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Sora had a strong feeling about the crystal when he got it from his mom. He wondered if it's the way it seemed to glow brightly in the sunlight or how for some reason he seemed to get bad luck when he wore it. Not only that but somehow all the dogs and cats on the island seemed to not like it. Every time he passed a dog or a cat they either growled or tried to claw at him or at his new crystal necklace.

That, and unless Sora was imagining things, every time something bad was about to happen it glowed. Like the time when one of the large old oak trees almost fell on top of him. Or when a store glass window broke when he was walking passed and a few large shards of glass came close to impaling him.

Cause of that, he was starting to wonder whether the crystal was something worth keeping or not. He was starting to think that maybe his mom was a bit confused when she called the crystal a "good luck charm." Even Riku and Kairi doubted it when Sora told them about it.

"No offense but I'm with the dogs and cats," Riku said leaning back on the horizontal Papou tree. "That crystal just seems…off. You sure all the stuff happened after you got that necklace from your mom?"

Sora nodded poking one of the Papou resting on one of the branches. The childhood trio had met up at the small islet that was connected to the larger islet they would play on as kids. Now they used it to hang out and meet up. Right now they were meeting to discuss usual stuff. Only when Kairi asked about Sora's necklace he told them what happened to him ever since he got it.

"And not only that but I think it actually glows before something bad does happen."

"Seriously?" Riku blinked. Sora nodded again. "That's a bit odd don't you think. You don't think that's connected to all this supposed 'bad luck' do you?"

Sora frowned. "I've actually been thinking about giving it back to my mom. Hell, once my mom finds out all this stuff's been happening after I got it she's gonna have a fit."

"Think I can see the crystal?" Kairi asked. Sora shrugged then took the necklace off and handed it to Kairi. The auburn haired girl took the crystal necklace and examined it. The crystal was bright green and hooked on a small silver chain, much smaller than the silver crown necklace Sora already wore all the time. Though Kairi did notice something different about the crystal itself.

She also couldn't quite place why the crystal gave her a bad feeling. Or maybe she was just worried about Sora after hearing all the stuff that's almost happened to him. She just couldn't tell.

"Well it seems normal," Kairi said giving the crystal back to Sora. "If you really suspect it being connected to all this bad stuff that seems to happen to Sora then there has to be something, well, not normal about it. But I can't really sense anything specific about it. All I can get off of it is just this weird feeling from it."

"I can't say for certain about that but I also gotta admit the possibility is still there. Plus if it is true then it may explain a few things," Riku shrugged.

Sora frowned as he placed the crystal back on. Somehow deep down he couldn't imagine the crystal being something bad. Not only that but somehow he felt connected to it. Despite wanting to give it back due to the stuff happening since he got it, a part of him didn't want to give it up. Besides, the Keyblade brought him quite the number of trouble but he still didn't give it up. Not that he really could or afford to give up the Keyblade.

"You know," Sora said tapping his chin in thought. "I just get the feeling that somehow it just doesn't belong here."

Both Riku and Kairi gave Sora a look in confusion.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" Kairi blinked.

"Well, I don't know really," Sora shrugged. "I just get the feeling that it just doesn't belong here."

"I believe she meant what do you mean by 'here.'" Riku sighed.

"I just mean here," Sora said gesturing to the scenery around them.

"As in the islands?" Kairi blinked. "That doesn't really make any sense."

"Then maybe that's the reason for the weird feeling it's been giving off," Riku said stand up straight.

"Care to specify?"

"I mean maybe that crystal isn't even from this world," Riku said looking at the two.

"That does kind of make some sense actually," Kairi said. "If the crystal really is from another world then maybe it really does have some power to it. But if it's not from this world, then what world is it from? Another question, if it isn't from this world, how the heck did your mom get it?"

Sora sighed. "Who knows. From the looks of it, the only person who can answer our questions is my mom. Speaking of which I need to get home soon. My mom wanted me home before it started getting dark out since she wanted to go over something about remodeling the house."

With that said Sora jumped down from the Papou tree and dusted off his pants. He waved goodbye to Riku and Kairi then ran for his rowboat. After untying it from the dock he climbed into the wooden vessel and grabbed the oars. The brunette took one last look at the islet and, for some reason, got the feeling it would be awhile until he saw it again.

Sora tightened his grip on the wooden oars. The last time he got this feeling was back when he first got the Keyblade and when all of Destiny Islands disappeared.

Sora shook his head as he started rowing away. "I'm just over thinking things."

The ride to shore wasn't that long. After docking his row boat at the small dock on the beach he tied the boat down then ran towards his house. As he ran neighbors waved at him. Naturally, he waved back as he ran past.

"Sora!" a young voice called.

Sora came to a halt and looked to see the Destiny Daycare Center. The kids were all out in the large front yard playing on the playground. One of the kids was waving at him. Sora smiled recognizing the kid. It was five-year-old Eily and next to her was six-year-old Baron.

