Olivia had little trouble fixing up another bowl and had just finished making the first plate by the time Samaru came back downstairs from his shower.

Deidara was about to scream in sexual frustration when he spotted the small droplets of water streaming down his tanned torso, some following the lines of the bulging abs.

His still wet hair stuck to his face while a towel was thrown casually over his shoulders, and still wearing the same skinny black jeans but this time with the belt unbuckled and the button still undone to show a neat line of dark hairs leading inside.

Olivia swore to herself that she was going to have a heart attack. Kakuzu already did have a heart attack and was currently being fanned frantically by his albino lover who had stuffed tissue wads up his nose.

Kisame and Itachi cleverly turned away before their eyes could betray them by forcing to stare at his now almost dark sexy eyes that nearly had the raven sneering in envy.

"Sammy looks sexy!" Tobi exclaimed, waving his arms.

Samaru smirked at all their reactions and stepped over to lightly bump Olivia away from the stove with his hip, skilfully flipping the pancakes.

When he filled a third plate he pulled the strawberry muffins out from the oven, ignoring the Helper Glove despite Tobi's warnings, and showed no signs of pain.

'And she still has her high pain tolerance.' Olivia mentally added.

"Alright who wants breakfast!" he hollered over his shoulder, and they all, minus Kakuzu who's unconscious body was dropped by Hidan so he could join in with everyone fist pumping and loud 'Yeah's!'.

Olivia sat next to Kakuzu, nibbling on a muffin since it smelled so delicious that she confirmed her full stomach could handle a few more bites. Kakuzu steeled himself so that he wouldn't have another heart attack and could eat.

'Two heart attacks, and this time just from coming out of the shower!' he piqued to himself, ashamed, but quickly forgetting after the first bite of the pancakes.

"Why don't you fix me breakfast in bed kitten?" Kisame uttered with a toothy smirk.

Samaru gave him an unamused look from his spot leaning against the doorframe to watch them eat heartily.

"More importantly," Itachi added. "Why aren't you eating with us?"

At the very important question everyone stopped eating and looked to the now suddenly nervous brunette.

"Uh... I er- I already ate before you guys woke up." he stammered.

He blushed in shame at being caught thanks to the blank look Itachi gave him from his obvious lie.

"Le-Samaru," Olivia quickly corrected herself. "What are you hiding?" she asked.

Samaru grimaced, rubbing the back of his neck while biting his lip, revealing a sharp canine poking out. "I umm... Damn it." he cursed.

"I can't eat human foods." he said finally, looking to the floor.

Madara, who was silent up till now, pushed his chair out and stood to walk up to his nephew, gripping his chin firmly to force his mouth open and show off his longer than average teeth.

Samaru stared guiltily into his uncle's eyes, silently noting that they were now only a few centimetres different in height.

"You're a vampire." the eldest Uchiha stated bluntly.

"What?!" they all exclaimed, nearly jumping out of their seats if Madara hadn't shushed them.

"Relax." he uttered, patting the boy on the head with a smirk, and the teen pouted in return. "He's only a half vampire, or Half Blood."

"Half Blood? How is that even possible?" Kakuzu inquired.

"It's not unless it's through experimentation. I've only seen two others in my life. They are able to survive without feeding for several days and are more resistant to sunlight than full bloods, and physically stronger." Madara informed them, pinching the teen's cheek for the fun of it.

"Though unlike full bloods, they can't stand being in regular unnatural light; it burns them alive if in it too long unless, comically, they put on sunblock or take special pills that I'm sure Sasori will have no issue creating." he muttered the last part, hoping that the redhead really wouldn't mind making some to last the teen till he was returned to normal.

"Wait a fucking second." Hidan spoke after swallowing a mouthful of food.

"If you still need fucking drink blood, won't we get turned if you fucking bite us?" he questioned.

"You don't need to worry about that," Madara uttered. "Half bloods don't have the ability to turn others into vampires. But when they are hungry they are more vicious, though they politely ask their victim if they can feed first for some reason."

Everyone looked to the brunette whom in the past they couldn't see or imagine being 'polite', but from how things had been going within the morning so far anything is possible.

"But who will s-... HE be feeding from?" Olivia asked.

"Depends on HIS sexual interest." Madara answered, teasing her for still getting the genders mixed up. The woman stuck her tongue out at him.

"Careful Olivia, or I might find a better use for that tongue of yours." Samaru said giving a saucy wink.

He caught the plate that was aimed for his face and blinked at Kakuzu. "Jealous much stitches?" he teased, blowing a kiss.

The miser stiffened at the flirtatious gesture, his mask hiding the faint pink stain on his cheeks. The brunette pushed himself off the doorframe and stretched with a yawn.

"I'm gonna take a nap on the couch." he declared, popping his neck and shoulders loudly.

A few seconds later everyone was done eating and putting dishes in the sink and headed to their own rooms or going out on missions.

All except Deidara, who was standing before the teen's sleeping form, eyes darkening in lust at the exposed position he had fallen asleep in.

Body laid out across the cushions, one leg hanging over the edge, the other bent with its knee leaning against the side. His towel was left on his now semi dry and messy hair, head propped up on the armrest by his folded arms to keep the sofa from getting too wet.

The blonde licked his lips, eyeing the bulge in his pants caused from it's size and the tightness of the clothes, though they didn't seem to be uncomfortable.

"I want you now, hmm." he growled huskily, leaning down to loom over the teen.