It was just another regular day in Bootsville. The sun was shinning and Coop was watching the new Captain Blasteroid movie. Kat was building a futuristic car which would allow him to teleport in a different dimension, when high speed is reached. Coop was too carried away with the movie and totally forgot to keep an eye on Kat, which was the perfect time for him to test out his newest invention. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a box of Fishy Frisky Bits, went up in Millie's room and got a family photo and head back down to load his baggage in the car. Suddenly he heard Coop's voice from behind "Stop right there, Kat! I don't know what you're up to, but you're not getting away with it!" Kat hissed in anger and quickly went into the car and started the engine. Coop jumped on top of the car just as it started moving. One of the windows was open, so Coop went inside and saw a small monitor which said: "Destination: Kat Nebula" "So you are going to alert a cat army huh? Well not on my watch!" said Coop and started fighting with Kat. The car was out of control and nearly crashed 5 times. While both of them were fighting, Coop accidently hit the monitor and it started changing through all sorts of planet names. Kat noticed and an meowed in anger, he threw Coop out of the car just when he teleported. It was just another regular old boring summer day in Ponyville. Fluttershy was out in her garden feeding the animals, while suddenly from the sky a portal appeared and a blue car flung out of it and crashed into the Everfree Forest. Fluttershy heard and saw the explosion. "Oh my … what was that?" she said in confusion and hurried to the forest. Kat slowly opened his eyes meowing in confusion he looked around.*this isn't Kat Nebula* he though to himself. He saw the burning and completely crashed car behind him. Thankfully his baggage was safe and he took it with him, but when he entered the car and looked at the monitor it wasn't responding. Kat quickly punched it and it displayed: "Currently in: Ponyville-Equestria" Kat meowed in panic. He tried to start the car, but it was completely broken and on top of all, the engine exploded."Meow" Kat said in disappointment. Just then he heard something coming from the bushes. He quickly hid himself in the back truck of the car with his Baggage. Fluttershy came out of the bushes and saw the wrecked car. "Oh my goodness, what is this? It doesn't look anything like a fallen star …"-she said and started investigating. Suddenly she heard a bang from the truck of the car and a "Meow". She got scared, but encouraged herself and opened the truck with closed eyes. As soon as she opened them she saw a creature she hasn't seen before in her entire life. It looked like a bald pink rat, with big black eyes and a weird tail with a wound on his head. She understood it's a cat from the "Meow" she heard. She really wanted to help the poor thing and tried to touch him, but he hissed in disagreement."It's okay little kitty, I won't hurt you"-she said in a calming voice which reached even Kat's evil filled with hate and revenge heart."You are going to need some help… You are probably hungry too, come with me."-Fluttershy said and Kat agreed. She took him to her house to help him heal the wound and feed him.

I think that wraps it up for the prologue. Sorry if my English isn't that good, but it's not my home language as you can tell :D.I was thinking of adding Coop to the story as well, but I had a better idea which I don't want to spoil for You. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed, this is my first story/crossover so be kind please. Anyways, peace off everyone! - Deagle