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Chapter Twenty-Seven

So Seth would move in with Alisha when he was eighteen. As it turned out, they had spent half a year in the Shadowed Forest. Time worked differently there, and Kendra would be nineteen in just a few more months.

Kendra finally saw her new bedroom. It shared a door with Bracken's Chamber, but it got it's own bathroom. The main color was a deep indigo. Lighter shades of purple, green and blue also highlighted certain parts. She has a balcony that overlooked the Royal Gardens. She had a whole new set of wardrobe. Crimsons and ambers and turquoise sparkled. Her bed was a four-poster with a complex pattern on the quilt. There were several extra pillows that smelled faintly of roses. On her ceiling was the universe. It swirled within it's magical spell. It was too stunning to breathe. She dropped her bags on the dark carpet.

"Beautiful," she whispered.

"This is nothing compared to you, my virtuous maiden."

She squealed and spun into Bracken's arms. He smiled and carried her into her room. He dropped her onto an armchair where she she sank deep into.

"Oh, Bracken," whispered.

He smiled, silvery-blue eyes twinkling. "Leave your bags. Unpack later. Dinner is almost ready."

She followed him down a staircase to an open room. Chandeliers lit the shadows. A long table rich with food occupied the center. An oriental rug over layered the dark from flooring. Large windows gave a clear view to the woodland, moor and lake. Curtains a light brown color framed them. A set of double doors at the far end of the room led to the royal kitchen.

"Kendra!" Alisha called. She was quickly hushed by one of her elder sisters. Ana waved them over.

Bracken and Kendra walked over to the royal end of the table. Kendra walked as delicately as she could, while Bracken just walked like Bracken.

Just as she sat down, a line of cooking unicorns streamed from the kitchen. They all wore matching white aprons and hairnets. One brunet with large, hazel eyes served the royal family. "I am Vanya," she told Kendra and Seth. "If you need me, just summon." With that, she left.

"So, uh, I guess this is to us," Bracken said. He raised a goblet (it looked like a miniature version of the Font of Immortality) that was filled with fresh pond water. The other members of the royal family (plus Seth and Kendra) raised their goblets as well.

"Too us," they all cheered rather solemnly. Kendra didn't know why, but for some reason, she felt as if something important was about to happen.

"Kendra," Bracken whispered.


"Are you ready for a new ring?"

His words hung in the air for a moment longer. Then they dropped, and silence took it's place. Real silence. No one knew what to think.

"I- I guess," Kendra breathed. "When?"

"Soon," he whispered. "Soon."

The day left Kendra feeling happy. Utterly happy. Because she knew Bracken would soon be her's forever. Forever and all eternity.