Look with your Heart

I don't own Lover Never Dies or any of the songs that'll pop up during the story.


With Christine dead, Erik must now care for his young daughter, Victoria, and go through the trials of fatherhood alone…


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The story starts where the movie, Love Never Dies, leads off. Just imagine Gustave as a girl instead of a boy. Hope that clears up any confusement!

Erik stared at Victoria as she reached out with a trembling hand to remove his mask. He flinched back, expecting to once more hear her cries of fear. He clenched his eyes shut, readying himself for Victoria's rejection once more.


The daughter that Christine- his sweet Christine- bore him. How much this little girl reminded him of her- her flaming scarlet curls, her fair porcelain skin, her innocence that surrounded her like a halo. She was now all that Erik had left of his sweet Christine, apart from his memories.

Erik's eyes snapped open when he felt a warm little hand pressing itself to his deformed cheek. He saw Victoria standing before him, with tears streaking across her lovely face. Erik reached out to brush a tear from her jewel like eyes; to his surprise, his daughter didn't shy back from his touch, but the tears flowed faster.

Erik stood up from kneeling at the end of the pier and gasped as Victoria slipped her hand into his, staying close as they stepped over the blood stain that was all that reminded of the tragic loss they both endured only half an hour ago. Erik began the silent trek to his small apartment that was above Phanstama's bakery. Erik hoped that the scents of fresh strawberries being baked into jelly rolls would cheer up the little girl who was trotting next to him, but she kept her head bowed, not paying any attention to where they were going. Erik found himself marveling at the feeling of someone holding his hand once more; their long slender fingers entangled as his hand dwarfed her own much smaller version of his hands. The little girl gripped Erik's hand as though he would disappear into nothing like in his magic tricks.

Erik took the fire escape to his apartment, feeling that Victoria wasn't ready to face the crowds of people who would more than likely have questions for the new father-daughter duo to answer. Erik unlocked the back door with a key from a key ring that he wore on a long chain at his hips before ushering Victoria inside with a hand on her shoulder.

Erik was proud of his home- it had a small front parlor with a grand piano, a small kitchen with a dining room combined, and two bedrooms. Erik used the master bedroom, for it had the most room to accompany his papers and books; the second bedroom he kept made up just in case he had company (which was never).

"Victoria." Erik spoke her name as she pressed herself into his leg more, hiding her face in his jacket. The masked man could hear her sniffling as she struggled not to break down and cry in front of this stranger who her dying mother told her was her real father. "This will be your room." He pushed open the door, watching as she sat down on the floor and unbuttoned and unlaced her shoes before going over to the window to look out onto the amusement park. She leaned her face up against the glass and just sat there, her body language telling Erik that she didn't want to be bothered.

Erik left the room to see what he could do about dinner. When he came back into the bedroom a few minutes later to tell Victoria that he was going to run a few errands, he found that she had fallen asleep on the window seat and looked uncomfortable.

Erik smiled sadly as he crossed the room to scoop his daughter into his arms. Once she was nestled safely in his arms, he didn't want to set her down, but he knew that he had to. Erik carefully peeled back the covers on the bed and gently tucked in Victoria, smiling softly when she rolled over and grabbed a pillow, cuddling with it close to her chest.

And with that, Erik left the apartment to go grocery shopping.