Mass Effect (c) Bioware


It was a few weeks after Shepard and Kaidan's first anniversary. After their honeymoon was over, the two had decided to take their mothers on a vacation across the galaxy, as Kaidan had wanted to do for his mother before. Hannah Shepard was happy to come along. After this trip ended, they were given small missions from system to system, but they continuously got less missions. They kept being asked to go to the Citadel and do Spectre missions there, and even Shepard had begun to notice a trend. The Alliance seemed as if it was trying to wean the couple off major missions and move Shepard into a permanent station on the Citadel. They had also been trying the same thing with Kaidan.

Truthfully, the Normandy crew was busy themselves. The quarians gained an embassy on the Citadel once more for their actions fighting the Reapers, and Garrus had married Tali a few months after the other wedding. Garrus had actually been told by the Primarch to be one of a group of advisors to him. That, and, quote, "Do whatever the hell Shepard tells you to do. You work with her now as well." The couple had not been separated much. The Shepard-Alenko family rarely left the Citadel anymore. Finally Garrus and Tali could afford with both of their jobs an apartment on the Citadel. An apartment right next door to Kaidan and Shepard's. The two couples were neighbors and, though not by blood or law, family.

James was off on his N7 training. Liara and Javik originally stayed aboard the Normandy, nowhere else to go. Eventually Liara got the apartment next door to Tali and Garrus, and Javik moved in with her. Liara secretly carried out her Shadow Broker duties there while Javik stayed and wrote a book with her. They would go on missions when called on, but those instances were getting rare.

Joker and EDI were often asked to run out to do odd jobs. Joker was happy as long as he got to go out frequently, but even he was disappointed by the lack of serious work. Still, he manned the ship of an Alliance admiral, something he was damn proud of. The ship would always be Shepard's, suited for an admiral who would have to come and go.

One night those few weeks after the first anniversary, Kaidan sat down with Shepard to have a talk. "Jane, listen, I got an offer from the Alliance."

"Oh?" his wife asked.

"Grissom Academy's finally opening up again, this time on the Citadel. The Alliance asked me to teach there and also train more black-ops soldiers. I can say no, but Jane...the Alliance is probably reluctant to have us on the same ship together. Afraid of having another incident like we had three or four years go. You're busy with your admiral duties on the Citadel as well..."

"Well, we did do that one mission on Thessia the other day...but that was once in two weeks we had a major mission. Anyways, what are you leading up to, Kaidan?"

"I'm just saying, with all the time we spend here nowadays...sweetie, do you think it might be time to have those kids we talked about?"

Shepard frowned. She had a feeling it was leading to that. "Kids? Already?"

"I know, but if you don't want to, just say no."

The wife let out a sigh. "I honestly don't know how I feel about that, Kaidan. Look, it's getting late, why don't we go to bed and I'll sleep on it?"

Kaidan grinned. "Sounds good."

At six a.m. the next morning, Kaidan was woken up by the sounds of gagging and retching. Worried, he sprung out of bed and ran to the bathroom, where his wife hung over the toilet seat. "Shep?"

"Kai-" She gagged again. Kaidan grabbed and held her hair as she was ill. When it passed, she let out a long groan of exhaustion. "I feel like death." she complained.

"Come on, let's get you to Doctor Chakwas-"

"No! I probably just ate some bad food. I'll be fine-" She retched again into the toilet. Kaidan sighed and pulled out his omni-tool.

"Chakwas? Listen, can you please help? Shepard isn't feeling too well..."

Shepard was hauled to the Normandy by Kaidan along with Liara, Tali, and Garrus. Javik had stayed behind as they hurried. The admiral was soon in the med bay, being examined and tested by Chakwas. Shepard snorted at the whole thing; she just had food poisoning, she didn't need to go to the damn doctor. Obviously Kaidan was just being overprotective.

It didn't take long for Chakwas to smile as she approached Shepard. "See, guys? She's smiling. I knew it was nothing serious." Jane asserted.

"I wouldn't say it's nothing serious. That is, unless you think being pregnant isn't serious."

Kaidan gasped, Garrus laughed, and Tali glared at Garrus as he laughed. Shepard blinked.

"Say what now? You're kidding me, right?"

"No, not kidding. You're very much pregnant, Shepard. Got two in the oven from the looks of it. And thanks to modern tests, I can tell you now you have a boy and a girl in there."

"Two?" Kaidan asked incredulously. His wife's eye twitched.

"Two babies? Two of them? Twins?"

"Not identical twins; two different eggs, as identical twins cannot be opposite genders, but yes. You've got twins in there. And considering you spent time on Thessia a few days ago, I wouldn't be surprised if both are biotic."

"Biotic twins? Shit." Garrus remarked. Shepard struggled for words while Kaidan and Tali finally let out excited shouts.

"I'm gonna be a father?"

"I'm gonna be an aunt?"

Shepard groaned. "Am I gonna have to deal with this for nine months?"

"Yes, but at least you don't have to leave the Alliance. You can continue work managing a fleet on the Citadel. The Normandy is here for you whenever you need it as an admiral. You just won't be in combat is all." Chakwas said. "Now, I'll set up appointments for you to come visit me so we can check on you and those buns in the oven."

"And I'll take that job I was talking about." Kaidan said. He had a smile so large it had only been seen once before: the same smile he bore at his wedding. The man was ecstatic. "I'm so excited. I'm gonna be a dad!"

"Great for you. You're not the one who has to carry them." Shepard groaned and laid back on the examination table. "Mommy has to vomit for nine months straight."