and his confusion. Devimon's power increased and he was able to ignore the small part of him that was loyal to the Sovereign. Below him, the baby digimon screamed in horror, and as he ran towards them the Patamon attempted to attack him. His attack failed.

The boy and the Patamon ran from Primary Village into the surrounding forest, and Leomon followed them with his sword out and ready. He knew that Ogremon was around somewhere, but that digimon wasn't worth his time. The only thing that mattered was obeying Devimon. Ogremon could be heard now, and he was apparently using a hostage to make the child cooperate. Leomon followed Ogremon's voice and spotted the child hiding behind a tree. One swipe of his sword and the tree was gone.

"I've been commanded by my master to take the digidestined!" he said, sword raised to stab the boy. The boy screamed, but as Leomon was bringing his sword down there was a hot blur and the boy and the Patamon were gone. He looked around wildly, before having to dodge as one of the other children showed up, the one who was with a Garurumon.

High above the battle, TK and Patamon watched from the arms of the Sovereign. Patamon was gazing up at her with adoration, and TK was awed by the fact that her wings were actually made of fire. Patamon flew up so that he could sit on the Sovereign's shoulders, and once he moved the Sovereign shifted TK so that both her arms were around him.

I've got you little one

"Are you the Sovereign?" TK asked with wide eyes.

Many call me that

"You're an angel," Patamon stated overawed. "I want to be just like you."

Let's head down, I'm sure your brother is desperate to see if you're alright

TK nodded and then cheered with delight as the Sovereign flew down to where Matt was watching Garurumon fight Leomon. As they moved TK was also able to see Tai and Greymon fighting Ogremon, and he was glad that the baby digimon Ogremon had been holding hostage was safe again.

"TK!" Matt called as soon as the Sovereign was on the ground. The Sovereign darted forward to help Garurumon and her staff appeared in her hand. Leomon swung his hand at her, and while she ducked she thrust up with her staff and caught the lion in the stomach. He dropped with a pained grunt. Dancing from place to place, the sound of bells rang from her feet, and Leomon clutched at his head in agony. Garurumon attacked again, but before they could celebrate their victory and get rid of the Black Gears, more Black Gears flew in from Infinity Mountain.

The Sovereign staggered with an expression of agony on her face, and in her moment of weakness Leomon knocked her aside. Seven Black Gears collided with his back, and no matter how hard he screamed he only got bigger and bigger, evil now controlling every part of his thoughts. He sheathed his sword, and the Sovereign increased the strength of her flames to drive back the darkness.

"Turn back!" Matt ordered both Garurumon and the Sovereign. "Or he'll beat you to a pulp!"

"Fist of the Beast King!" Leomon cried, and as his fist was thrust forward and fireball in the shape of a lion's head appeared and collided with Garurumon. Garurumon went flying into a nearby rocky cliff and was covered in rubble. As Matt ran over to help his partner, Leomon turned and used the same attack on Greymon, sending him into the walls of the Primary Village. Seeing that TK was alone, the Sovereign flew forward until she was standing protectively in front of him. Her green eyes narrowed at Leomon. She wouldn't be able to fight all the darkness in his without assistance.

"Stand aside," Leomon ordered her.

I cannot do as you ask, Leomon

"Don't make me hurt you."

I could never make you do anything. But you must fight


The Sovereign braced herself, her wings folding protectively in front of her, and waited for the punch to land. When nothing hit she looked up to see Togemon and Kabuterimon joining the battle. She nodded to them before standing up taller in front of TK. Matt appeared behind her, but she paid little attention to them. From the corner of her eye she noticed that Tai was walking purposefully towards them, and she smiled when she realised his plan.

"Ready for a real fight?" Tai asked Leomon. "What are you waiting for booger breath? Come on and get us if you dare."

"What's up dude?" Matt asked him. "Have you completely flipped out?"

"I must do as I am commanded," Leomon said.

