Ahahahha finally got this done! So here you go!

Thankfully the three didn't have long to wait. Before long the Gym Leader showed up again, apologizing to the girl the three had spoken to for taking so long. A twenty-year-old girl with navy blue hair pulled into a side ponytail and violet eyes wearing a white, neon yellow, and light grey dress, black biker shorts, black high heeled boots, and light grey gloves.

The Gym Leader, who introduced herself as Fu, then accepted Sora's challenge for a Gym battle.

"Hope you're ready for your first Gym battle," Fu smiled as she pressed a button on the wall. All the machinery retreated into the wall and the floor opened up, being quickly replaced with a dust-covered battlefield. Sora and Fu took their positions on either side while the girl from earlier (Sasha her name was), stood on the sidelines.

"This will be a three-on-three Gym battle between Gym Leader Fu, and the challenger Sora," she stated. "Only the challenger is allowed to substitute Pokémon and the battle will end when all two Pokémon on one side is unable to battle. Battle begin!"

"Magnemite, I choose you!" Fu called out, throwing a Poké Ball into the air. Sora watched as a magnet-looking Pokémon was released from the Poké Ball, now floating in midair, looking ready for battle.

"Alright, go Nicolai!"

Nicolai let out a battle cry, and then started to glower at his opponent.

"Magnemite use Thunder Shock!"

"Dodge it!"

Just as Magnemite released a bolt of yellow electricity, Nicolai flew up into the air in order to dodge the attack. Magnemite continued to let loose bolts of electricity at Nicolai who just continued to fly around in order to dodge. The problem was that there was very little room to fly around, limiting his dodging capabilities.

Sora's fears came true when Nicolai ended up accidentally flying into a corner, leaving him no room to dodge Magnemite's next attack, striking him dead on.

"Nicolai!" Sora called out as the Salamence fell to the ground. The Dragon-type struggled to get back up but merely cringed as sparks of electricity flew off him.

"He's been paralyzed!" Mia shouted. "Sora be careful, he's practically defenseless if you don't do something!"

Yeah like what, he thought. I still don't know all that much about Pokémon and battling to come up with a solid plan.

"Magnemite! Use Spark!"

"Nicolai, try and use Flamethrower to dodge!"

The Magnemite surrounded itself in electricity and charged at Nicolai. Nicolai let loose a stream of flames directly at the Magnemite. The flames pushed the Pokémon back, but Sora knew it wouldn't last for long. However, if Nicolai could draw enough strength in his Flamethrower…

"Nicolai, keep using Flamethrower as hard as you can!" Sora commanded.

The Salamence stopped for a moment to take a breath, allowing the Magnemite to advance for a moment, then blew out more flames that were stronger than before. Now all they had to do was keep it up long enough to knock out the Magnemite. Thankfully since Fire-type moves were strong against Steel-types it wouldn't be as long.

True enough, the second Nicolai no longer had the strength to keep the Flamethrower up, the Magnemite fell to the ground unconscious.

"Magnemite is unable to battle. The winner is Nicolai!" Sasha proclaimed.

"Way to go buddy!" Sora cheered.

Nicolai roared in triumph just as he managed to stand up, the sparks once rendering him paralyzed vanishing.

"And look, the paralysis wore off!" Mia smiled. "Double score!"

"Don't start celebrating just yet," Fu said. "The battle is still on. Go Magneton!"

"Battle, begin!" Sasha said.

"Sora, I think it might be a good idea to give Nicolai a break," Greiger advised while Nicolai went back to dodging lightning bolts. "Pulling off that Flamethrower took a lot out of him. There's no telling how long he can keep dodging like that."

Sora nodded. "Nicolai return." Nicolai returned to his Poké Ball right before he could get hit with a Thunder Shock. The moment that Sora grabbed Forrest's Poké Ball, Azurite popped out of his Poké Ball and appeared in front of him. Sora blinked. "Azurite? What, you're telling me you want to battle next?"

The Riolu smiled and nodded viciously.

"Sora you better not let him battle!" Mia shouted. "He's only just hatched and we haven't trained him to fight yet! If he gets hurt I'm going to knock you out of this world, DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"Alright Azurite, you got yourself a deal," Sora smiled.

