Daddy's Little 'Princess'

I don't even know how i got here to be honest..this is not how I expected my life would turn out.

I feel like i disappointed people but I didn't mean to,it just sort-of happened I guess? But there are just some things you can't control.

My name is Isabelle and this is my story, but instead of starting from the present, let's go back to just before everything started changing so you understand a bit better..

I've never been much of a girly-girl who likes to dress up to gain male attention and wear dresses and make-up etc,
but "Prom's a big deal in my life, every girl dreams of this night" as my mom tells me, so I guess I'd give in and go
before she started to beg me!

It was Saturday and Aunt Mia came over as she was the shopaholic and very fashionable might I add, so I thought if i was going I'd better look nice at least.

Mia was more excited than my mom about this prom dress shopping.. OH BOY!

My subconscious has always been there for me, giving me advice and being the 'director of my life' you could call it?but recently I've been trying to ignore her as she's sooooo boring and for once, I'd love to see what it would be like to get in trouble DON'T EVEN GO THERE! urgh, there she is again being all boring!


I was suddenly brought back from my subconscious thoughts by my father shouting my name.

"yes dad?" He looks almost uncertain about talking to me,oh this can't be good

"well Izzy, I've been told you and Mia are going to shop for your prom dress today,yes?" I just nod,
although i wonder where he's going with this..

"Well I would first of all like to offer you use my bank card to pay for everything, but be wise!.."

I squeal a bit trying to hide my excitement, even though I'm not too keen on this whole dress thing, at least my dad was paying for it.. and knowing this, Mia would be chosing the most expensive dress we see today..

"But, you HAVE to take Sawyer and Prescott with you"

urgh, I knew there would be some sort of catch!

"But dad, I'm 18 and I'm going with Mia, nothing is going to happen!"

I give him the puppy-dog-eyes look, and with being his only offspring who can persuade him, this always works

"ah fine, BUT you will have them drive you there and back, and they will wait in the car..comprendo?"

wow I've never heard him say 'comprendo' before, but at least we're not going to be hounded by bodyguards all day!

"okay thank you daddy!" I hug him and he stiffens for a second but eases and hugs me back..I've always wondered why he's never liked to be touch, but I'm guessing it's from his childhood because from what he told me, Teddy & Joshua it sounded traumatizing! But somehow this man I'm hugging turned out to be the best father ever even after all that, that's why he's my role model and I love him loads!

Me and Mia picked out this gorgeous pink prom dress and I was in awe of it, as it was almost the same as Princess Sapphire's, she was my favourite princess ever when i was a child, I still have a copy of the story book she belonged in,) it was strapless and had small crystal jewels embroidered into the fabric.

I had chosen silver high heels and a silver with pink-jewelled clutch purse to match the crystals on my dress.

I was going to look like a princess for prom, this sudden idea excited me!

But something caught me totally off-guard and next thing I knew I was on my butt outside the shop after purchasing these items.

Looking up I saw this gorgeous man standing before me holding out his hand with an apologetic look on his face, and with that I grabbed his hand whilst he pulled me up towards him, I felt like there was an electric current racing through my body as i stood staring at this man with the dopiest look on my face ever,but my thoughts were interrupted by the sexiest deep voice I've ever heard,

"I am so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, please accept my apology by letting me by you a coffee?"

his genuine smile was making my knee's tremble and i spoke with such a small voice as I realised he and Mia were just staring at me waiting for my reply

"oh yeah don't worry about, to be fair I was caught in a day dream too.." Okay, shut up babbling and say yes to this gorgeous man!

My subconscious was back, and more confident than ever..why was I feeling so differently confident today? Well anyways, I was loving it!

"..and yes, sure I'll go grab a um coffee with you..aslong as Mia doesn't mind?"

I quickly turn my head towards Mia and she just smiled at me and said "no that's fine, I gotta meet Ethan anyway see you later!" and then winked as she took my bags and headed for the car, let's hope I can get through coffee with this man without a bodyguard following me! With that, I started walking suggestively towards the nearest café..