Day 53/60

"We're still interested in knowing who your mystery boyfriend is." Callen commented when Kensi entered the bullpen, late, and accompanied by Nell.

"What is it so interesting about that?" She asked putting her shoulder bag over her desk.

"What is it? And why is it so interesting?" Deeks asked, showing up as well, sitting at his desk.

"Kensi's boyfriend." Sam said. "She's always showing up later than usual."

"I'm late as well and it doesn't mean I'm dating someone!"

"But you're different, surfer boy! Besides, who'd date you?" Sam stated with a laugh.

Eric's whistled broke their conversation and making it impossible for Deeks to fight back Sam's comment.

Eric popped a photo on the screen and explained to the team who had just arrived, standing next to Hetty. "This is Gunnery Sergeant Diane Kamp. She is being accused of giving information to the Iranian. She's disappeared but she left a note saying she had evidences to prove her innocence hidden where only the person she trusts the most knows."

"And that person is…?" Callen asked.

"Connor Kamp, her five-year-old son." Hetty answered. "Your main objective is to talk with the boy and find where those evidences are, so that we can clear Gunnery Sergeant Kamp from these accusations and catch the real mole."

Callen then took the speech as Hetty left the room. "How're gonna speak with a five-year-old without looking like pedophiles?"

"Well, that's difficult." Nell joked. "Connor is at the moment living with his grandparents and they refuse to admit knowing where Gunnery Sergeant Kamp is."

"They probably fear retaliation against them or Connor." Sam concluded. "Whoever is giving information to the Iranian is probably watching really close Kamp's steps."

"And, the problem is, they haven't let anyone talk to Connor." Eric added. "He's currently at the day care center in-"

As soon as Eric displayed the information of the daycare center, Deeks immediately stated. "That's the daycare Lee's enrolled in. I think I already know how to talk with Connor." Deeks pulled out of the phone, pressing a phone number. "Mimi? Don't worry about picking up Lee today. I'll do it."

Deeks walked out of the room with a proud smile on the face and the rest of the team was obliged to follow him because he was the only one with a plan. Seeing Callen and Sam following him and Kensi he affirmed. "You guys don't need to come."

"And losing the chance of seeing you are dealing with the kid? Pff, no way!" Sam said.

Sam and Callen stayed in the car, while Kensi and Deeks waited for Lee outside the car. They were all wearing the ear piece so they could listen to each other's conversations, and Kensi and Deeks were fearful with Lee's arrival. She could expose their relationship for Sam and Callen, and they were already suspicious enough.

"Uncle Marty!" The little girl said running to him. "Aunt Kensi is here too?" She said when he picked her up in arms, seeing Kensi.

"Aunt Kensi?" Callen repeated. "How many times have you been with the kids?" He asked with a laugh. It was no surprise for Sam and Callen to find that Kensi and Deeks were involved. In fact, they already suspected that long time ago, but they just needed a confirmation.

Kensi didn't answer, rolling her eyes and biting her lower lip, and Deeks just felt his heart beating fast, and Lee question was going to make it worse for the couple. "Are you taking me to the park like you promised yesterday?"

"I don't remember promising that, Lee." Deeks affirmed, nervously thinking.

"Yeah you did when you came home from taking Zak for a motorcycle ride!"

"You did promise it, Deeks." Kensi supported Lee's statement but quickly regretted it.

"Were you there to know that, Kens?" Sam teased, seeing their cover falling apart.

"Oh, just shut up, guys!" She mumbled. "Still no sign of Connor or his grandparents."

"With who is she talking?" Lee innocently asked.

"See those guys over there?" Deeks said, turning her to Sam's Challanger. "She's talking with them, through this." Deeks took the ear piece off the ear and showed it to her. "With this we talk with each other. Here, try it." He said putting it on Lee's ear. "Say hi to Callen and Sam."

"Hi Callen and Sam, I'm Lee."

"Hello, Lee." The two said in unison. "How're you?" Sam continued.

"I'm good."

"Ok, give it back to Uncle Marty." Deeks uttered, taking the ear piece off Lee and putting it on his ear again. "Listen Lee, I need you to do a big big favor for Uncle Marty, ok?"

"Can we go to the park after that?"

"Yeah, we can." Sam and Callen muffled a laugh, hearing how a four-year-old could control Deeks so easily. "Do you know Connor? I think he's in your class."

"Yeah, we play together all the time!"

"Ok, that's great. Listen, his mom is hiding and he's the only one who can help us find her, but we don't know how to talk with him. I want you to ask him to come to our house to play, ok? But you can't tell him why or say that I told you to ask him that, alright?"


"Here he comes." Kensi affirmed and Deeks put Lee on the ground so she could approach the boy who was already near his grandfather.