That sent Mia over the edge. While Greiger held her back, the girl shouting how she was going to tear Sora limb from limb, he could almost imagine steam pouring out of her ears like in the cartons. Geez, talk about a protective Trainer.

"Okay Azurite, let's win this," Sora said.

"That's what you think," Fu said. "Magneton, use Zap Cannon!"

Bolts of electricity ran out from the tips of its magnets that raced towards Azurite.

"Azurite use Power-Up Punch!"

Just as Azurite's fist started to glow, he raced forward, dodging all the bolts of electricity. The second he was in front of Magneton he jumped up and punched it with all his might.

"Quick use Focus Blast while you're so close," Sora said. "That way you can't miss."

"Magneton dodge it!"

Magneton attempted to do just that but Azurite proved to be faster. He managed to charge up a small orb of blue energy then threw it at Magneton.

"Don't let up now buddy, keep using Power-Up Punch!"

While Azurite kept using Power-Up Punch in succession of each attack, Fu called out for Iron Defense.

"He's…not doing that bad," Mia said, once she finally calmed down enough for Greiger to let her go.

"Remember, Power-Up Punch is an attack that increases the Pokémon's strength each time it's used," he told her. "So the more Azurite uses it, the stronger his attacks get."

"Which means that Magneton's Iron Defense won't last forever," Mia smirked, "because Fighting-type moves are strong against Steel-types."

"Which also means Azurite is among the ideal choices for taking down the rest of Fu's Pokémon," Greiger said. "Seeing as how Fu specializes in both Electric and Steel-type Pokémon."

"Which is basically the Magnemite evolutionary line," Mia muttered.

"That would be a safe bet," Greiger said as Azurite delivered the finishing blow to Magneton.

"One more down," Sora grinned. "And one more to go. Gimme five buddy."

Azurite ran over and gave Sora a high-five while Fu returned Magneton to its Poké Ball.

"Now Sora just has to beat one more of Fu's Pokémon in order to win his first Gym badge," Mia smiled.

"Well it looks like I'm down to my last Pokémon," Fu said. "Go Magnezone! Let's give it our best!"

Sora looked to Azurite. "Think you can handle one more battle buddy?"

The Riolu nodded with great enthusiasm.

"Then let's do it buddy."

"The final battle will be between Azurite versus Magnezone," Sasha declared. "Battle begin!"

"Go on buddy, keep going with Power-Up Punch," Sora grinned.

"Magnezone use Zap Cannon!" Fu ordered.

Azurite managed to dodge the yellow orb of electricity and punched the Magnezone with his glowing fist. Thankfully Azurite as fast since whenever Magnezone tried to attack, he managed to dodge. And pretty soon, Azurite delivered the final blow, knocking out the Magnezone.

"Outta boy!" Sora cheered.

"Magnezone is unable to battle, the winner is Sora and Azurite," Sasha said.

"He won!" Mia cheered. Then she ran right past Sora and wrapped Azurite in a big hug.

"Was she talking about me or him?" Sora whispered to Greiger after he walked over.

"Hard to say," he whispered back.

"And here, Sora, is proof of your victory at the Solarin Gym," Fu said, walking over. She opened her hand to reveal a small golden badge that was shaped like a sun with a lightning bolt in the center.

"Thanks," Sora said, taking the badge.

"This chalks up your first Pokémon League win, and Azurite's first win," Mia said, walking over with the Riolu in her arms.

"You know if you two want to test your skills in battle, there's a battle tournament going on over on Hanshour Island. That should give you good battling experience for the next Gym," Fu said.

"Think we should give it a shot?" Mia asked. "Could give our new Pokémon some experience in battle."

"Why not?" Sora shrugged.

"Well then let's go check it out," Greiger said. "I don't see the harm."

"Then next stop—Hanshour Island!" Mia smiled.

And there you finally have it people. I seriously don't know why this gym battle took so long but school work did not help that's for sure. And now I can finally get started on that one tournament that I mentioned in earlier chapters. Speaking of which, those of you who gave me some oc's I need like, full teams. Or at least a team of three. Yeah, well, until next time! (Which will hopefully be sooner than how long it took to upload this.)