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Sora remembered the last time he got this nervous. It was back when he was seven, about to play his first official soccer game. He had managed to get over his anxiety thanks to his friends' words of encouragement. In the end they had lost the game though. Still, back then they gave it their best so no one had felt bad.

Right now, Sora felt like he could use some of that encouragement. Perched on his shoulder was Avis and in his arms was an excited Prim. The three were currently waiting inside the Contest Hall, waiting for the Contest to start. Mia was still in the dressing room getting ready herself. While she was doing this, Sora kept looking around at all the other Coordinators who were also waiting for the Contest to start.

Sora couldn't help but feel like he would rather be back in the Battle of Hollow Bastion. Heck, back then he wasn't even the slightest bit nervous! So him sweating over performing in front a crowd of people started to make him feel ridiculous. No, wait, reality check, he wasn't going to be performing. Prim and Avis were. That thought helped take a load of his worry off his shoulders.

"Don't tell me you're actually nervous about this."

Sora turned around to see Mia had finally showed up with Fatmir following behind her. Sora blinked. When Mia had told him this morning that she liked to dress up for Contests she wasn't kidding. Mia had pulled her hair into a side ponytail then curled it. She wore a dress that matched the color of Fatmir's fur that also had the same red stripe-like patterns as well but had silver ruffles along the edges. She also sported a glittering silver chocker and ribbon in her hair and red high heels.

Compared to her, Sora felt a bit underdressed. All he was wearing was a simple beige button-down shirt, black vest, a pinkish-red tie, jeans, and some brown Reeboks.

"Ah no need to worry," Mia giggled as she walked over and adjusted Sora's tie. "You and your Pokémon will do fine, I'm sure of it."

Sora chuckled. "Right, hakuna matata."

Mia blinked at that. "Say what?"

"Something some friends of mine taught me. It means 'no worries.'"

"If you say so," Mia laughed. "Anyway, just remember those combinations we practiced and you'll be okay. Besides, it's your Pokémon that are the stars while in a Contest. If you start worrying it may rub off on them. It's a common theory that Pokémon reflect certain parts of their Trainer's personalities at some points."

"Oh my, Mia? Is that you?"

Mia and Sora turned around to spot a girl walking towards them. She looked to be the same age as them only she was taller than Mia, or that might be because of her sapphire-colored high heels. The girl had long curled light brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a Marie Antoinette-styled dress that was mostly blue and white and white gloves.

"Oh, Narcissi," Mia deadpanned. "Didn't even know you were here. Then again, I don't really see the point in paying any attention to a spoiled little brat such as you."

The girl, Narcissi, balled up her fists. "Excuse me?! Such bravado coming from a girl of your stature." "Is that so? What? If my daddy doesn't spoil me with his money I'm not good enough to be in your presence? That what you think?"

That last comment seemed to struck a nerve with Narcissi. Seeing her reaction, Mia smirked triumphantly. Narcissi looked like she wanted to say something else but she just stomped her foot then stormed off fuming.

"Ah, nothing like telling off a spoiled brat to get you pumped up for a Contest," Mia snickered.

"Uh, can I get filled in here?" Sora asked.

"Oh, that was just Narcissi Candela. She's the spoiled little princess from Stelliar City, up near the mountains. She likes to think that she's better than other Trainers because her daddy gave her 'strong' Pokémon."

"How many Ribbons does she have?"

"Psh, like two. But it doesn't really matter. Cause one of us is going to smoke her in this Contest right?" Mia smirked.

Sora laughed. Just then though the screen in the room turned on and they saw a woman's face appear.

"Good evening to Coordinators and Contest fans of all ages. Today we're all here to see who will win this fabulous Bellister City Ribbon." The woman then showed the Ribbon, which had a star-shaped golden medal with a dark blue ribbon attached. The lady then went on introducing the judges—two guys named Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, and the Bellister City's Nurse Joy—then herself. Then she explained Contests a bit more and how if a Coordinator manages to win five Ribbons then can go on to compete in the Celiza Grand Festival.

"And now ladies and gentlemen, our first contender—Narcissi from Stelliar City!" the lady, Carlan her name was, introduced as the curtains behind her moved aside to reveal Narcissi. Mia scowled at the sight of her. Even so the two watched as she pulled out a Poké Ball.

"Dragonair my dear, it's time to dazzle!" she said as she threw the Poké Ball into the air. The Poké Ball opened to reveal a snake-like Pokémon surrounded by gleaming bubbles. "Now Dragonair—use Twister!"

Soon the orbs that was on the Dragonair's tail started to glow. Then it waved it's tail and a tornado then produced itself from the glowing orbs.

"And let's add Thunder Wave into the mix."

