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"Be alert!" Grant warned, glancing around at the trees.

"It's the first floor. Pokemon here aren't strong." Jack reassured with a grin.

"We should always be on alert!" Grant replied. He saw something spark up in tree ahead of them and ran toward it. The leaves on his arms grew sharp and he leapt upwards. He slashed the branch of with his Leaf Blade and a Stunfisk fell out.

"Why is a Stunfisk in a tree?" He muttered to himself and prepared to attack the ground fish Pokemon again.

"Grant?! Dude!" shouted Brody. He widened his eyes after seeing what Grant had found and rushed toward him. He pushed the Grovyle away and crouched down to the Stunfisk.

After recovering from the push, Grant got up and fumed, "What was that for?"

"You were going to attack her!"

"Her?! How can you tell?! That thing is hideous!" Grant pointed at the Stunfisk's face to empathize his point.

"Hey… No need to be rude! Inner beauty is true beauty!" Brody yelled, "I can tell because of my girl radar!" Brody patted the Stunfisk who shocked him with a jolt of electricity. He yelped and quickly drew his finger back.

"The same girl radar you used with Lopunny siblings?" A smirk tugged on Grant's lips.

"…Those were exceptions."

"Hey Brody… Doesn't that Pokemon… disturb you?" Jack said suddenly after quietly studying the brown fish Pokemon.

Brody looked at the Stunfisk. He smiled at her derpy face, "Disturb? How?"

"Remember ? He was a Stunfisk." Jack replied.

"Oh. OH!" Brody got abruptly and held his paws together. A blue energy blasted out and hit the Stunfisk. With a quiet wail, the Stunfisk flew upwards after being hit by the Force Palm.

"Let's go!" Brody shouted bug eyed and shoved his friend forward. "Let's go before that thing comes down!" His friends nodded and ran as fast as they could to the next floor.

Kai looked up and saw a yellow sparkle through the canopy of the jungle.

"Kai? What are you doing? We have to hurry to the next floor before anyone else does!" Aura yelled.

"Sorry it's just that thing up there..." Kai's voice trailed off as he realized something. "It's coming towards us!" He jumped backwards as the Stunfisk was wildly using Thunderbolt in a fit of rage. The Stunfisk crashed down onto the ground, instantly fainting. A few Pidoves that were shocked fell down from the tree.

Kai blinked and stood up straight. Luckily he wasn't shocked by the electric attack.

"A-are… Stunfisk able to fly?" Aura asked.

"They can stay airborne by flapping their flippers… But they shouldn't be able to fly that high." Radar explained. The Luxio stared at the knocked out Stunfisk, "I think the best thing to do is just forget what we saw."

His friends nodded their heads in agreement.

Whistling a tune she made up, Aria walked along the path. Her friends were behind her quietly bickering among themselves about who was closer with the Pikachu.

Aria bumped into something. She stumbled backwards and was caught by Dean and Chase.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Electra took off her purple goggles and widened her eyes as Aria did the same.

"Pikachu…?" They said at the same time. Two paths had merged into one, and the two yellow mice had run into each other.

"There's only one Umbreon since I'm original!" boasted Evo coming into view.

"Are you three from Treasure Guild too?" Dean asked.

"No, we're from the jungle." Electra replied sarcastically. The Oshawott fumbled with his shell, not sure on how to react.

"Electra, don't be rude." Aqua, the Swampert, scolded.

"Sorry." The Pikachu muttered.

"It's okay!" Dean said with a smile. His smile faded as he didn't want to give Aria the wrong idea of him liking this Pikachu. A pebble bounced off the back of his head and Dean turned around to face Chase, the one who threw the pebble. The Riolu cocked his head towards Aria, who was talking with Evo. Dean let out a gasp.

The two Pokemon crept closer to them, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"So how are you?" Aria said casually.

"Great! I'm the strongest on our team. Also the best looking, smartest, the fastest and I smell great." babbled Evo.

"O-oh. That's… awesome!"

Dean and Chase let out a sigh of relief. The Umbreon didn't seem much of a threat to them. They were really worried about meeting up with the Lucario though.