Knowing he had a bit of time left before he had to go home he walked over to the two. Eily waved him over and Baron looked up from his toy airplane and waved to Sora as well.

"Hey, Eily, Baron," Sora said getting eye level with the two. "Having recess right now?"

Baron flashed Sora a grin showing one of his front teeth were missing. He nodded enthusiastically.

"Hey Sora," Eily said tugging on his jacket sleeve. "Can you show us some of those cool fighting stuff you know?"

Sora frowned. Didn't she ask that every time he passed by? He didn't really show them much. All it usually was was just the basics he learned from Leon. Sometimes he would show them some magic but tried to refrain from doing that. The reason because the older kids and the daycare workers started to question how he accomplished making a small fire appear out of nowhere. He managed to come up with excuses ("A magician never reveals his secrets?") but he didn't know how long they would buy them. Sora wasn't really the best liar around.

Scratching his head he replied, "I got some time so why not?"

The two kids cheered as Sora walked into the playground where all the other kids, plus the workers looked at him. The kids smiled already guessing what he was going to do. All the kids got off the playground and ran towards the small clearing with the large sakura tree where Sora was. It was the place he would show off since it was the biggest space in the front of the daycare minus the playground. Course he couldn't do anything there with the play set in the way. That's why he would perform for the kids under the sakura tree.

Not long all the kids formed a semicircle and sat down on the grass waiting patiently. Sora grabbed a long sturdy stick, the same one he used for all of his fighting demonstrations, and got into position. Once doing that he started swinging the stick in the way he swung the Keyblade. During a few of the swings , e couldn't help but think back to all the times he was using his Keyblade to slay Heartless and Nobodies alike.

Sora gasped as his vision blurred for a moment. As it did the vision of a large grass plain filled with weird creatures he had never seen before flashed through his mind. Just before the vision faded away he caught a glimpse of a girl sitting on a large rock with one of the strange creatures sitting in her lap.

Sora stumbled forward as the vision vanished from his mind. He looked to see all the kids and the workers were giving him a strange look. Clearing his throat he told them, "Sorry, got dizzy for a second there."

A few kids gave him a skeptical look, others just shrugged it off, and others just got the excited look back in their eyes. Shaking his head Sora went back to demonstrating his swordsmanship. Though after a few upper swings, and some simple sword thrusts the daycare workers declared that recess was over and that they had to go back inside.

All the kids complained and protested but little by little they all trudged inside. The last two to go inside were Eily and Barak who both talked to Sora.

"Hey, Sora!" Baron said, nearly jumping up and down with excitement. "Think you can show me how to use a real sword?"

"Maybe with a wooden sword when you're older," Sora chuckled. Barak pouted at the answer but shrugged it off. Sora chuckled even more at Barak's expression but stopped when Eily started tugging on his jacket sleeve again.

"Hey Sora," she said pointing at the crystal around his necklace. "How come that pretty rock started glowing when you got dizzy?"

Sora's thoughts stopped at that. The crystal glowed when he got dizzy? No, it glowed when he had that weird vision flash through his mind. There was no doubt about it now. There was most definitely something up with his crystal of his. And once again he knew only his mom would be able to answer what that was.

Along the walk to back to his house—after waving goodbye to Eily and Baron earlier before—Sora couldn't help but think back to everything that happened to him today. First all the random little mishaps, then the sudden dislike all the animals showed to him, and now apparently a strange vision of some grass plain with some girl. Sora just knew there was some big meaning behind it all.

Yeah but what kind of meaning? he wondered.

With a frustrated sigh he picked up his walking pace and shoved his hands into his jacket pockets. The sooner he got home the sooner he could get some answers. At least, that's what he was hoping for. In fact, now that he thought about it, it would really suck if his mom didn't have any answers for him at all. That would leave all his hopes of finally figuring out what was going on going down to zero.

"Oh, crap that really would suck," Sora mumbled.

"What would suck?"

Sora jumped a bit and looked to see his mom standing in front of him with her arms full of bagged goods. Figures, she went shopping while he was out. Nothing really new there.

"Sora?" his mom asked. "What's the matter?"

Oh crap, Sora thought. She's starting to get worried already.

All of a sudden Sora couldn't keep his thoughts focused. All he could think about was all the ways he could tell his mom everything that had been happening to him and all the possible ways she would react to them. So far all the scenarios that played out in his head didn't end to well. His mom was known to overreact.

"I, uh, just wanted to ask you some stuff," he said simply.

Sora's mom smiled brightly. "Oh well, then how about we go talk about whatever you want to talk about while I make dinner okay?"

"Uh sure," Sora said following her as she started walking away.

"So are you liking that crystal necklace?" his mom asked after awhile. Sora cringed and gave a small sigh. Better now that ever from the looks of it.

"To be honest mom, I had some questions for you about it," he said as they turned the corner with their house just at the end of the block.