Then fight the Black Gears inside you. This won't hurt as much if you help us

Leomon turned to her momentarily, but as he turned Tai held out his digivice. It exploded with light and sought out the Black Gears. Matt joined in when he heard Leomon scream in pain, and the Sovereign flew up into the air to use her own attack. Fire rained down on Leomon and all seven Black Gears inside his body were forcefully ejected. Leomon returned to his normal size and collapsed on the ground, even as Kabuterimon sent Ogremon running.

The Sovereign remained floating in the air, even as all the digimon crowded around Leomon to see if he was alright after having so many Black Gears in him. Leomon stood and looked up to see if she was still there, before leading the children over to a large tree so that he could recover his energy. He asked the Sovereign to join them and she perched on one of the branches.

"My Lady, why do you not join us?" Leomon asked after seeing her choice of seat.

I'm waiting

"Why do you not speak?"

I'm not really here

"You certainly felt like you were here," TK said, holding Patamon on his lap. "When you picked us up you felt really warm."

My energy is fairly low at the moment, and I am unable to fight at full strength until the truth has been revealed to the one who needs to hear it

"What truth?" Matt asked. "And have you see Sora, Joe and Jade?"

"Jade needs to hear the truth, doesn't she?" Izzy asked.

Yes, though it is her heart that must tell her. Sora and Joe are on their way here and will meet you at Infinity Mountain

"Her heart?" Tai asked. "I don't understand."

"Jade and the Sovereign are the same person," Izzy told Tai, pausing only briefly so that he and the others could gasp and look up at the angel still in the tree. "But, there are some differences."

You are correct to a point Izzy. I am Jade, and Jade is me, but due to an accident she remembers nothing of me

"So how are you here then?" Mimi asked. "If Jade doesn't remember being you, has that changed?"

You must understand, when Jade first came to this world she was dying. It is the belief of all who took care of her, that if she hadn't come here when she did, she would have died. And then in our last battle against the Dark Masters…we were terribly wounded. Jade was forced to return to the Real World, and because of the pain involved in her coming and going, everything in between was erased

"Her mind caused amnesia to protect her?" Matt asked.

Yes, but she didn't want to forget which is how I am able to appear. Devimon caused much damage before I was able to pull Jade to safety, but she is still weak and our true body is still on Infinity Mountain

"You were unable to take her away?" Leomon asked in shock. "Then, you are in great danger from Devimon!"

He believes that I took Jade far from the mountain. Our body will be safe until such time as Devimon is defeated

"So, you're a ghost?" TK asked curiously.

For now I guess I am. But when Jade is ready, and when I am needed, we will truly become one and our strength will be unmatched

"You being back has already pushed back the darkness," Leomon told her. "I will fight for as long as you require me to, to make sure that the darkness disappears completely."

"What do you mean about the darkness?" Tai asked, looking up at the Sovereign even if his question was directed to Leomon.

"According to ancient legend, our world will be taken over by a strange dark force that will change good digimon into bad ones. Our ancestors predicted that a group of children called the digidestined will appear from another world. When they arrive they will come to possess super powers that will eventually save out world from destruction. I believe their prediction has come true. File Island has been seized by an evil power, we're in danger of destruction, and now you have appeared."

"Whoa! That's amazing," Tai stated. "Tell me, how can you be sure that we're the kids you're talking about?"

"Yeah, do you have some proof that we're the same ones?" Matt asked.

"It's been foretold that the digidestined have the ability to make digimons digivolve. You've done that and it's all the proof I need."

"I, for one, hope that it's true" Izzy stated thoughtfully. "My theory is that we'll be released after we save the island. Once our purpose is served there's no reason for us to remain."

"And I'll finally be able to change these clothes," Mimi announced happily.

"That's right," Izzy continued. "If Leomon's information is correct, we'll be heading straight for home."

"I can't wait!"

"How can we make it happen?" Matt asked. "We're not even sure who's causing it. What if it's a force that's too big for us to handle?"

"You see," Leomon stated slowly. "Devimon is the main cause of all this evil. To save the island you're going to have to defeat him."