Pecha jumped at the loud noise of the wild Pokemon chattering. She turned to her friends, shaking, "C-can we run to t-the next floor?"

Fang smiled at her reassuringly, "There's no need to worry, and we don't have to hurry."

"F-F-Fang! Fire!" Pecha screamed. The Eevee shut her eyes closed not wanting to see what happened to her friend.

Fang turned around to see a swirl of flames hurl towards him. Flaria ran in front of the Mightyena. The Flamethrower hit her instead, and seemed to become a part of her fiery mane. The Rapidash glowed red because of her Flash Fire ability and returned back to normal.

"Sorry about that!" yelled an Arcanine running towards them, "I thought you guys were wild Pokemon." Archie smiled sheepishly, "Guess I should have looked more closely." A Roserade and Dewott followed behind him.

Rosalina smacked the Arcanine on the head with her flower, "You could have hurt a fellow guild member!"

"I said I was sorry…"

"Fang… Fang is alive?" Eevee asked, opening an eye.

"Open your eyes, I'm alright." Fang replied, breaking out of his rhyming.

"Glad to see you're okay." Otto turned to his teammates, "Let's go." He walked on ahead and Rosalina quickly followed him.

"Well, see you guys later!" Archie yelled, and ran over to his friends.

Valda spotted huge leave poking out of the ground. She ran over to it with the Aron following behind her. "What do you think this is Sigurd?"The Larvitar asked pulling on the leaves.

"It's an... Oddish!" The Aron exclaimed.

"Ooddd!" The Oddish cried and spat out a violet substance from its mouth. The Acid landed in front of Valda, who had hopped backwards.

Valda lunged at the Oddish, mouth wide open and bit the Oddish with Bite. The Oddish let put a cry and shook its body wildly to get rid of the Larvitar. Giving up, the Oddish began to use Absorb on Valda, who let out a cry.

Sigurd tackled into the Oddish, who flew backwards into the depths of the jungle. He ran over to his friend, "Are you okay Valda?"

Valda smirked, "Yep! It didn't even hurt!"

"Why? Why did we go on the path with a dead end?" Junice spat out. The colossal rock blocking the path was in front of them.

"We can try to swim through it!" suggested the Haxorus.

The Leafeon deadpanned, "Try. Try doing that."

Ping ran into the rock and flailed his arms and legs around as he tried to 'swim' through."It's… It's not working!" He cried out.

"That's it! Ram into the rock again!"

Ping ran straight toward the rock. He smacked into it and slid off.

"H-hey! That kills brain cells!" Nicholas shouted. Ping stopped and stared at Team Aigis coming towards them.

Meryl put her paws on her hip, "What are you two doing?"

"Trying to break the rock." replied Junice in a matter-of-factly way.

"Why not just go back?" asked Nicholas.

"It's too tiring to."

Nicholas blinked, "Isn't trying to break a gigantic stone more tiring?"

Junice smiled; her plan was to make the others break the rock for her. "I guess, but it's worth a shot." She replied, "Can you help us?"

"Sure." Meryl answered and walked next to the Haxorus.

"This is impossible…" Nicholas muttered and stood next to her sister.

"Start attacking!" Junice called out from the tree.

The Haxorus's hand turned white and Nicholas's fist was engulfed in flames. They started punching the rock with Brick Break and Fire Punch.

Meryl turned around to look at the Leafeon, "Aren't you going to help?"

"No, I'm too weak." Junice quickly responded.

The Lopunny jumped over to the Leafeon. She grabbed hold of Junice's legs and dragged her over to where they had been standing, "You should at least try to help! I want to see you use a move at least."

Junice sighed and the leaf on her head started to grow quickly in size. It sharpened and glowed white. Junice then ran over to the rock and started slicing at it with Leaf Blade. Meryl grinned and ran over to attack the rock with Dizzy Punch.

Soon, the rock collapsed. Debris flew out and the ground shook a little as the colossal stone came down.

"Hurray!" Ping cheered ecstatically after the debris cleared. Where the rock used to be was a cliff.

"There's nothing…" Nicholas said, bending over the cliff carefully. As far as he could see was blackness. "It's an abyss."

"Looks like we have to go back…" Junice groaned.

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