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Ruthie POV

Tears start clouding my eyes as I make my way out of the building and head straight for my car. I can't believe T-Bone is cheating on me, with Jane no less. I sit in Matt's old Camaro and try to think of where I can go. Home won't do, everyone would bombard me with questions. Simon would be busy with Cecelia, his wife. Matt and Mary are too far away. Lucy is busy with the new baby. It hit me; I knew exactly where I could go. I start the car and take off.

Martin POV

I was just coming out of the shower when I hear a soft knock on my apartment door. Pizza delivery guy is here is my immediate thought. I grab the cash off the kitchen counter and make my way to the door dressed only in my tracksuit pants.

"Hey, I hope you have change." I say as I open the door and start counting my money without looking up.

"Martin?" a soft angelic familiar voice reaches my ears.

"Ruthie." I say as I look up to see those beautiful hazel eyes stained red from crying.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I pull her into a hug and shut the door.

"T-Bone." she whispered into my chest.

"Is he hurt? Did he hurt you?" my heart clenches at the thought of him hurting Ruthie.

I release her from my arms and make her sit down on the couch while I get her a glass of water.

Ruthie POV

"Wanna tell me what happened now?" Martin gently asks as he soothingly rubs my back.

"I went to Mac's apartment because I wanted to get something from Margaret. I went straight in with the key that Mac gave me. Jane and T-Bone were heavily making out on the couch." I burst into tears again and Martin engulfs me into his warm muscular arms.

"It's his loss, Roo. He doesn't deserve you. You deserve so much better than that." Martin whispers into my hair.

"It hurts, Martin. I love him." I cry into his bare chest as he gently kisses my head.

Martin POV

I don't know what to do. I just let Ruthie cry in my arms while I try to soothe her. She smelled of tropical fruit. It has to be the most beautiful scent in the world. There is a sudden knock at the door that breaks my train of thought.

I gently release Ruthie from my arms and hurry to the door. The pizza delivery man stands there expectantly; I quickly pay him and hastily close the door. I head back to the couch and offer pizza to Ruthie.

"Thanks, Martin." Ruthie says quietly as she nibbles on a slice.

"It's no problem, Roo. I can't really finish an entire pizza by myself." I say in an attempt to make her smile.

"Not for that. For everything else, and we both know you most certainly can." Ruthie teases me with a smirk that doesn't really reach her eyes.

"I cannot." I say as I look at her, she tries to look happy but I can see straight through her façade.

"Whatever gets you through the night, Brewer."

"You really want to play this game, Camden?" I grab her and start tickling her by her tummy, knowing that is where she is most ticklish.

"Martin…stop! Stop, Martin!" she giggles in protest. Our positions shift majorly, I'm now leaning over her, still shirtless.

Ruthie POV

Martin stops tickling me and our shifted positions now become quite obvious. I look at his chest and can't help but notice how muscular he had become. A soft blush rises to my cheeks as I realize that I am checking out Martin Brewer. Martin lifts himself off the couch and disappears down the passage, only to reappear seconds later with a shirt now covering his gorgeous body.

"Martin, do you mind if I stay here tonight? I'll sleep on the couch. I really don't want to go home and deal with all the questions." I ask softly.

"Sure, Ruthie. You might want to call home and tell your parents, though."

"Thanks, Martin." I get up from the couch and hug Martin.

He smells of musk. It is a strong, distinctive fragrance that lingers on my senses as I walk to the bathroom to call my dad.

"Ruthie! Use the bedroom. You're not a guest, you're my best friend, you can call from the bedroom."

"Hey, Dad." I say as my dad picks up.

"Where are you, Ruthie? It's late and your mom and I starting to worry." my father asks worry evident in his tone.

"I'm at Martin's. T-Bone and I broke up earlier tonight. I was really upset so I came to see Martin." I say to my dad, not wanting to get into the story of T-Bone cheating on me.

"Ruthie, are you ok? Are you sure it's a good idea to be with Martin right now?"

"Yes, dad. I'm sure. He is my best friend. I wanted to tell you that it's too late for me to drive home and Martin offered me the couch and I accepted. I promise to come home first thing in the morning."

"Ruthie, I don't think that is such a good idea. I can come and pick you up."

"Dad, I'll be fine. Martin is not going to hurt me. I know him, you know him."

"Fine, Ruthie. You must come home first thing in the morning."

"Goodnight, Dad. I love you."

"Love you too. Night, Ruthie."

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