"Let's go for it!" Tai stated, standing up with determination on his features. "Come on everyone! Why not? If we don't defeat him it will never be over! And Jade's up there still, we can't leave her there!"

"Fine with me," Izzy agreed, standing up and looking at Tai with equal determination and excitement. "Besides, it's impossible for us to lose with the digivices."

"First thing on my list," Mimi said, standing up as well. "When I get home is to do some killer shopping."

"For that to happen we have to get you back home," Palmon told her partner.

"If we all work together, we're sure to win," Tentomon added.

"I'm ready any time you're ready Tai," Agumon said. Tai looked at him with a smile and a nod.

"It's going to be tough," Matt stated. "When you get down to it, we don't have a choice. And Jade's up there, we can't just abandon her. She's one of us."

"Alright then troops," Leomon announced with excitement in his voice. "Let's get to it!"

I'll meet you up there. There are still some Black Gears floating around that I want gone before you start to fight. Good luck, little humans

Digimons and humans alike stared up as the Sovereign took flight. The sound of bells echoed in her wake, giving them strength and hope. Tai watched her go with a worried expression on his face. As they started to walk to the edge of the island, with Leomon acting as their guide, Matt pulled up alongside of Tai in concern.

"She'll be alright you know," he said softly so as to keep their discussion private.

"Once she's back with us, then I'll believe that," Tai replied. "There isn't a single friendly face near her, she must be so scared."

"We'll find her."

"I know, but in what condition? What if Devimon finds her before we do? What if he destroys the island while Jade is still there? What if we fail?"

"We won't."

"How do you know?"

"I have faith."

Tai looked at Matt curiously, before smiling in gratitude. His eyes swept over the others in their party, from little TK trailing just behind them with Patamon, to Izzy and Tentomon bringing up the rear, and Mimi who was humming under her breath with Palmon clinging to her hand. He smiled at them all.

"Thanks Matt. You're a good friend."

"No problem. Now let's go and kick Devimon's butt!"

Tai laughed. They would win, losing wasn't an option.

After a good half hour of walking up Infinity Mountain the sky went dark. The children stared in horror as dozens of Black Gears flew into the peak of the mountain, causing the land to rumble ominously. They stopped walking and looked up, watching in horror as the mansion on top of Infinity Mountain broke apart to reveal Devimon, far greater and more terrible than before.

"Oh, this is not good," Tai observed. "How did he get so big?"

"What in the world is that?" Mimi asked horrified.

"That's Devimon, but he's gotten a lot bigger since we met in the fake hotel!" Tai told her.

"Bad guys always seem to think that bigger is better," Izzy muttered.

"Afraid not," Leomon told them. "The power that Devimon possesses is immense. So be careful."

Devimon launched himself off the mountain, gliding until he was standing in the forest below the children. His giant size became apparent for even though he was standing below them, he still towered high above them. As Devimon's red eyes turned on them, Tai gulped.

"Agumon, I think you'd better digivolve."

Agumon nodded, but before he could digivolve Devimon used his wings to force the children and digimon into the cliff face. The pressure from the air current had all of them flying backwards, except for Leomon who had grounded himself at the last minute. Tai looked at Devimon in anger and fear, and yelped as dark energy wrapped around him and the others. He felt himself weakening, even though he was unable to move, but he fought on, regardless. He needed to find Jade, they couldn't lose.

"You are fools!" Devimon spat at them. "Don't expect me to play silly games with you. I am far too wise for that!"

Tai forced his eyes to open and he glared with all the hate he could summon. Devimon focused on him, and a cold smile spread across his evil features. With one hand he maintained the force of dark energy, but with the other he reached forward and wrapped his fingers around Tai's frozen body. Tai screamed as he was forced away from his friends.

"What compels you?" Devimon asked, holding Tai before his face. "Where does such hate come from? So much energy, so much power…You could be great you know. I can make you stronger."