"Hi Connor." She said. "Wanna come and play at my house?"

"Can I, grandpa?" Connor begged, looking at the old man.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Deeks said entering in the scene. "you know how kids are, one they're here, then they're not! What were you doing, sweetie?"

"Can Connor come to our house and play with me?"

"I don't know, it's all up to Connor's grandfather. For me it's alright." Deeks discreetly winked at Lee for her good acting skills.

"I'd love to let him go, but his mother is out of town and… maybe when she comes home." The man said, taking the kid away by the hand as he was grumbling all the way.

"That big of a plan, Deeks!" Sam grumbled through the ear piece.

"We're still going to the park?"

"Yeah, we are. Actually," Deeks glanced at Sam and Callen and then at Kensi, unable to hide a smirk. "we all are."

This time the all team was with Lee, and they were all sat on a bench in the park as Deeks asked with Lee on his lap. "Do you and Connor are big friends?"

"Yeah, we're always playing, but sometimes he pulls my hair and pushes me!"

"Oh, that's because he likes you!" Sam said. "Boys usually mess up with girls when they like them. You know," He then glanced Kensi and Deeks. "annoy them all the time!"

"But I don't like him!" Lee pouted, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Sounds like someone we know." Callen poked looking at Kensi, this time her catching his look.

"Ok," Deeks said nearly on a sigh, trying to avoid that talking. "did Connor ever tell you anything about his mom?"

"He says they play a lot in a sandbox in their backyard and that she keeps secrets there."

Deeks, Sam, Callen and Kensi exchanged looks and Callen immediately grabbed the phone, warning Hetty that they may have found the place where Kamp was keeping the evidences.

"Sam and I are checking on the sandbox in their backyard. You and Kensi can…"

"I'm taking Lee home and then we meet you at the Ops, alright?" When Sam and Callen walked away, Deeks asked in a whisper. "Do you think they know?"

"I think they've always known. We just gave them the confirmation!"

"We're so doomed!" He vented, putting Lee on the ground.

The girl grabbed his hand at the same time Deeks put his arm around Kensi. The two looked at each other in that second and Kensi locked her lips on his, whispering. "I don't really care if they know."

By distance Sam and Callen hadn't left yet and saw it all. The two grinned and then walked away; their suspicious were correct but they were happy for them. But obviously Deeks wasn't going to get rid of a little talk with them... that big brother's little talk...

"He's good with the kids." Sam stated.

"They both are!" Callen corrected. "And I'm happy for those two."

"But still he doesn't get rid of a little talking."

"Definitively!" Callen said entering the car.

With the evidences clearing Gunnery Sergeant Kamp from treachery in hands, the team only needed to go through those files and find the real mole, but Hetty made sure to make of that a work for the following day, seeing that everyone was tired of looking at those papers.

"Go home team. Tomorrow you will get time go through those innumerous files. Go get some rest!"

Eric, Nell, Sam, Callen, Kensi and Deeks were on the ground floor, surrounded by papers and didn't even think twice and started to gather their things to go home. But before walking calmly to her office, she said. "Ms. Blye and Mr. Deeks, may I have a word with you two?"

The two exchanged a nervous look and then their eyes rolled to every one of the team. "Give up, lovebirds," Sam said playfully. "everyone here knows about you two!"

"Nell?" Kensi spoke quietly.

"I only told Eric!"

"And I swear I didn't say anything to anyone!" He defended himself.

"You told Nell?" Deeks' eyes wide opened. "You said you hadn't told anyone!"

"It was obvious, Deeks!" Callen affirmed and gave a little laugh, walking away. "Night, lovebirds!"

Sam laughed too, looked at them and then walked away. Eric and Nell did the same after them leaving Kensi and Deeks staring each other, scared of meeting Hetty. The two showed up at her office and she pointed the two chairs, saying. "Please, have a seat."

"What… what we're doing here?" Deeks asked, trying to sound completely unaware of the reason why Hetty wanted to speak with them. "Something wrong?"

"I hope not, Mr. Deeks. Since you're just a liaison agent, I can't really tell you that your relationship is... forbidden." Kensi was going to fight back and start laughing, but Hetty said right away. "No, Ms. Blye, I know you're two are together Don't try to deny it… I figured it out a long time ago."

"Ok…" Deeks uttered under breath, looking at his lap.

"Just don't let Granger hear about it. It's all... Good night Mr. Deeks, and good night Ms. Blye."

"Night…" Deeks said between teeth, walking away as fast as he could out of there, making Kensi almost having to run after him.

"Does this mean we can stop pretending around them?" He asked when she finally reached him at the parking lot.

"I guess… So," Kensi licked her lips, teasing him. "my place or yours?"

Next chapter is day 60, the day of all the decisions!