You Are Not The Father ? Disclaimer: J. owns all characters. Maury is his own character. _Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley and several other wizards were on the

Maury Show. They were trying to figure out who was the father of Ginny's little boy. The baby had red hair hazel eyes and a small nose. The little boy also had

knobby knees and was currently 5 months old. _ Maury he was the only guy I slept with at the time I got pregnant. We were together for 2 years before I got

pregnant, Ginny cried. Harry was backstage yelling, it's not mine Maury, she's a whore! .The baby looks nothing like me, look at me. Look at him. A picture of

Harry and the baby was put on the screen side by side. Ginny started crying. Harry came out the back. The audience booed him. Harry told Maury that he and

Ginerva never had sex around the time she got pregnant. We broke-up 2months before she got pregnant. I started seeing someone else. Her name is Hermione,

she has been my friend for years. We are now engaged to be married and will start a family of our own. Ginny knows that I have money and she wants to cash

in for her child. I get why she would accuse me but I'm nobodies fool. I always used condoms when we were together because I didn't trust her. I cared for her

but she had a bad reputation. The rumors were that she got around and wasn't always careful. I heard she slept with most of the guys in my year and a few

teachers. The fact is the baby isn't mine. He looks nothing like me. Have you met him? Maury asked. No Maury! Harry cried. I would never do that to a child. I'm

not his father so I refuse to even put myself in a position of pretending I am. Ginny knows she was wrong in bringing me here. I can not and will not be the

father of that baby Harry said with sadness. I grew up without a dad Harry said looking at Maury. I would never be a deadbeat. She knows how I feel about

having a family and she's trying to push her baby off on me for some reason, maybe it's for money. I will not let her get away with that Maury. I know you have

several other people here today to be tested so let's get to the results please. I have the results for Harry James Potter, but I will do the others first Maury said.

We have Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zambini and a mystery man Maury said. Mr. Zambini you are not the father.

Yes! Blaise shouted. Mr. Finnegan you are not the father. Whoo! Seamus cried. Mr. Thomas you are not the father. Thank You! Dean shouted. Mr. Malfoy you are not the father Thank God!

Draco cried and she' a whore. Mr. Longbottom you are not the father. Neville shouted at Ginny, I told you whore! I wasn't the father. Everyone but Ginny

and Harry had left the stage and Maury had two more results in his hand. Mr. Potter you are not the father. Ginny burst into tears and ran to the back. Harry

jumped up and did a dance. Hermione came from the audience and hugged him. Together they went backstage. Harry told Ginny it was over and to leave him

and Hermione alone and to go and find the real father. Maury talked Ginny back onto the stage for the final results. The mystery guy walked on stage, it was

Severus snape. Mr. Snape you are! the father! Maury cried. I want custody Ginerva. Your lifestyle isn't proper for raising a child. I'll see you in court. END.