Allison had broken up with Scott and since then he has been all over the place and his wolfy side has not been behaving, he was still pissed off at Derek fucking his best friend on his bed...Stiles is his friend his pack... Losing his car rights after he punch Peter Hale in front of his mum making Stiles be the one to pick him up. He walked out his house slamming the door shut behind him and then climbed into Stiles' jeep slamming the door "Hey dude no slammy Stiles' jeep." Stiles said

"Sorry not sleeping since mum started dating Peter again." He growled

"Oh so she all okay with him trying to bite her to get you back and all that wolfy crap?"

"Yes." He hissed, they drove for a bit before either one started talking "So when are you going to leave Derek?" Scott asked, Stiles chocked and turned his head quickly to look at Scott looking at him and then back at the road

"I am not going to leave him or dump or anything like that Scott."

"You know he is just using you to get back at me for not turning up at the lesson." He said

"Using me really?"

"Yes really and once you stop being a thick head git you will see that." Stiles felt hurt he really did but he tried not to show it off for so many good reasons, 1 Derek would feel it a mile off, 2 so will Scott and 3 he didn't want to give him the pleasure of upsetting him

"So my boy friend that I am mated with for life, which makes him basically my husband, is using me to piss my best friend off. Do…do you hear yourself Scott you sound jealous, what is wrong with you?" Stiles asked looking quickly at him and then to the road.


Scott growled lowly in his throat and grabbed Stiles' wrist making the other teen put his foot down on the brakes, his arm was sting he looked at Scott his eyes folding in to amber and back to brown "You need to stay away from Derek, you are not his or his pack!" the wolf hissed his nail digging into his skin

"Derek is my boyfriend and I am his mate, I am not going to leave him and I am not YOUR!" Pulling his arm away, there was a knock on the Jeep door, it was pulled open,Derek stood there as he reached in and grabbed Scott by the back of his shirt and jacket and pulled him back out the car and into the road, ducking his head he looked towards Stiles who was hiding his arm under his red hoody

"You okay?" Stiles nodded

"Y…Yeah I think so, just a little sore, don't hurt him." he smiled weakly

"Fine I wouldn't hurt him; can you give your pups a lift?" Derek asked, Stiles nodded not sure if he could trust his voice, Boyd climbed into the back along with Erica as Isaac sat next to Stiles at the front "Stiles…" the teen looked back at Derek and gave him a soft smile "I'm not using you, not even on our first night." He smiled knowing that will piss off the younger wolf who growled at him, Stiles smiled brightly

"I know." Derek closed the door and they went off with the pup's making sure Sties is okay.


At school Allison walks up to stiles and saw Lydia walk away from him after giving him a hug "Is there something I'm missing like give Stiles a hug day or something?" she smiled, Stiles turned to her and smiled back

"Nawww just having a bad day with Scott, he's acting like a child." He said, she frowned

"Do think it's because we broke up?"

"I don't want to say."


"Alright yes, around the same time he become a wolf your come to the school and he was like head over heels in love with you, for whatever reason it grounded his wolf…Noooow every time he thinks of you it makes his wolf go pissy." He says, she looks at him and frowns

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay; he is also having alpha issues as well." She smiled at him

"Are you okay you look a little pale?" She said

"I'm okay and little tired." he smiled and watched her go to her locker as Stiles walked to class.


For the rest of the day Scott wouldn't talk to Stiles but he followed him where ever he went, even at lunch when Stiles wondered away from the school into the woods he was far enough not to be seen or heard by the Derek as he listen in.

"Did he do this?" Derek asked as he looked a bruised arm, he gently held his for arm and kissed each little cut from Scott's nail

"Yes he did, it's okay it don't hurt much." He said

"Liar, they are already in effected your probably already feeling unwell." Stiles sighed and broke down into Derek's chest

"I feel like hell, my best friend is acting like a dick." He sobbed; still holding up his arm Derek licked the nicks on the skin

"You will still feel like crap until tomorrow but you will be okay." He smiled as he rubbed his hand across his face

"Thanks." He smiled "You know you could make a guy fall in love with you." He said give him a lop sided smiled, Derek chuckled and picked him up getting a squeak out of him "Derek where are we going school is that way?" Stiles said

"I'm taking you home, I got Isaac to talk to whomever at the school to say your ill and you're going home." He said as he took him to the car

"Am I going home?"

"Yes." Derek answered him as Stiles hung tightly around his front of him resting his head on his shoulder

"Am I going to have sex?"

"You're going to get what little of your brains scrambled." Scott sat on the bleachers his jaw tight, his hands fisting into knots.


Scott was at boiling point, Stiles was his not to mate with but to have a part of a pack now Allison gone Jackson and Lydia have gone it only felt Stiles, he was going to get him and turn then see how Derek handles that . "SCOTT!"

"What?" Scott looked up at to see Isaac standing there, curly hair blonde tilted his head to the side making him look cute, he then blinked "What is wrong with me." He said putting his head into his hands the younger wolf sat with him

"Your wolf is feeling lonely." The young wolf said

"And how would you know you're new to this?" Scott snapped back, Isaac pulled back for a moment and looked back at him

"I go to the lessons, come on I know what will help calm your wolf."

Taking the younger wolf hands he lead him towards the boy's lockers room, Scott is not really thinking human about what Isaac is doing, once inside he pulls Scott into the shower room and where if anyone comes in the locker room wouldn't see them "You need to let yourself relax Scott, Stiles love Derek and Derek loves Stiles, he is pack mum and we need him like you need him but if you keep hurting him he will leave you." He said getting really close to him

"NO!" Scott growl his eyes flashing amber

"Shhh Scott its okay look at me." He purred kissing his neck "Just relax this is what you need." He said, the young wolf licked his neck as Scott growled his he pushed them around and slammed Isaac into the wall an attacked his lips, "S…Scott." Isaac moaned as the dark hair teen had picked up Isaac easily and they started rutting against each other, nose buried into the crook of blonde's neck made him growl

"Scott are you in here?" came Allison's voice, that brought everything back, he pulled away from Isaac and looked at him before dropping him onto the floor with a thud that made the blonde wolf wince in pain, Scott's eyes now bright amber growled at the wolf on the floor, the one growl made the young wolf whimper before Scott runs out the room knocking Allison over as he runs out the room.