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The Teardrop of Immortality

Chapter 1

Tortuga, 1750…

The sun had just appeared in the horizon, barely illuminating the room that was situated at the top of the inn. The curtains were drawn but if someone was hell bent to look inside they would surely notice the two people on the bed.

Pale flesh was draped over the bronzed body of a man, the sheets barely covering their forms. Tanned, ringed fingers were tightly gripping the white bare hips of the woman who was slowly moving over him, her hands tightly gripping the pillow by his head.

The sheets were wet from their combined sweat but none of them seemed to care or notice.

The woman's raven hair was falling down her back in elegant waves and it flowed with her movements. Her pale green eyes were wide but it only took a circular movement of the man's hips to drift tightly shut. Her mouth dropped open in ecstasy and the man's mouth twitched before it formed a golden smirk.

"Jack." His name left her lips in a gasp and the man grinned up at her before he grabbed her around the waist and rolled them over, pinning her to the mattress. His hands slid up her body until they were buried deep in her dark locks. He threaded his fingers through her hair and thrust harder against her, concentrating on his pleasure while she gasped and convulsed under him.

"Missed me much, love?" he panted into her ear as he moved and the only response he received was a low moan from the woman beneath him. A couple of powerful thrusts later he arched his back and groaned quietly before he collapsed on top of her, his breathing harsh and uneven.

He rolled away from her quickly after he had caught his breath, never one to linger in the arms of a woman.

"How long have you been at sea?" she grinned as she turned to look at him and he smirked, his chest still moving up and down rapidly, his skin glistening with sweat.

"Long enough." He answered as he placed his hands behind his head and looked at the ceiling.

"I thought you'd never come." She said as she dared to slide closer to him, her long hair brushing his sternum as she did so.

"Love, I always come." He winked and she chuckled.

"I noticed." She smirked and he laughed, the woman's eyes lighting up at the sound in a way that it shouldn't. Not for him at least.

"Did you get me anything?" she asked innocently while batting her eyelashes and he laughed, a deep sound that echoed around the room.

"Always straight to the point, aren't you, Elsie?" he smirked as he looked at her.

"Indeed. So?" she asked eagerly and he turned over onto his stomach to reach his coat that was discarded on the floor. He grabbed it and growled when he felt her hand on his buttock.

"Behave." He warned but he grinned into the pillow as he finally found what he was looking for. He rolled over and slowly opened his palm.

Elsie's eyes widened at the sight of the silver pendant and she squealed.

"Oh my God!" she murmured as she took it in her hand.

"Like it? I figured it'd look much better on your neck than deep inside my booty chest." He shrugged and she smiled.

"Should I ask who it belonged to?"

"You may but that doesn't mean that I am going to divulge." He told her and she giggled.

"Did you hear what they're saying?" she asked as she rolled onto her stomach and looked at him.

"What are they saying?" he asked sleepily as he closed his eyes.

"The Queen Anne's Revenge has a new captain." She said and at that Jack's eyes snapped open.

"Come again?" he turned his head to look at her, for once his eyes not straying to her chest as he did so.

"It's true."

"I was under the impression that Barbossa was captain."

"Not anymore."

"He was mutinied?" Jack grinned.


"Well, he had coming." He muttered.

"It seems like Blackbeard had more than one daughter." Elsie said and Jack stilled.


"He has a son. A son he had taken under his wing when he was captain of the Revenge. Once Barbossa became Captain he waited for a while and then he mutinied against him. He took over a month ago."

Jack sat up and stared at her, "Why are you telling me this?" he asked her suspiciously and she paused.

"Because rumor has it that he's looking for you." She whispered and Jack groaned.

"Bugger. What for?"

"I don't know. The only thing I know is that he's here and he's looking for you." She replied and he pushed the covers away.

"How is it that your kind always knows everything that goes on in this island?" he asked her as he grabbed his breeches and started pulling them on.

Elsie's eyes widened when she saw him standing up to leave, "You're leaving?"

"Aye. The sun's up." He said gruffly and she quickly scampered to sit up as well.

"Can't you stay a little longer?" she asked him as she kneeled on the bed in front of him while he pulled his shirt over his head.

"Not with these news, love." He said and paused when she placed a hand on his lower belly and slowly slid it downwards, "Nothing will convince me, sweet. Not even that." he chuckled and disappointed, she pulled her hand away and looked up at him.

"When are you leaving?" she asked as he pulled away and leaned down to gather the rest of his things.

"Soon." He said absentmindedly and she closed her fingers around the pendant while she watched him getting ready.

