Chapter 1

Harlow City, Montana.

A monorail stops at a station.

A black haired seventeen year old girl boarded the monorail along with her boyfriend. The seventeen year old had blonde on the tips of her hair.

"Are you gonna be okay, Lindsay?" asked her boyfriend.

"I guess I'm kind of upset about my brother's death." said the 17-year old and took out a picture of Nick O'Bannon. She then cried as she looked deep beyond the picture. "I remember like it was yesterday. I got a call and mom was telling me about how a semi wrecked through the front of the cafe."

"Was that in McKinley?" asked a black guy on the other side of the monorail as it departed.

"Yeah." said Lindsay. "How'd you know?"

"My father was there." said the guy.

Right then, the cement tracks fell down in the road and the first car derailed and pluged through a building as it exploded. The rest of the monorail, now without an engine, derailed and fell off a cliff, leaving some passangers behind on the road as windows broke. Road.

Lindsay's boyfriend was lying in front of the track wreckage. He then got up and a car was heading for him. He screamed as it flipped on its side and did a barrel roll toward him. It then landed on him and exploded.

"Aaaahhhhhh!" Lindsay screamed. The monorail then plunged nose first into the ground and the cars of it then exploded.

In reality, Lindsay was breathing hard.

"Are you gonna be okay, Lindsay?"

She then looked and saw the black guy on the other side of the train.

"Lindsay?" asked her boyfriend.

"The monorail is gonna collapse and cars are gonna come off!" Lindsay shouted. "Everybody off the monorail!"

"Why don't you just shut up, bitch!" said a guy in the back of the car. "We're all gonna die!" he mocked. "There ain't no one here that's fuckin' Charles Xavier!"

Lindsay's boyfriend then punched him in the face.

"Alright, let's take this outside!"

Nine people then got off the monorail including the three.

Lindsay's boyfriend and the guy were fighting in the grass beside the monorail tracks when it collapsed and a huge piece of rock shot at the guy and decapitated him.

Lindsay then screamed.

Right then, the monorail hit the bottom of the hill as a car hit the monorail tracks.