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It seemed simple enough between each other. One woman who was married to another had gotten pregnant. If it had been left at that, anyone would have understood and left it be. However, Chun-Li's mouth had gone a mile a minute in the company of her American partner, and she found herself lucky that he did not flinch back in disgust. Instead, the airman had his face set in a stoic expression. The only thing that betrayed his stonewall front was his widened eyes.

"You know no-one else is going to believe you two."

"You believe us," Cammy said with a sheepish smile. "And you're usually skeptical of everything that's shoveled your way."

"When it involves Shadaloo, maybe. When it involves things that are too good to be true, absolutely," Guile grumbled. "I didn't say I believe your story, but I can tell by looking at you that you are in fact, pregnant. I can grasp that part."

"What can't you understand, brush head?" Chun-Li growled. "After all Bison did to make Cammy his elite clone, did you expect her to be able to bear children? Sure, we thought of adoption at first, but Cammy had the great idea to go to someone who was the exact opposite of Bison. If Bison could destroy, Rose could create."

"By that logic, I can understand perfectly."

Chun-Li crossed her arms and huffed as she looked over the table at Guile. It wasn't her idea to make the big revelation to the airman in an old Irish pub, but Cammy had insisted. When the woman had an idea, it was hard to sway her away from it, and it was near impossible to stop her when a craving was involved. Last time it was potato wedges with buffalo sauce, so who knew what she would order this time. Calamari? Curry chips? Humus?

"Then just what is incomprehensible for you?" Cammy wondered as she patted her stomach.

"The conception," was the Major's curt response.

Both women glanced at each other and blushed again. They had decided they wanted to have a child together, and Rose had come forward out of the blue in an offer to cut out the middleman. She was always an enigmatic soul, but she dropped her illusive and cryptic way of acting and offered to help Cammy in her quest for happiness. The gypsy was technically her mother, and when she revealed that she had a way to allow her and her partner to conceive a child together, the two were overjoyed.

Then they visibly paled when they were told about what had to be done.

There was no simple way for Rose to put it, so she went on in great detail about her ritual in hopes of calming down the women in her company. Basically, an act of upmost intimacy would provide the medium to which her soul power would work within. Genetic material from both women would be melded together and deposited safely and securely within Cammy's womb to form an embryo, as it was much more reactive to Rose's power. Chun-Li and Cammy were to perform the act in front of the gypsy in the privacy of her secluded shop, but Chun-Li was too aghast to follow through.

Cammy, however, easily persuaded her wife when she turned her baby blue eyes on her. She wanted a child, but more than that, she wanted a child with her love. It would have been crazy to deny her that want. Although awkward at first, the two went ahead with the unorthodox procedure. Eventually, the gypsy bystander was blocked out as the couple mewed and moaned in each other's embrace. Rose had gone to work, idly commenting that the ritual was not the strangest thing she had done in her life, and finished just as the women's stamina waned.

"You know what; I'm going to just pretend you got pregnant by some other means… Something my brother-in-law can comprehend, no offense," Guile added. "Putting that aside, I'll have you two know that I'm happy for you. Really. You couldn't have picked a better time for this."

Chun-Li and Cammy nodded solemnly at that. A month ago, Shadaloo and S.I.N. were at each others' throats. Their attacks and grabs at territory always put innocent people in their crosshairs, and for those in law enforcement, this could not continue. Before significant action could be taken, the infighting suddenly stopped. Shadaloo forces seemed to have all but disappeared, and S.I.N. weapons and agents simply vanished. It wasn't until the CIA double-agent Crimson Viper came forward with information did light shine on the fate of the empires.

The two empires had crumbled as a result of infighting, but the one who put the war in motion was none other than Juri Han. She played the part of the manipulator and used the deaths of both Bison and Seth to her advantage. If the organizations fought because the leaders were at each others' throats, all was good. If they continued to fight out of an inane sense of vengeance, that was an added bonus. When both parties had nothing left to throw at each other, Juri packed her bags and left without a word of goodbye.

She was still out there somewhere, and she was evading capture with every second she spent on the run. Her motive for destroying both Shadaloo and S.I.N. was unknown, and even if Chun-Li and Cammy knew what it was, it wouldn't have made a lick of difference. She was a wanted woman, and she had to pay for her crimes. Balrog and Vega were wanted men from their time under Bison, but they were caught, unlike the Korean woman.

"We'll find her," Cammy muttered. "But for now, this is the perfect time to settle down and… and raise a family."

"Good luck to you both," Guile said. "As for me… It's about time I head back home to be a family man again."