"Can I come with you?" she asked him quietly and he paused with his hand on his belt. Slowly he turned and looked at her. The answer was clearly written upon his handsome face.

"Lass, you know I can't." he murmured and then frowned, "If you start confusing this for something that it isn't then I shall take my custom elsewhere. You know that, don't you?" his voice was gentle but it held a warning.

"That doesn't mean that I have to like it. And I didn't know that we had a business agreement." She said angrily and he paused again to gape at her.

"What's that trinket you're holding then?" he asked her and at her expression he froze, "Do you really think I go around giving women gifts? Think again, love." He said and she suddenly threw the pendant at him. It hit his chest and then fell onto the floor with a thud.

"If all that is payment for my services then you can bloody keep it!" she cried at him.

Jack stared at her, "Are you daft, lass?" he asked her and the only thing he received for an answer was his boot as she threw it at him with force.

He watched as she stood up from the bed, without the sheet, and then walked into the washroom naked.

He blinked to clear his vision and then leaned down to put on his boots, "Women." He muttered as he straightened. He picked up the pendant, placed it on the bed neatly and then walked out of the room, softly closing the door behind him.


The Black Pearl was smoothly parting the waves of the sea as it sailed through the Caribbean waters, her black sails flowing with the wind.

Behind her, unbeknownst to her Captain and crew, the Queen Anne's Revenge was slowly gaining on her.


Jack walked out of his cabin and let his eyes scan the deck. His dark gaze slid upwards and he frowned. There was a storm coming. Pulling his spyglass out of his pocket he slowly made his way to the helm, nodding at members of his crew as he went.

"How's it going, Master Gibbs?" he asked and the older man smiled at him.

"Good, Cap'n. We're going steady. The wind's on our side." He replied and Jack nodded before he looked up at the crow's nest.

"Why is there no one at the crow's nest?" he asked and Gibbs looked up and cursed.

"The lad had to tend to dinner, Cap'n. I'll see to it." Jack nodded before he placed his spyglass in front of his eye and looked at the horizon. He turned more to the left and then paused.

"Master Gibbs."
"Aye, sir?"

"Someone's following us." He said and Gibbs' eyes widened.


Jack narrowed his eyes and then froze, Elsie's words came back to him with full force.

He's looking for you.

"Blackbeard's ship." Jack said as he locked eyes with Gibbs, "She's gaining on us." He snapped the spyglass shut and walked over to the helm, "Ring the bell." He said lowly as he took over the wheel and Gibbs nodded quickly.

As soon as the sound of the bell disrupted the calmness, the crew, as if waking up from slumber, appeared on deck and started running about, taking their stations.

"Captain, orders!" Gibbs called and Jack looked up at the sails.

"Full canvas." He said quietly as he turned the helm to port and held her steady.

The Pearl gained speed as the wind worked in her favor but it did not seem to stop the Queen Anne's Revenge much. The other pirate ship soon gained on them until they sailed side by side, only a few feet between them.

Jack frowned.

"What are they doing?" Gibbs asked shocked, ready to prepare the cannons.

"They wish to speak to us." Jack murmured and Gibbs stared at him.

"What for? Barbossa?" he asked with wide eyes.

"No. Not Barbossa, Gibbs." Jack shook his head, "Blackbeard's son." He said as his hands tightened their hold around the helm.

Gibbs watched with shock as the white flag arose on The Revenge, a sign for truce.


"If I knew we'd have company, I would have prepared tea." Jack smirked as Erik Teach stepped aboard the Pearl, his dark eyes narrowed as he perused Jack's vessel.

"Indeed. And I would have brought biscuits if that were the case." Teach replied with an equally charming smirk, his hands on his hips as he stepped closer to Jack whose hand lay permanently on his pistol.

"In what do I owe the pleasure of your presence?" Jack cocked his head to the side as Gibbs and the rest of the crew stood behind Jack, their eyes wide and alert.

"Your ship almost surpassed us. I'm impressed." Teach noted and Jack grinned.

"Why, I always seek to impress my opponents. The Pearl is one of my weapons."

"Opponents?" Teach's eyebrows went up at that, "I am here to propose you a deal."

"Oh, really? And what's the deal?" Jack waved his hand around, "I don't make it my pastime to sink every ship, pirate or not, at will."

Teach burst out laughing at that, "You must confuse me for my father, Captain Sparrow. I am here for a proposition that I think will benefit both of us."

"I'm all ears. So is my crew." Jack opened his hands wide.

"I am after something."