"I would rather die!" Tai spat. "You are nothing more than a monster! Why do you torment the digimon like you do?! They are innocent!"

"Why?" Devimon repeated, smiling deviously. "Because I can."

"Harpoon Torpedo!"

Devimon turned at the last minute and caught several of Ikkakumon's attacks on the chest. Tai dropped from his hand, screaming as he fell, and landed on Birdramon's back. He groaned in pain, clinging to Birdramon's feathers as she turned to unleash her own attack on Devimon.

"Meteor Wind!"

"Man, Devimon is not a gentle kind of guy," Tai moaned. "I think he broke my ribs."

"Hang on Tai, I'll get you down," Birdramon promised. Tai nodded without speaking, but as soon as Birdramon was close to the ground he allowed his body to slide off her back. He landed next to Agumon, and wrapped his arms around his ribs. The others looked at him in fear, recognising that he must have been in a lot of pain to show it.

"Tai?" Sora asked, coming closer to him. "What's wrong?"

"Devimon wasn't gentle," Tai told her quietly before looking to his partner. "Agumon, it's time to digivolve. We have to strike now and altogether!"

Agumon nodded, turning slightly so that he could see the others. They nodded to show that they were ready, and simultaneously they began to glow as they gathered the energy they needed to digivolve.

"Agumon digivolve to – Greymon!"

"Gabumon digivolve to – Garurumon!"

"Tentomon digivolve to – Kabuterimon!"

"Palmon digivolve to – Togemon!"

The six Champion level digimon attacked together, but even combined their attacks didn't seem to have much of an impact. Tai kept his right arm around his ribs, doing his best to hold everything still despite the pain that moving caused and allowed Matt and Sora to help him to stand. They watched in horror as their digimon were thrust aside with each careless sweep of Devimon's arms. Leomon leapt forward, aiming for Devimon's back now that it was turned, but before he could land a single hit a green blur erupted from Devimon's back and collided with Leomon.

"That's disgusting," Tai muttered, seeing that Ogremon was attached to Devimon.

"I agree," Sora told him. The girl suddenly gasped and Tai followed her line of sight to see that Birdramon was in Devimon's grip, unable to escape. Devimon threw Birdramon aside, and the red bird collided with Greymon. The two of them rolled down the cliff, but now that they were occupied with each other Devimon turned his attention to Ikkakumon.

"This is not good," Tai stated.

"Oh boy, there's nobody left! What do we do Patamon?" TK cried. Tai looked away from Devimon at the sound of his voice and pushed Matt towards his brother. Matt looked to TK, seeing how petrified the young boy was, and started to run.

"Now to get rid of you," Devimon suddenly announced, eyes focused on TK. "I'll have nothing the fear. They say the smallest will destroy me. But I'm not going to let that happen! Don't move, make it easy for the both of us!"

"TK run!" Matt ordered. Garurumon charged ahead of his and pushed Devimon's hand away so that TK wouldn't be touched. Each of the digimon converged on Devimon, wrapping their bodies around different parts of his body and biting down hard.

"You seem to forget!" Devimon cried, restlessly trying to dislodge the digimon. "I am Devimon! Supreme Master of this island! I have power over all digimon! No one can conquer me!"

There was possible a heartbeat of a warning before a wave of darkness, with Devimon at the centre, levelled everything in sight. The digimon were thrust away violently, and the children were pushed back against the wall again where they lay still and in pain. Tai groaned and forced his body to sit up. Mimi and Izzy were near him, though Sora had been pushed away from him as well. TK and Patamon were alone, and Matt was lying in the middle of the road, having not made it to TK's side before Devimon's attack.

"Sovereign, we need your help," Tai whispered. "Please, Devimon cannot be allowed to win."

A few more minutes and I'll be there Tai

"Where are you?"

I'm on my way. Just a little longer

"Hurry," Tai groaned. "This is bad."


