Idea credit goes to Minerva Lily Gardner. Thanks a bunch girl!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

I am extremely vexed at the moment. I discovered many hours ago and to my utter dismay that I am not capable of returning home! Previously all that was required for this timeline travel phenomenon was a good punch to the head by George. Somehow my lack of consciousness would trigger this event. I'm not going to pretend that I even remotely understood what was going on or how any of that could be possible. But no matter how improbable that all seemed, at least there were rules to it! Now nothing works! I goaded George into punching me again but all I received was a sharp pain in my jaw! He was willing to punch me a third time but Julia intervened, wanting to put a stop to what she considered to be 'mental'.

In my desperation I attempted to knock myself out by banging my head against the wall. I succeeded in this task but awoke to find this Julia hovering over me confusedly and concernedly. George threw his hands up claiming I was a 'whack job' and then left us there to go practice his shooting with Aunt Daisy. Julia insisted that I see a doctor and I of course listened to her as I was feeling light headed (and foolish) from my misadventure. What follows is a faithful narrative of that encounter.

"Hi," said Julia to an admittance nurse, "he needs to get his noggin checked out."

"Fill out these forms," she said plopping them in front of us.

We went over to sit on some very comfortable chairs to do as the woman said. It wasn't long before we ran into problems.

"What do you mean you don't know if you qualify for OHIP or not?" she exclaimed incredulously. "How can you be a cop and not know that? And for that matter how can you be an Ontario citizen and not know that?" I didn't respond. "I'm gonna chalk this up to your little brain fart."

Brain fart? What in the world?

"I'm sorry," I said, "I don't mean to be an annoyance."

"It's all right, William," she said calming down. "If you're not sure then give me your health card and we'll go check with the nurse right now."

I fumbled around in my pockets for several moments but didn't find anything. Not that I was expecting to. I shrugged my shoulders at her.

"What!" she cried. "Did you get mugged or something?"

"Yes," I said eagerly, "that is exactly what happened."

"Don't tell Crabtree about that," she said smirking, "he'll never let you live it down."

"You have my word."

"Did you at least report the theft?"

"No, I haven't had a chance to do so yet."

"Okay, well I'll get on that first thing tomorrow. After all, it's bad for the biz when the boys in blue get shown up like that!"

I was worried about what would happen when my falsehood was found out but just said, "Yes, very bad for the biz."

Once the paperwork was done, albeit, rather spottily, we were allowed to see the doctor.

"Hello," he said, busy looking at some papers. "My name is doctor Holbrook. What seems to be the pro-" he looked up for the first time. My forehead still had some dried blood on it and there was a large lump there. "What happened?" he asked as he began poking it, making me wince.

"Well, doctor," I said, "I-"

"He tripped and hit his head," interrupted Julia.

"Hmm," murmured Holbrook, "if that's the case, it's strange that his injury is entirely situated on the front of his head. Why didn't you try to break your fall? Were your motor functions impaired in some way?"

"Well, doctor," I said, "I-"

"We were having a cold one after work when we noticed a suspect in the vicinity," interrupted Julia. "William here is a huge light weight and so when he chased after them he tripped and wasn't able to prevent his fall."

The doctor didn't say anything but pulled out a tiny cylindrical device and pressed a button on it.

"Oh my!" I exclaimed. "What a lovely day light in a box! It's very compact!"

The doctor and Julia shared a look and then stared at me and I realized my mistake. I looked away embarrassed.

"All right" said the doctor shining the light in my eyes, "how are you feeling William?"

"I feel perfectly fine, doctor." Which was far from the truth but I didn't like this place and wanted to leave as soon as possible. It smelled terrible, there were needles everywhere and there were even a few people walking around with their bare buttocks exposed!

"Your pupil responses are normal but your outburst has me a little concerned. Can you tell me what your full name is?"

"William Murdoch."

"And the year?"

"2012," I responded, getting nervous with this line of questioning.

"And who is the Prime Minister?" I was certain that I would be found out as an imposter in this timeline for not knowing this. The doctor sighed. "It's truly disturbing how few people know such a basic thing anymore." Turning to Julia he asked, "Was he unconscious at any point?"

"Yes but only for a few moments."

"Well, in that case you may have experienced a concussion." I looked at him blankly. "This means you'll need to stay awake for the night to make sure you don't lapse into a coma."

I assumed that this must be an undesirable state for one to be in.

"Anyways," said the doctor, "I'm going to get a nurse to clean your wound up for you and then you'll need to stay overnight for observation."

Holbrook led us to the admittance desk, talked to a nurse there briefly and then went back into the examination room. Once the nurse had me set up in a shared room, Julia tried to determine why I had done this to myself. I saw no reason for deception, after all, I had almost told her previously that day.

"I was trying to get back home."

"Excuse me?" she said, eyebrows raised slightly.

"This is going to be difficult to understand, Julia, in fact, I barely understand it myself, but I am not from here."

"Yeah, you told me as much before. Raised by Jesuit Priests or something."

"No, I mean I'm from another time, the year 1899 to be precise."

She burst out laughing. "William, you are the strangest man I've ever met but I can't believe you'd think I'd fall for that!"

"I assure you, Julia, I'm not trying to make you fall for anything. In the Toronto of 1899 I am also a detective and I was investigating the Grace Crandall kidnapping as well. Unfortunately George knocked me out and I ended up here, investigating the same crime."

When she realized I wasn't joking her eyebrows arced to the point of dislocation and she just stared at me open mouthed for several moments. "Right, you must have hit your head harder than I thought!"

I didn't see the point in arguing with her so I said, "Yes, maybe you are right."

"Well, I should get going," she said eyeing me strangely, "I'm really tired. I guess having a gun shoved in one's face tends to tire a girl out, ya know?"

"Of course."

Since then I have been pacing the room, to the annoyance of the other patients and trying to figure out a way to get back home. But I can't come up with a solution! I don't know what I'm going to do now! Am I stuck here forever? Will my loved ones back in 1899 ever see me again? Or will my disappearance baffle the constabulary for years to come? I pray that I will find the answer to my current predicament. At least my faith (and this method of writing) is still familiar to me. If I lose that, all hope is lost.