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Becker was falling hopelessly in love - for the second time in 6 months. His heart had first been stolen by the beautiful Jessica Parker, and now it was happening all over again, but this time it was a different kind of love, it was the kind of love he had always thought he'd never receive in the chaotic, dangerous life of his. It was the protective kind of love, the sort he hadn't been able to understand at, at least until now. It was a love of a parent towards a child, and although he wasn't the biological father to the child Jess was carrying, he already considered them as 'their ' child.

He hadn't been certain about being a dad, no, not at all, but in the one flash moment that the sound of the baby's pattering heart beat had met his ears, all doubt had wriggled free from his body. It scared the hell out him though. Hearing that heart beat had made him realize that he hadn't only just got involved with Jess but another living breathing being too, and that he would be partly responsible for the child. Becker hadn't been responsible for any living thing apart from small pot plants before, all of which quickly withered away, meaning he was terrified. Though under his terror lay a thick layer of exhilaration and happiness.

He was watching Jess like a hawk. She was currently looking rather panicked. It was worrying to say the least. The stress wasn't good for her or the baby. His mind in response to Jess's distress was racing through every little scenario that could have caused Jess to get so wired up. After the billionth brick wall he seemed to hit he decided that the best thing to do was probably just to ask her.

He walked up behind her, tugging her into a tight hug. It was moments like these that seemed to make the world around him slow down to an almost standstill. It was just him, Jess, and the baby. His heart thumped in a melody with theirs. He kissed her lightly on the bottom of her neck. She felt unusually tense in his arms but at his tender touch melted.

" What's wrong?" He whispered. He immediately felt Jess tense again.

" Nothing - it's nothing." She was blatantly lying. Becker had come to have the ability to tell exactly how Jess was feeling internally. All her little ticks were engraved into his mind. She currently was biting on her lower lip, and she glancing at the ground anxiously. This meant that, a, she was desperately trying to escape telling him the truth, and b, she was terrified.

" Jessica," He let her name spill off his tongue, " I know that you're lying. I know that there's something on your mind. You can tell me anything. You know that, right?" He rubbed the base of his thumb across her hand, feeling her blood pulsing underneath it with fear.

She turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. There were tears forming in her eyes. Big, fat, ugly tears. He was quick to wipe them away, and although he knew it wouldn't be much of a consolation, he kissed her deeply on the lips. She responded briefly, caught up in the rush of the moment, but it wasn't long until she had pulled away, leaving him confused and even more concerned about Jess than before.

" Please tell me Jess." He pleaded with her.

She nodded, and sniffled slightly, composing herself, " It's just - my family." More tears were rearing their heads, and Becker felt compelled to drag Jess even closer to him. For the time they'd been together Jess had spoken very little of her family, and when the topic of family had been brought up she'd always tried to steer clear of it.

" What's so bad about your family?" He asked.

Jess laughed breathily, " Nothing - they're perfect - just simply perfect. "

" Then what's the problem?" He questioned her, truly confused now. If her family were so perfect then why were they getting Jess so upset.

" I haven't exactly told them about the baby." She admitted, ashamed.

" Why?" He asked her softly.

" Because if I do I won't be their perfect little girl anymore. It's completely ridiculous to think that maybe if they do find out - that -" She closed her eyes, breathing in deeply.

" That what?" He began rocking her. She was like a small child in his arms, so fragile, so innocent, and scared.

" They'd disown me. Cut me off. Mum always wanted me to have children. That's partly why I'm in this whole mess, but not like this, never like this." Her voice was shaking almost as much as her poor body was.

" I doubt it'd come to that." He said. Deep down he was feeling angry. Surely if her parents knew what an amazing person Jess was then they wouldn't do any sort of the notion. Jess was going to be a fantastic mother, and she was a hard worker too. She was just a brilliant person all round.

She was planning on trying to come into work once her child was going to be old enough to go to play school, which was good because without her the ARC was just so dull and mundane. For now Connor was filling in whenever an anomaly alert rang out but he seemed to be getting distracted lately - as though there was something on his mind. Becker blamed Philip for putting too much pressure on the boy.

Shaking his head to direct his thoughts back the woman he loved and her seemingly constant worried state, he looked her straight in the eye, " They need to know." He stated.

" I know, but you don't know what they'd think of me. Knowing that I'm doing this alone, and that I'm not even married. Mum and dad always wanted a grandchild from me. My sister already gave them one, and then the pressure was on me - and - and - " She was sobbing through short spurts of breathing.

" You're not alone Jess. You've got me, and maybe one day, I mean - " He felt almost as nervous as he'd felt when he'd started dating Jess. His heart was rocking back and forth in it's cage with anticipation and an electric bolt of nerves rippled down the length of his spine.

" What?" She questioned him, her constantly changing eyes boring into his, wide with adoration.

" I mean, one day, maybe - we could do the whole married thing. " He smiled sheepishly down at her, and watched happily as she smiled straight back at him.

" Really? You'd consider marrying me?" She asked, perking up.

" Of course. I love you, and one day when we're both ready I want to get married to you."

" And then will you tell me your first name." Becker grinned from ear to ear. Even now he hadn't told Jess his real name. It was a rather embarrassing name, well there was no rather about it. Besides he'd been called Becker for so long now that it felt like that was who he was.

" Maybe." He replied cheekily, pecking her on the cheek. He slid his hand in his pocket, plucking out his mobile phone, and then he pressed it into her hand, " Call them."

A few days later …

The four beat knock at the door alerted Becker and Jess that Jess's family had finally arrived. Jess was still a scared, emotional wreck, but Becker was there to reassure her.

Opening the door Jess's parents walked in, and they immediately started inspecting him. Mr Parker was a stout, slightly balding man, whereas Mrs Parker was tall and elegant with a set of thick brown hair, much like Jess. Her sister soon followed her parents. Even if Becker hadn't known that the slightly younger girl was Jess's sister he would have guessed some family relation as she was the spitting image of Jess, bar her bleach blond hair. In her sister's arms was a baby. It was like a little china doll with tiny light blonde curls.

" Hello, I'm Becker." He shook Jess's fathers hand. Becker tried not to flinch at he pain that was being inflicted on him by her fathers death grip. Well this wasn't a great start to the evening.

Later when they were all sat around the table an awkward silence had fallen. Jess's mother broke it, " You should have told us about the baby Jessica." She remarked with a great amount of disapproval,

" It would have been nice to know that we were going to have another grandchild."

" I'm sorry mum." Jess spoke timidly.

" And so you should be. It's been months since we've seen you, and you drop this bombshell on us." Her mother snapped back.

" I assume this young man is the one who got you into this situation." Her father prodded a finger in Becker's direction.

" Dad no! " Jess exclaimed.

" The baby was no ones fault. It was my decision. I got artificially inseminated. I started dating Becker a little after that." Jess replied defensively.

Jess's sister laughed, " You're kidding me, right? "

" No." Jess retorted, " No I'm not."

" Why would he want to be with someone who isn't even carrying his child?" Becker was deciding he rather disliked Jess's younger sister.

" Because I love her." He said darkly, " That's why I want to be with Jess. I'm already falling in love with her child too."

He slipped his hand into Jess's and kissed her head delicately to prove his point.

He couldn't think of a more perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with.

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