The Dragonair obeyed as a blue stream of electricity flowed from the small horn on it's head then raced around the twister, fully illuminating it. The judges gave their compliments and the crowd went crazy when the Dragonair performed Dragon Rage at the tornado, causing the two to cancel out and leave behind some sparks flying from the electricity. Then Narcissi and the Dragonair bowed as the crowd applauded their performance. Mia just rolled her eyes then pretended to gag.

And with that Coordinators got called to perform one by one. Before long it was Mia's turn to perform. She left the room then soon appeared on the stage.

"And now Fatmir—it's time to take to your stage!" Mia called out as she threw Fatmir's Poké Ball into the air. The Poké Ball then spewed out smoke with Fatmir's silhouette visible through the smoke. "Use Drill Run!" Fatmir did as he was told and soon appeared through the smoke, spiraling through the air.

"Time for a Focus Blast!"

Fatmir complied then threw the attack into the air. Then slashed the blast with Metal Claw, causing blue sparkles to rain down. Fatmir then created about five copies of himself. Each performed a Rock Slide attack right before each slashed through the rocks they just created with Metal Claw. Fatmir ended the performance by having all the copies perform a Focus Blast one last time which all collided in midair that sent sparks and sparkles everywhere. Fatmir landed perfectly on the ground while the clones faded away.

The crowd roared and applauded while Fatmir gained praises from the judges. Fatmir happily ran to Mia's side as she gave him a hug. The two then left the stage.

"Well didn't you two have fun?" Sora chuckled when Mia returned.

"I know I did," she smiled. "And I'm sure Fatmir did too. Just wait until it's your turn."

Just then someone showed up and announced that Sora would be up next after the current Coordinator was done with their turn.

"And it looks like that won't be long," Mia laughed. Mia poked him in the side. "Break a leg." Mia held out an arm to which Avis perched on. "We'll just wait here and enjoy the show."

Pretty soon the Coordinator was finished meaning it was Sora's turn. He returned Prim to her Poké Ball then made his way to the stage. As he stood behind the curtains separating him from the actual stage, he took a deep breath. Once the curtains pulled back he ran forward as the crowd cheered.

"Alright Prim, it's your time to shine!" he called out as he threw Prim's Poké Ball into the air. As rehearsed, Prim appeared with a giant pink heart behind her. And just like how they rehearsed, Prim used Pound on the heart to cause it to explode into sparkles.

"Prim, time for Charm!"

"Happiny!" Prim cried out as she jumped around, pink hearts flowing out from her, which were actually larger than the ones that she created during practice. Sometimes she even looked at the crowd or at the judges and tried her best to look all cutesy. Sora had to admit that part might have been laying it on a little too thick but some parts of the audience, mostly girls, went hysterical over the act. Prim then used Pound once again on the hearts causing sparkles to show up in place of each one.

"Way to go Prim," Sora smiled as she ran towards him and jumped into his arms.

Sora waved the crowd good-bye as he went backstage. He passed a Coordinator, the last one to perform, along the way. Once he met back up with Mia and Avis, he let out a deep breath that he was unaware he was even holding in.

"Well, that was more stressful than I first thought," Sora chuckled nervously.

"Ah you get used to it after awhile," Mia giggled. "Besides, technically the next stressful part is finding out whether you got past the first round."

"Oh yeah…forgot about that."

Avis squawked then nodded his head towards the large screen. The two looked to see that the final Coordinator was showing off his Swampert. And he looked to be doing a great job too.

"That guy knows how to show off his Swampert's strength," Mia whistled. "That Hammer Arm is really something."

"I think he'll advance to the next round no problem."

"Usually you never really know but yeah, I'd say he has a pretty good shot."

The two continued to watch until the performance was over. That also meant the first round was over too.

"Guess now we just wait for the results," Mia said, taking a seat on one of the benches.

"Don't get too comfortable girly," Narcissi giggled. "No way you're getting through."

"Says Miss Full-Of-Herself," Mia scoffed. "Can't a girl watch the results in peace? Oh wait, you're here. How can I ever hope to do that?"

Narcissi scowled then turned her attention the screen.

"Victorian reject," Mia muttered. Narcissi must have heard because she clenched her teeth but didn't say anything.

Carlan soon appeared back on screen.

"Thank you all for your patience. And now it's time to reveal which ten Coordinators shall advance to the next round!"

Everyone watched as ten cards showed up on the screen. Then they started to spin in a circle. Some of the Coordinators in the room started to get nervous as the cards then spread out. One by one they started to turn over, revealing the Coordinators who had passed the first round. Soon six of the Coordinators were already showed to be going to the next round, leaving only four slots left. And so far, none of the Coordinators were Sora or Mia.

The two continued to watch as another Coordinator was revealed to be the Swampert owner. Three slots left. Another card flipped over to show Narcissi had, much to Mia's dismay, also passed the first round.

Sora and Mia shared a look. Only two slots left. The two turned back to the screen just as the last two cards turned over showing the last two advancing to the next round.

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Excadrill can learn Double Team via TM