His mom looked over her shoulder with a confused look on her face. "What about it?"

"Well…," he said trying to find the exact words to say. Luckily, or unluckily, something happened before he could figure any out. Just as he passed by one of his neighbor's cars the windows started to crack then the alarm went off. It happened so fast Sora's mom nearly dropped her groceries in shock while Sora jumped back and got into a defensive position out of instinct. Once the two realized it was just a car they calmed down. Of course to add to the weirdness, somehow a little tub on the hood moved out of place and sprayed him with its contents. Sora grumbled and moved out of the spray's range and wiped his face off with his hands.

Not only that but now he smelled like Windex or something.

"Are you okay Sora?" his mom asked taking a handkerchief and started to wipe his face off with it.

"Fine," he grumbled.

"That was a bit odd don't you think?" she said looking at the car. It was still going off and now the windshield wipers had somehow turned on as well. "I wonder what happened."

"See, that's one of the things I wanted to tell and ask you about. You said this crystal was supposed to be a good luck charm or something. But so far, all I've gotten is the opposite. Weird stuff have been happened all day. The cats and dogs can't stand me. Random stuff keeps breaking after I walk by. And some other stuff too."

His mom frowned. "You sure?"

"Trust me mom. I'm sure," he said as the two went back to walking towards their house. Along the way his mom didn't say much. He could tell she was thinking. Probably about what he told her. He hoped she wasn't blaming herself somehow. She tended to do that when stuff happened to him. Somehow she would find a way to make it where whatever happened to him it was her fault. That was one of the reasons he didn't like to tell her stuff. She was the definition of a over-worrying mother.

The two had reached their two story house and Sora's mom put the groceries down to unlock the door. She didn't say anything and opened the door. When she went to pick the groceries back up Sora had already picked them up instead. She flashed him a thankful smile then walked inside with him in tow.

"So…" Sora started putting the groceries down on the kitchen counter. "Just where did you get this crystal anyway?"

His mom sighed. "I've had it before you were born. Your dad was the one who wanted you to have it. He thought it would bring you good luck when you got older. Guess he wasn't very accurate about that huh?"

"Not really," Sora muttered.

"Well, I'm going to make dinner. I'll call you down when it's ready okay?"

Sora nodded then rushed up the stairs while shouting back that he was going to call Riku. His mom just said okay as he grabbed the home phone in the hallway.

"So that's all you could get?" Riku asked from the other end of the phone.

"Yup," Sora said taking a bite out of his slice of pizza that his mom made for dinner. "She said it was my dad who gave it to her to give to me when I got older. But that's all she said about where it came from. And you already know I can't just ask him since he's not here anymore. He went missing when I was seven remember?"

"Yeah, I remember. He's also been presumed dead since they couldn't find any clues to his disappearance."

Sora sighed. "Unfortunately yes. So that rules out asking him for answers. And I don't think he told my mom much about the crystal when he gave it to her. Guess that doesn't help us much in getting answers huh?"

"Well, at least you found something out. It may not be much but it is something."

"Still doesn't help us out that much," Sora said taking another bite of his pizza. After a few more bites he finished off the slice then grabbed the last one on his plate.

"So what about this vision you had back when you were showing off back at the daycare?"

Sora rolled his eyes. "First off, all I did was show them some fighting moves I knew. And second, I already told you all I can about it."

"Wonder what Kairi would think if she heard you had a vision of another girl," Riku teased from the other line.

Sora sputtered some of his pizza before he managed to swallow it down. He heard Riku laughing while he did.

"Very funny," he grumbled throwing his paper plate away.

"Yeah, I know it was. But seriously now, you better start watching your back. You may be lucky so far. None of us know if this bad luck of yours may get worse. I'm not trying to jinx anything but I'm just telling you."

Sora shuddered that the thought. The thought of that never came to him. He was in luck that his combat training helped him throughout the day but not once did he think of what would have happened if his supposed bad luck got worse. And now he didn't really want to think about it in general.

"Well, I gotta go now. Got some stuff I have to do for tomorrow."

"See you Riku."

"See you."

Sora hung up the phone and put it back on the stand in the hallway. Going back to his room he got ready for bed which only took about ten minutes. The second his head hit his pillow he was asleep and knocked out. A few minutes after he was fully asleep he was unaware that the crystal necklace that was the topic of his and Riku's conversation glowed brightly on his nightstand.

Deep in the woods, someplace far away from Destiny Islands, a lone figure was walking with the moon hung high in the sky. The figure noticed a soft purple glow coming from their necklace. Looking at it the figure narrowed their eyes.

"So," they said softly. "The other crystal finally found it's owner. About time."

The figure gripped their necklace then looked up at the full moon.

And there you have it. Hope you all enjoyed! Any questions I can try to answer to the best of my abilities :) Also, let me say now that the title is temporary until I come up with a better one.