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Thalia opened up her Mac. "Ree, you have to take this quiz. It's not total bull."

"What animal are you like?" I read out loud. I grinned. "I bet I'm going to be a cat. I mean, look at me! I'm adorable! Not to mention clever!" I said laughing. "What are you?"

Thalia made a face. "A yellow trout or something." she said, pushing her laptop toward me. I laughed, taking her laptop. "Go on, take it. Once you get a bug, we'll see whose laughing." Thalia said, scowling.

I quickly entered in my answers and waited for my results. Please don't be a bug. Please don't be a bug. Thals would never let me live it down. "You are the wolf. You like to be near water, you like to sing, or as wolves call it, howl. You find comfort in packs and are a fast runner. Although you look cute, you can be tough when needed." I read out loud. I made a face. "Cats are cooler though."

"At least you're not a freaking trout!" Thalia said, throwing her hands up.

I put my head in my hand and tapped my foot against the floor, impatient to be let out of this boring class.

"Will you stop?" The guy next to me hissed. What was his name? Oh, right, Seth. He was a large kid. Easily larger than six feet, and very muscular. I briefly wondered if he was on steroids, then dismissed the thought. Why should I care?

"What, this?" I asked innocently, without looking at him. I tapped my foot louder and harder. I'm not sure why I decided to irritate a guy that could easily pummel me to the ground with one hit. "What's the magic word?"

"Will you please stop?" he asked. "I'm really tired and I really need to finish this right now." He said pointing to his work.

I stopped, feeling a little guilty. He really sounded like he could use some sleep. "Sorry." I said sincerely, turning to look him the eyes. He looked back, and suddenly jerked back. His eyes widened, and his mouth curved into a smile. He had a really sweet smile.

"No problem." Seth said, not sounding tired anymore. He continued to stare at me. I fidgeted, and turned back to my work. I suddenly felt really hot. Like sick hot.

I sneaked a peak at him. He was still staring at me. Very openly too. I tugged at my hair, self-conscious.

Just when I was about to burst, the bell rang for lunch. I quickly jammed my binder into my light blue Jansport, and raced out the room, without saying a word to anyone.

I was majorly creeped out. Wasn't it against the laws of teenagers to be staring at each other or something?

I ran into one of the empty girls' bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror, checking if I had anything on my face. I didn't look any different, though. My face was a little flushed, but other than that, I looked normal. I had the brown Quileute skin, hazel eyes and wavy dark brown hair that looked nearly black.

I went back out, in search of my friends.

I walked into the cafeteria and toward my table. I saw Thalia talking animatedly to someone. A very big someone. I saw Thalia point to me. I ducked behind someone, pretending to tie my black converse. What to do, what to do?

I want to talk to Thalia, but I don't want to talk about Seth in front of Seth.

"Right. Talk to Thalia later, get out of here now." I muttered, liking my idea. I stood up to be facing Thalia. "When did you get here?" I asked, dazed.

"I've been here since you ducked and have been pretending to tie your shoes for the last two minutes. So what do you need to tell me? By the way, Seth, was asking for you, but went back to his table. He seems sweet. Not to mention cute! I approve, you have my blessing. But why the sudden interest in you?" She tapped her finger against her cheek, in her thinking pose.

I sighed in relief. "Okay, okay. So I was tapping my foot waiting for the bell to ring and Seth told me to stop. To annoy him, I made him say please. Then he told me how tired he was- and he sounded really tired- and I just had to apologize. So I looked at him and he like jerked back, smiled and started to stare at me." I paused to take a breath. "After that, I started to feel like really hot. Like I was sick, not the other way you dope." I said, glaring at Thalia's grin. "And I still kind of feel that way."

Thalia furrowed her eyes brows. "Do you feel really sick? Do you need to go to the office? Maybe you should go home."

"Nah, I'm okay. I'll ask Samantha to take my temperature to see if I'm sick."

"Okay..." she said, uncertainly.

"Hey Rebecca," A voice that was really familiar but really shouldn't be, said. Seth. "Um, I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends today...?" He looked too adorable. It wasn't fair.

I glanced at his table. Seth was one of the shortest of his friends. They all looked like they could eat me for breakfast and still have room left over for pancakes.

Rebecca with a side of pancakes. Yum.

I shook the thought out of my head. There were a couple girls, sitting there... But still... They looked scary.

I must have dazed into space, cause Thalia was elbowing me.

"Um, I kind of wanted to sit with Tha-" I started, but got rudely interrupted by my best friend.

"She means that she would love too. Cyah Riri." Thalia said smiling sweetly at me. I glared at her.

"Great, come on," Seth said, pulling me gently by the arm.

Shit. Fuck. Crap. THEY'RE GOING TO EAT ME.

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