Tai tilted his gaze to TK, eyes widening in horror as he realised Devimon was reaching down to grab the boy again. He forced his body to stand, gasping as his ribs moved again, and started to run. If he was hurt after being forced to endure Devimon, TK would be killed for sure. Patamon flew up in front of TK, using his attacks to push Devimon away. For all the good it did, Patamon could have been an annoying fly and of no importance. TK started to cry for Patamon to help him, and Tai put on an extra burst of speed. Even as he ran he knew that he wouldn't make it in time.

Patamon darted in front of Devimon's hand, so instead of grabbing the boy, Devimon grabbed the digimon. Tai dropped to the ground next to TK and pulled him close to protect him. The two of them looked up at Devimon's closed hand just in time to see a bright light burst free of his fingers. Devimon let go and the light rose into the air.

"Patamon," TK whispered. Tai looked down at him briefly, squeezing the boy's shoulders gently, before looking back up again.

"Patamon digivolve to – Angemon!"

When the light faded Patamon's digivolved form became visible. With six pure white wings, golden hair, a golden staff and blue material wrapped around his body, Angemon looked like a warrior angel dedicated to the protection of the innocents.

"Hey, Patamon finally digivolved," Joe stated from where he was checking over Ikkakumon.

"That's so cool," Sora agreed from where she was still lying on the ground.

"Not bad," Matt declared. "That little guy really had it in him."

"Nice hair, good colour," Mimi praised.

"I want to take him home with me," TK stated, blue eyes wide in his awe of what Patamon had become.

"What's this?" Devimon asked. "Another foolish attempt?"

"The forces of good are more powerful, even you can't stop us," Angemon told Devimon. "I'll destroy you and bring peace to the island!"

No Angemon!

Tai gasped, first in shock at the desperation that he heard coming from the Sovereign, and then again as his ribs protested the movement. He looked around, but no one seemed to have heard the Sovereign's voice. TK looked up at him as he heard the gasp of pain, but Tai just gave him a small smile and turned to look at the angel digimon.

Angemon lifted his golden staff above his head, and everyone's digivice started to glow. Tai knew what was happening instantly. Angemon was gathering energy so that he could end Devimon's reign, so that he could kill Devimon.

"No," he whispered. "Wait a little longer."

"That light is so bright! What are you doing to me?" Devimon demanded. The digimon de-digivolved into their Rookie forms as the energy was given to Angemon, and Tai felt his eyes go wide as he understood what was happening, and why the Sovereign was trying to be heard. TK looked at him in concern.

"Stop it! I'm not going to allow you to take my power away!" Devimon ordered. "You'll have to fight me!"

"I'm afraid I have no other choice!" Angemon told him. "If I can help others my fate is unimportant!"

"Angemon!" TK cried. Tai echoed his call a beat behind TK, but added more on.

"She doesn't want you to do this!"

"This is my choice," Angemon said gently. He turned back to Devimon. "Your powers have gotten far out of control and must be extinguished. I am ready to fight for peace."

"No," Tai gasped. He took a deep breath, as much as he could with broken ribs, and screamed at the top of his lungs: "PHOENIXMON!"

"Hand of Fate!"

The energy that Angemon had been gathering collected in his right hand, and with one punch a beam of golden light blasted through Devimon's chest and caused his body to disintegrate into data particles. However, the amount of energy that Angemon had used resulted in him also disintegrating into data particles. White light blasted across the island, and out towards the other islands so that File Island could be remade.

"You have used up all your power," Devimon observed. "That wasn't very smart Angemon. Now you're no use to anyone. You can't get away from the dark forces, evil is everywhere, so don't savour your victory. There are other digimon just as powerful as I am; some of them are even stronger. I wonder what you'll do when you run into them. You haven't won at all! What a waste of time!"

The dark data particles of Devimon suddenly moved in another direction. The dark digimon turned his head and spotted the cold eyes of the Sovereign. His eyes went wide, and just before he completely disappeared his cry of denial sprung from his lips, and echoed long after he was gone. The Sovereign held up her hands as if she were holding on a ball, and the data particles came together to form a purple bell. She attached it to her ankle before hovering just in front of Angemon. She was about a head shorter than Angemon, or would have been if Angemon was whole.

