Chapter 1.

"Cassie? Cassie can you hear me?"

I squeeze my eyes harder and felt how my chest was aching. A hand was squeezing in my left hand and automaticly I squeeze back.

"Oh my! Doctor ! She's coming out of her coma! Cassie is coming back to me!" The voice said. Now I could hear it was a woman's voice. Unknown for me.

Wait. Coma? What happened? Why was I in a coma ?

I tried to open my eyes and after a several times I did it. Blinking with my eyes I could see that I was in a white hospital room. The first thing I saw were the IV needles in my arm. The second thing I saw was the woman. She had blond straight hair and blue eyes. And she was pale. I frowned a bit and tried to open my mouth to ask her who she was but I couldn't get a word out of my mouth.

The door opened and a doctor came in. He was male, in his mid-thirties. Grey eyes and brown hair. Glasses. His name was Erik Meyster. Or at least his name card said that.

"Cassandra! Good to see that you're out of your coma. You were in it for two days. How are you feeling?" He asked me.

"I.. I am okay. I think. Where am I?" I said, finally finding the words to say.

The woman and the doctor looked at each other and the doctor nodded to her.

"Cassie.. You had a car accident. You were driving on the highway on your way to Philedelphia. I don't know why you were going there. But Cassie.. You don't know me do you?" The woman said and I could see the pain in her eyes.

I shaked my head. I really didn't know this woman. And why was I on my way to Philadelphia? Alone?

There was something I needed to do, something I forgot. Something I didn't should have forgotten. It was something important but I couldn't remember it. My mind was a blur.

"Cassie. I'm your mother. When I gave birth to you people stole you from the hospital. We live in Baltimore, Maryland. You're 19 years old. And because you didn't finish high school or well I'm not sure about that you have to attend the Baltimore City College to get your diploma for high school so you can go to college. I know this is a lot of information for you right now but it's better to tell you this now then later." The woman, my mother apparently, said.

I nodded that I could understand that and thought about the information I just got. So my name was Cassie, I was 19 years old. I had a drivers license and I got in a car accident so I forgot my memory. I was on my way to Philadelphia for no reason apparently even though my mother lived in Baltimore. I had to go to high school and then college. Sounds legit. I wasn't even sure if I did got a school diploma. I didn't even knew if I did go to high school before the car crash.

"So how long do I have to stay here doc?" I asked the doctor and now I saw that the IV needles were out of my arm.

"You can leave if I checked if everything is okay with you." He said and he left the room.

Now only me and my mother were in the room and I reached for a little mirror on my night stand. I saw some bruises on my face but they were already disappearing and I was happy about that. I still had dark-brown hair and brown eyes. Still a tanned skin. That was really weird if you saw how pale my mother was. I decided to ask her.

"Mom why are you and I so different?"

A sound came out of her mouth and I couldn't place it. Was it fear? Anger ? Happiness ? I didn't knew. She swallowed and opened her mouth.

"You look a lot like your father. Or well father.. When he heard I was pregnant from you he left me. My family hated me because I didn't got an abortion and that's why I moved to Baltimore. They live in Georgia. I don't regret having you. I only couldn't enjoy it too much. The second day, the day we could have left the hospital I came to get you and I saw that you were gone. Someone took you away from me. When I heard about a car accident on the highway to Philadelphia and I heard about an nineteen year old girl I just needed to know if it was you or not. So I came to the hospital and when I saw you I knew it was you. You were my baby girl." Tears were streaming down on the face from my mother.

I swallowed a bit and felt how I got angry. My father was a bastard. That was sure. And the people who took me from my mother too. Then I frowned. Who were these people? I didn't remember anything to be honest.

"Mom.. Did you know these people? And how is it possible that they didn't visit me here? And do you know why I was going to Philadelphia ?" I asked her. So many questions. I hated it that I couldn't remember anything.

"I don't know these people sweetie. And I think that you were going to Chicago for those people. I'm not sure honey. But does that matter? Aren't you happy that you're back with me?"

My answer came automaticly. "Of course not! I'm happy! I wouldn only love to get my memory back. Just to know what happened before everything."

My mother took my chin in her hand and looked me in the eyes. Her blue eyes against my brown eyes.

"I know. But at least you can start from the beginning now. With me." She said and I nodded.

She was right. I mean why would I care about something like people who took me away from my own mother?

We smiled at eachother and a few seconds later the doctor came in.

"Well Miss Anderson you and Cassandra can leave the hospital now. Cassandra you're okay to leave and I'll send you a letter later for an appointment but this will be in the hospital in Baltimore. Here are your dismissal papers and if you could only sign here and here you're ready to leave." The doctor said and I signed at the places.

A few minutes later we left the hospital and we walked to my mothers car. I sat on the passengers seat and waited until she started the car.

"Cassie go sleep for a bit. It will take a few hours until we're back in Baltimore. The best thing is to rest." She told me and I nodded in agreement. Even though I just woke up from a coma from two days I was tired as hell.

"I will. Wake me up when we're home." I said and a few seconds later I closed my eyes to go into a dream.

A dream about a girl who was crying and screaming.

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