The time dilation field had worked! She was relieved, and – yes, pleased with herself. They were safe, at least for now. And unless the technology failed, the field could be maintained for a very long time. She allowed herself a feeling of satisfaction as she explained the situation to her shipmates…

So she was completely taken aback at their reactions.

Vala's cry of "Three months!" had echoed as if it were a sentence of three centuries.

Caroline Lam had gulped in dismay, though she said nothing.

Cam's accusing glare cut her to the quick.

Even Daniel had clearly been disappointed, although that may have been due mostly to the prospect of being cooped up with Vala for so long.

General Landry had ended the conversation abruptly as he rose from the table with a remark about paperwork.

The only comfort she found was in Teal'c's calm steadfast gaze.

But now, alone in her cabin, she found her eyes filling with tears as she prepared for bed. She had done the best she could. She had kept them alive, for God's sake! They could have been a little bit grateful!

Angrily she wiped the tears away and stared out the window of her cabin – at the Ori ship and the deadly beam of destruction stopped in its tracks for now, but aimed unerringly at the Prometheus. She did not want to see that thing every time she looked out! Tomorrow she would change her quarters, pick a cabin on the opposite side of the ship, where she would be looking back in the direction of the Sun (although it was far beyond sight, she could plot its position). Then every day she could look toward Earth. Home.

Toward Jack.