"Wouldn't want to give Ken any material to use against you now," Chun-Li sniggered.

"Oh! Now look at this…"

The Interpol officer turned her head to look at her wife and grinned. The woman was standing in front of a large box with bright colors and an eccentric contraption posted on the front. Cammy was just six months into her pregnancy, and between her research and sapped energy, she hardly had any time to prepare living arrangements. Luckily for her, Delta Red had granted her a substantial amount of time off on maternity leave to do everything she could to bring the baby into a well-prepared environment.

This meant that certain items needed to be procured. There were the essentials, like diapers, baby powder, pacifiers, high chair, special food, etc., and then there were the luxuries. For Chun-Li and Cammy, they could not afford to spare expenses when it came to caring for their unborn child, and so they went on a shopping spree. They bought mobiles, music, toys, and all sorts of stimulation perfect for any newborn. The staff was very helpful towards the couple, and they assisted them to the best of their abilities.

One of the last things that the staff directed the couple towards was a crib. Cribs were almost considered a symbol of newborns, as virtually no family could live without one when they had a new child. Cammy prodded the box in front of her with a giddy smile, somewhat noticing her partner looking over her shoulder. The crib inside the box was large and spacious but simple enough to prevent the couple from making a dent in their pocketbooks. The red of the item was bright and attractive to look at, and it would fit in nicely within the guest room of a new home.

"What do you think of this, Chun?" Cammy asked.

"I like it. Ooh, the red's going to look good against tan." Chun-Li pulled the box out and turned it over. "Easy to pick up, easy to install, easy to maintain. Hm… doesn't sound like much of a challenge now, does it?"

"Well, in a few months I can place a challenge in there for you."

"Oh you." Chun-Li placed the crib on a nearby cart and pinched her wife's cheek. "Such a tease."

Cammy grinned and brushed the hand away from her face. It was good to see the woman in a good mood, as the pregnancy had a tendency to cause mood-swings. Cravings and morning sickness were easy enough to deal with, but fits, tears, and euphoria in one day was a terrible thing to deal with. But Chun-Li had gone through worse, and she stuck with her wife through the rage, she wiped her tears away, and she shared in her happiness. What kind of woman would she be if she erred in her support?

"You know, I had a thought the other day," Cammy started.

"Oh dear," Chun-Li playfully interjected.

"No no no, I was thinking about what to teach our child. What kind of fighting style, I mean."

Nobody in the world could have noticed Chun-Li's smile fade slightly at her wife's words. Not even Cammy could see a difference in the smile, not that she spared a look in her euphoric state. Teaching their child how to fight brought forward a sad manifestation in the Chinese woman's stomach, but it had to be done. As for who their child would be, that was meant to be a surprise. Cammy was hoping for a girl, and she had reasoning behind said hope.

"Whoever our child turns out to be, they'll need to be able to protect themselves. If we get a girl, I'm sure we can put our heads together and work on a good style for self-defense." Chuckling, Cammy added, "I can't imagine she'd be too keen on wrapping her legs around someone's head in a Frankensteiner. But… Huh, I don't have much of an idea if we get a little boy."

"I'm sure Yun and Yang could help him out. He'd be in good hands that way. One uncle's a tactician while the other's a hands-on sort who'll be able to keep up with him."

"Speaking of uncles that aren't technically uncles," Cammy muttered, furrowing her brow, "here comes one right now…"

Chun-Li looked up and immediately groaned. Walking towards them with a trademark goofy grin was none other than Dan Hibiki, dressed in his usual pink gi. The man was fun to be around for awhile, but there was only so much of his childlike personality that people could take. Why he was wandering about in an English store was beyond Chun-Li's comprehension, as he usually never traveled far from his dojo. But the man had a tendency to show up in random places at the worst of times, and that was usually near people who just couldn't stand him.

"Hey! Chun-Li!" Dan shouted. "I'm surprised to see you in here!"

"Me too, considering this is the baby aisle," Chun-Li hissed.

"What? I've got a good reason for coming here."

"Are you trying to pick-up women in a supermarket?!" Cammy asked, astonished.

"Come on, I've got higher standards than that…"

An awkward silence passed as Dan stared at Cammy. His eyes drifted down to her stomach for a moment, and it soon became obvious that he knew something was amiss. After all, the woman was carrying a child, and her belly was somewhat swollen to show that. Dan squatted down and prodded her belly, much to her discomfort.

"Geez, what have you been eating? That 50% discount at my dojo still stands, but I could lower it just a bit more for you." Grinning obliviously, Dan stood up and placed his hands on his hips. "What do you say? I could always use a new student, and you could afford to lose a few pound!"