You didn't have to sacrifice yourself

"I chose this," Angemon told her. "He couldn't be allowed to win, and we couldn't let you die for us again."

You are sweet, but I do not need you to protect me

"Will you look after TK for me?"

TK will be safe. Rest now and I'll take care of everything

Angemon nodded just as the last of him disappeared. The Sovereign held up her hands again, but instead of a bell being formed, she just held onto a blue ball of light. On the ground TK had burst into tears and was crying into Tai's chest. The boy didn't look up until he felt the heat of flames against his back. He turned, staring at the Sovereign who was holding the blue light out to him. TK looked at Tai first, before moving closer to the Sovereign and grabbing the ball. It pulsed in his hand before becoming a white egg with yellow stripes.

Angemon will return to you, little one

"He'll come back?" TK asked, holding the egg close to his chest.

Yes, look after that egg and he'll be back in no time at all

TK held onto the egg and promised that he would look after it. The Sovereign smiled at him before holding out her hand to Tai. Tai didn't move, but he did gasp when warmth flared out from his chest. The other children and digimon cried out as a white light pulsed from Tai's chest, but as soon as it was gone Tai knew what had happened. He pulled his shirt up in shock, staring at his now injury free chest. Even the bruises from day one had disappeared.

"You fixed my ribs," he breathed.

You're welcome

The others crowded around Tai and TK, looking at the crouched form of the Sovereign. She smiled at them all, before standing and moving away. TK called out to her in fear, but the Sovereign smiled at him over her shoulder.

My energy is just about gone. Keeping Devimon from regenerating in this place, pulling Angemon's data together and healing took a lot out of me. I must return to my body before all is lost. We will see each other again

The Sovereign leapt into the air and flew off towards the broken mansion Devimon had been calling his own. They watched her go before turning back to Tai curiously.

"What did you call her?" Sora asked. "Before Angemon attacked Devimon, you screamed out something."

"Phoenixmon," Tai readily agreed.

"That's the Sovereign's name?" Mimi asked curiously. "How did you know?"

"I don't know," Tai admitted. "I just…knew it."

"That's fascinating, but I think I'm missing something," Joe stated. "Return to her body? Why does no one else look surprised about that?"

"Oh yeah, you weren't here," Matt realised. "Well, the Sovereign, or Phoenixmon as she apparently is, and Jade are the same being. But due to an accident of some description, Jade doesn't remember being Phoenixmon. Phoenixmon, as we have seen her the past day or so, was an apparition with some physical attributes so that she can be felt. But now that the battle is over she's returning to her real body."

"We have to find her," Tai added. "Jade is weak at the moment, she won't know where she is or where we are."

"Let's find her then," TK stated. "She just helped to save us, and she brought us back together! We have to make sure that she's alright!"

The others agreed and stood with the intention of finding Jade. Before they could walk though, Sora noticed something and drew everyone's attention so that they could see it too.

"Look! The island is coming back together again!" she cried, pointing out towards the ocean.

"Exactly," Izzy told her. "Devimon's been defeated. When evil is eliminated the island returns to its normal state."

"What's with the other evil digimon across the sea?" Matt asked, staring at the reforming island.

"Yeah, I thought we were going home," Joe despaired.

"I don't want to have to fight again," Mimi told them all. "Oh, I think I broke a nail."

"Well, according to Leomon's legend we gotta do it!" Tai told them, his hands clenched showing how much he really didn't want to. "Remember, he said that we're the digidestined!"

As he uttered the last word the ground before them broke apart to reveal a metal device. As they watched the device lit up with all the colours of the rainbow, and from within the colours appeared an old man.

"Ah, I've heard of you kids," the old man muttered. "I have to say I'm pleased."

"Excuse me sir," Tai stuttered. "But who are you? And what do you want?"

"Me?" the old man repeated, blinking once. "I am Gennai."

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