What if?

Author's note;

I don't own Darkstalkers, Capcom owns it.

The events portrayed are not a retelling of a story, but rather, it's a take on what happens if events had happened differently.

Enjoy it.

In the beginning;

In a dimension, uncomfortably close to the human world, exists a dangerous world known as Makai. A vast world, where the earth is colored blood, the waters a brackish black and the foreboding forests filled with natural death traps. It should come to no surprise, that any human who dares traverse these lands, was fated to a horrible end within a day…. but only if they could avoid slavery to the inhabitants of this savage land.

For in Makai, it seems as if mankind's nightmares had came to life here. From flesh eating ghouls, savage were-creatures and even the fabled vampires and demons, Makai's inhabitants mirrored its dangerous surroundings. Battle, was the word of any day, and rightfully so, as for the weak, the right to exist was hard fought and earned through the demise of others weaker than they are. Only the strong, was allowed the luxury of life.

And none deserved that right more than Belial Aensland.

The strongest "man" in Makai, the king of this savage world rules with an iron fist. A 4 armed being, standing higher than 200m, with a single eye on 2 of his hands, he is treated special due to the fact that he has the strongest raw power within him. His power is comparable to several hundred thousand Makai beasts or is equal to several hundred A class Makai nobles (put simply, in human terms, a direct nuclear explosion might tickle him a bit), a single swipe of his arm could kill off hundreds of Makai nobles, while a personal force field that could withstand a million degrees Celsius ensures immediate vaporization to any who dare touch him without permission. Even sealing 2 of his own arms did little to dampen his power.

Keeping 7 other ruling houses of power in check through sheer force, the Aensland clan had managed to forge peace (albeit, an uneasy one) between all ruling families, halting centuries of senseless fighting that had plagued Makai. And all was well…

Until a fool threatened to upset the balance.

Demetri Maximoff, ruler of the Maximoff clan, the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness, a vampire lord with his eyes set upon Belial's throne, and would not be denied.

The fool, who had underestimated a living god.

Believing himself capable of seizing the throne, he challenged Belial as how disputes where usually settled, a duel to the finish, where there can be only one victor and one face down in the dirt.

And in Malai, victory was everything.

So, it was only fair that Demitri lost everything.

A single, low-powered energy blast from Belial, sent Demitri crashing down to the human world, along with his entire house (to be clear, his castle with his surviving servants in it), exiling him to life with the pitiful creatures that inhabit this lesser realm, humiliating and shaming him, adding insult to his extremely grievous wounds.

And there, for a century in Romania, would he gather his strength, drinking the blood of beautiful maidens, restoring his power gradually, biding his time for his return.

For revenge ….

The rest…check google, or play the games! I can't really tell what happened in there anyway XD. Anyway, you should know by now the character bios and what not XD.


What if.

By some chance, the tables were turned, different decisions were made, and the outcomes were different?

What if…

Demitri Maximoff defeated Belial in that fateful duel.

And here is how he could had achieved it.