The color drained from Cammy's face as she took in what Dan had just said. Apparently, the man had mistaken her pregnancy for gluttony. He practically called her fat, and Cammy found herself at a loss for words. She should have slapped him for that or viciously berated him for that, but she didn't. Instead, tears welled up in her eyes. She looked to Chun-Li and tried to ask for reassurance, but it all came out as an incoherent squeak.

Now, Dan wasn't completely obvious to what he had just done. He raised his eyebrows as he watched Cammy fumble for words before trying to apologize. Unfortunately, Chun-Li did not give him the chance. She reached forward and grabbed onto Dan's ear before tugging upwards. A wince and cry of pain accompanied her action as she began to drag him off, uncaring that she was making a scene.

"That's it, let's take this outside," she growled.

"H-help! Police brutality!" Dan yelped.

"I'm off duty!"

Chun-Li cradled her right hand carefully close to her bosom. A brief spasm of pain came from it, but the woman knew it was nothing more than a pinprick compared to the pain her wife had just recently gone through. She held her hand through it all and encouraged her along with the doctors. It was a long and arduous process, and Cammy squeezed Chun-Li's hand as hard as she could as if it was the only thing keeping her anchored in this world. They shared the best of times, so naturally they had to share the pain.

Giving birth to a child was not as wonderful as society had envisioned it to be. Searing pain had run rampant throughout Cammy's body to such a degree that she had bargained on her hospital cot. She would rather have shards of glass in her eyes. She would rather have two shattered kneecaps. She would rather have four broken limbs. Chun-Li soothed her to the best of her abilities, enough to see her wife through to the witnessing of their child's first cry.

A healthy set of lungs, the doctors had said as they cradled the newborn in their stained white coats. Carefully, they dabbed at the child's skin and cleaned away the liquids to ascertain its gender. It was a girl… a healthy, beautiful little baby girl. Cammy smiled at the revelation before her strength waned. She needed to rest before she could even begin to appreciate her sacrifices. Chun-Li whispered words of praise and respect towards her wife and stayed with her as she rested, choosing to retrieve their new child once the strength returned to the durable doll mother.

Now, she stood inside one of the many wards of the hospital. She leaned forward and looked through a large plane of glass into a small room designed especially for receiving newborns. There were few newborns that day, and they were already occupying a few small beds. The boys sat in their tiny beds wrapped up in blue blankets, no doubt trying to fathom how they came to this world. As for the girls, they slept peacefully in a bright red and silky embrace.

One little girl stood out proudly with a small white sign attached to her bed. It was a dry erase board; nothing special, but written on it was her last name. White. Just that name alone stole the show away from the others. The girl had a trace of blond hair atop her head, no doubt obtained from Cammy.

A doctor came by and nudged Chun-Li before nodding towards the baby. Although the doctors knew how to do their jobs properly, they had the common courtesy to ask permission beforehand. Would the wife like to see the baby, the doctor asked. By this time, Cammy would be sitting up in her cot and asking for her child. Chun-Li could only happily oblige her. She gave the doctor the go-ahead and followed him into the newborn room, where she was finally able to hold her daughter for the first time.

She wanted to stay there and embrace the little girl forever, but she knew that it took a joint-effort to bring the little bundle to life. The doctor directed her back to the room with her wife, and she thanked him for his hand in the birth before moving inside. The little girl in Chun-Li's arms squirmed lightly and snuggled up against her bosom, unintentionally earning herself two soft coos of appreciation. Cammy's watery blue pools practically radiated with joy when she saw her child, and of course, the one who held her.

"She has your hair," Chun-Li whispered as she placed the girl in Cammy's arms.

Cammy did not reply. Instead, she stared at the bundle in her arms as if it was the most beautiful thing in the world. The girl breathed in and out slowly before it opened its eyes just a little to get a grasp on her new world. Her gleaming hazel eyes shined brightly in the glow of the room, and Cammy noticed them quickly. She breathed a sigh of relief, as she had nervously expected the child to inherit some trait from her 'father', but it seemed that the child was pure.

Quite possibly… the purest thing ever conceived to date.

"And she has your eyes…" Cammy whispered as she tilted her head up to look at her wife. "Oh god, she's beautiful…"

"You did a fantastic job. But… our work's not done yet today." Chun-Li gently stroked their child's cheek. "We need to give her a name."

"Would you believe that I had more names planned for boys than I did girls?" Cammy chuckled. "Ah, but I have a few ideas. Abigail, Valery, Chloe, Claire…"

"I like that one."