"Don't worry. I am not here to take my revenge. Unlike my sister," Jack grimaced at the mention of Angelica, "Who is in fact very well if you're interested," Erik smirked, "I had no faith in my father. So I am not here to kill you for murdering him."

"Technically, I did no such thing. It was all a mistake. That is not to say that he'll be missed. How is your beloved sister by the way? Enjoying her immortality?" Jack asked with his head cocked to the side.

"So much that she's trying ton find a way for me to join her."

Jack frowned, "The Fountain of Youth's gone, mate. Destroyed." He told him bluntly.

"I am aware of that."

"Then what is it that you seek?"

"Have you heard of Oak Island?" Teach's eyebrow went up as he gazed at Jack.

Jack stilled, "Every pirate that respects himself has."


"Supposedly buried treasure. An artifact among it that offers immortality."


"It's just an old myth, mate. I don't waste time chasing myths." Jack's voice was low as he shot a quick glance at Gibbs who looked back at him steadily.

"No myth." Teach stated as he placed his hand inside his pocket and produce a piece of papyrus, "Catch." He threw it at Jack who caught it easily and eyed it speculatively.

"Go on."

At Teach's encouragement Jack unrolled the papyrus and gazed at it.

"It's a map alright. What makes you think it will lead you to the treasure?"

"That's why I am here."

Jack quickly rolled the papyrus back up and glared at him.


"I know about your compass, Jack." Erik smiled evilly and Jack grimaced.

"What? This broken old thing?" he waved a hand at his compass, "Useless."

"That's not what I've heard. You were pretty close with Angelica. She told me everything."

Jack scowled, "Oh, right. I forgot about your beloved sister."

"If you lead me to the treasure you'll get half the profits. If you lead me to the artifact…" he trailed off as he came closer and gazed up at Jack who was slightly taller than him, "You'll get seventy percent. Pretty good deal, don't you think?"

"You'll get to be immortal and I get to be filthy rich…" Jack murmured and then smirked, "I'm in, mate. But from your ardor I take it that you do not know what is needed for the treasure." He grinned at Teach's perplexed expression.

"Enlighten me." Teach almost growled.

"A mermaid, mate." Jack answered with glee, "It appears that your dearly beloved dad in his quest to find the Fountain managed to convince one of his captive mermaids to seal the treasure with a tear. Convince here having the meaning of torture." He grimaced in distaste.

"Why didn't he use her tears for the Fountain?" Teach asked and Gibbs snorted while Jack grinned.

"Because for the Fountain to work, it had to be a tear of happiness; to curse his treasure it had to be a tear of despair." Jack told him with satisfaction, "Seems like I know more about the treasure than you. No surprise there." He gloated and Erik narrowed his eyes.

"Then we'll get a mermaid." Teach announced and Jack's eyes shone with mirth.

"Good luck on that, mate." He stepped back and raised his hands up, "I ain't participating on that."

"Notorious Jack Sparrow is afraid of a fish?" Teach raised an eyebrow.

"Have you ever met a mermaid, son?" Jack quirked an eyebrow.

"I was at Whitecap Bay." Teach reminded him.

"Oh, aye. Pity, I didn't see you anywhere around." Jack seemed mockingly perplexed.

"Then I'd advise you to set a course for Whitecap. As soon as possible." Blackbeard's son announced as he stepped back and looked around him, "Let's see how fast these sails can go, eh?"

Jack's eyes turned into narrow slits, "It is no game, mate. You're leading your crew in a death trap. I am not going to do the same. I will lead you to Whitecap but you're on your own there." Jack told him and then turned to Gibbs, "Take the helm, Master Gibbs."

"We'll be following." Teach called before he made it back to his own ship by grabbing onto a rope.

Jack watched as he jumped onto the Queen Anne's Revenge and scowled, "Blasted ship." he muttered before he turned to his crew who was looking reluctant to move.

"What are you waiting for? Snap to it!" he shooed them away with his hands.

Slowly he made his way up to the helm and came to stand next to Gibbs.

"Do you trust him?" Gibbs asked him and Jack snorted.

"I only trust myself, mate." He said as he gazed at the horizon with glimmering eyes, "But who am I to pass up the opportunity that may lead to dreamy opulence, eh?"

"The crew's worried about the mermaids." Gibbs told him and Jack eyed the men as they brought the Pearl to life.

"And they should be." Jack murmured at last as he opened his compass and looked at the spinning needle. He smirked.

"But they are not the ones who received a slap on their last encounter with one." He chuckled as he absentmindedly stroked his cheek in remembrance.

Gibbs gaped at him and shook his head before he murmured, "You're daft."

Jack only grinned.

End of chapter 1

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