Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel I Never Meant to Hurt You

Set 2 weeks after Dominion of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet's POV

It was shit me and Simone almost had Conrad back but the Mysterons had him under their goddamn control again how can I tell Simone this.

I found Simone in the Amber Room.

"Hi Sim." I said.

"Hi Paul where's Conrad?" asked Simone.

"Conrad was a Mysteron….a bloody Mysteron I can't believe it." I sighed.

"Paul why didn't you tell us on the radio?!" asked Simone.

I tried to explain. "I tried to tell you and the others but I couldn't bring myself to tell any of you."

"Paul sometimes I don't know what I see in you." Said Simone and she was about to leave when I grabbed her arm.

"Look Sim listen to yourself Conrad was my best friend I also find it hard to move on from Conrad too!" I said raising my voice scaring Simone. "Sim I'm sorry I raised my voice and I'm sorry for not telling anyone the truth. Can you forgive me?"

Simone saw how upset I was as she was.

"I forgive you." She said.

"I'm not sure us being together is a good idea." I said. "I say we call it a day."

"Paul as much as I cared about Conrad I care about you too you don't to shut me out." Simone told me then I calmed down.

"I never meant to hurt you." I sighed.

"I know." Replied Simone then we kissed. "How about you and me have some time together later to talk?"

"Deal." I agreed and kissed her check. "I see Destiny Angel we are destined to be together."

"Yup you and me sure are." Simone smiled and we got to our duties.

The End