"Have you seen Caroline?" Vala asked.

"Not since breakfast," Sam replied without looking up from her computer.


"You seen the Doc?" Mitchell wanted to know.

"Uh-uh." Daniel said. "Why?"

"Dunno. Vala's looking for her."


"I have not seen Dr. Lam since early this morning," Teal'c responded to Daniel's question. "Have you checked the infirmary?"

"First place I looked. Not there."


"General, have you seen Caroline?"

Landry shook his head. "Sorry, son. Maybe she's in the gym."

"Good idea." Cam turned to go, and met Vala coming in. "He hasn't seen her."

"Okay. I'll check the conference rooms."

"I'm going to the gym."


Sam glanced up as Teal'c came in. "I haven't seen her," she said.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Vala and Cam and Daniel have all been in here looking for Caro," she said. "I figured you are, too."



"Why's everybody looking for her? Somebody sick?"

"No one seems to be."


"Where have you looked?" Sam asked.

"Gym. Bridge. Cargo bay," said Cam

"Infirmary. Medical stores," Daniel added.

"Living quarters," Vala put in. "Computer labs. Conference rooms."

"Hydro lab. Arboretum. Holodeck." Landry.

"Storage rooms. Lounge. Armory," Teal'c stated.


"Well, it's not like she can leave!" Mitchell declared.

"Can't you just check for life signs?" Vala wanted to know.

Sam gave her a look. "I'm not Mr. Spock!"

Daniel and Cam grinned. Landry laughed out loud.

Vala looked puzzled.

"Ah…" Teal'c said. "Star Trek."


"Did anyone check the mess hall?" the General asked.

They looked at one another, shaking their heads. Led by Mitchell, they all trooped to the elevator; however, when they got off at the mess the room was empty.

Daniel drew in a breath. "Something smells really good!"

"Indeed!" Teal'c agreed.

"The kitchen?" Sam asked.

They burst into the kitchen just as Caroline was removing several loaves of freshly baked bread from the oven.


Sometime later, sated on warm bread, jam and butter, and after heaping much praise on the doctor's baking, someone finally asked; "Why were we looking for Caroline in the first place?"

They eyed one another blankly.

"Who cares," someone else said, with a grin, reaching for the bread knife.