Sorry to disappoint some people but this is not an update. I'll delete this little message soon. So to those awesome readers, please don't review.

This is to counter the flames I've been getting.

Guys, I asked to be brutally honest about my STORY, I repeat, MY STORY, NOT ABOUT THE WAY I APPROACH REVIEWS. All the hate I've been reading seem to be about, apparently, how "whiny" I am about them. Well, I'm sorry if the only feedback I'll ever get for my stories is through this website. If you knew me at all, which you DON'T, I'm always hard on myself, especially about the way I write. I'm never good enough which is WHY I ask for people to tell me why they enjoy my stories. The only reason I've improved over the years is by the feedback left about how I deal with my approach to characters or storylines. NOT REVIEWS.

Again, I'd appreciate it if you didn't leave such remarks about the way I am because you don't know me. Or how old I am. I've been through hell and back and this website is my only haven. Don't ruin that for me with your WHINY remarks about how I ask my readers to review. Write and bitch all you want about my storyline, or my characterisation, but not the depressed, wanting solace, writer whom you DO NOT KNOW.

Otherwise, please just leave. I can't take another disrespectful comment.

P.S. I know you know your comments are impolite based on the fact that you didn't log in to be reported. I'm up for a friendly discussion, so you don't have to be so rude. Then again, I AM talking to flamers. There's no reasoning with them.