"Which one?"

"Claire," Chun-Li said softly. "I think it has a nice ring."

"Claire… I think I can get used to yelling that," Cammy whispered. "Then it's settled. Claire Valmei White."


"It's a Welsh name. It means spring flower." Smiling, Cammy gave her confused wife a quick peck on the lips. "Now we'll have a flower to tend to. I'll be the busy bee and you'll be the spring beauty to bring the whole picture together."

A quiet whimper brought the two's attention back to baby Claire. She squirmed a little, and, with her fat cheeks framing it, she pouted her lips.

"Hehehee… look at that, she pouts just like you too," Chun-Li said with a grin.

That earned her another pout.

"Claire! Oh dear, I think I'd better follow her..."

"Why? What could possibly g-"

"Chun, please don't finish that sentence."

Chun-Li giggled softly to herself as she watched Cammy chase after a waddling Claire from her laid-out blanket. It was her idea to come down to the park in London to have a picnic, and it was a rather nice day to have one. The sky was clear, the sun was not bearing down on them, and a gentle breeze swept through the area. Flowers glistened in the sunlight and trees rustled here and there as the birds chirped about. It was supposed to be a great day, as Cammy had every detail planed out. However, she did not account for Claire's curiosity.

Cammy maneuvered around a few picnickers as she kept up with her daughter. She could tell that this was just the beginning of a hectic afternoon; one of many. Dealing with their new child wasn't as bad as people had thought it to be. A spot a crying there, a few tussles with diapers there, but not much to put a strain on the lifestyle the two women led. Easygoing… that was the word used to describe Claire's personality from the start, but as time passed, the two women found the little girl was curious and inquisitive. It would have taken a substantial force of extra hands to curb her insatiable desire for knowledge.

Even now, the little toddler with the blonde hair was on a mission to examine the most recent thing to catch her attention. The pockets of her red overalls were stuffed with various small rocks that caught her fancy or other small items, such as a bit of ribbon or trash. She grabbed at a small white bag from her front pocket and waddled towards a small pond. A small contingent of ducks were lazily swimming back and forth either looking for a meal or preening. When they turned their heads to look over at the tiny human girl, they saw crumbs in her hand.

Immediately Claire smiled wide. She tossed a few crumbs in front of her, hardly noticing her mother watching over her from behind. Cammy folded her arms and smiled a little as she saw the ducks waddle up towards her in anticipation of a few scraps. The animals pecked at the ground and squabbled amongst each other to get the bread. Because they were close, Cammy couldn't help but feel concerned for her child. Claire didn't feel concerned at all. She giggled at the antics of the ducks and tossed a few more crumbs their way.

"Now be careful, Claire," Cammy warned softly as she squatted down next to her. "Momma doesn't want you to get pecked now, does she?"

Claire glanced up at her mother for a moment and beamed before tossing a few more crumbs out. Teaching the little sixteen-month-old adventurer how to walk was one accomplishment out of many. She would already crawl to whatever area that was in her sight, so propping her up on two legs seemed more of a reward for her curiosity. Toilet training, and all its torture, would come later. Talking wouldn't be so hard, though, given that Claire had started to babble a bit.

"Aww… Get up there a little closer to her," Chun-Li said from behind the two. She held a small camera in her hand, and she was brandishing it with joyful intent. "Conquistador Claire and her army of ducks. Also Cammy."

Scoffing, Cammy shook her head and grinned. She shot a look at Chun-Li as some of the ducks wandered around the trio in search of bread.

"You want to take a picture?"

"Sure I do. I don't want it looking like it was posed, though, so look at Claire," Chun-Li said. She watched as Cammy turned back to her oblivious daughter before looking through the small window of the camera. "Alright, that's good... Perf-"



Chun-Li flinched and dropped her camera to the grass. All of the ducks scattered at the Chinese woman's exclamation while Cammy stood up with a concerned look. She could see her wife rubbing her backside with comically wide eyes.

"Huh? What happened?" she asked.

"One of them nipped me!" Chun-Li exclaimed.


"You know where…"

A few seconds passed before Cammy finally realized where one of the ducks had nipped at. She tried hard not to smirk, but it was a fruitless case. As she looked at her wife's shocked and disgusted expression, she couldn't help but snicker before eventually building up a bout of laughter. A small nip on the rump was no big deal, given that Chun-Li had been on the receiving end plenty of times. Even Claire began to giggle, even if she had no idea what had happened.

"I-It's not funny!" Chun-Li hissed as her cheeks turned red from embarrassment.