She was the one that cheered him up when he felt sad. The one that faced dangerous monsters with a bright, eager smile that lit up her whole face. She was the one that had redeemed him, prevented him from turning into a murderer again, always ready, always laughing, always with a squeeze of his hands or a quick-witted joke. She was the positive to his negative, the ying to his yang. Without her, he'd always felt empty inside.

Rose Tyler.

Even her name made his heart stutter, and then break all over again. Rose Tyler. He'd lost her too many times, but this was final. He knew he would never see the happy, funny blonde girl again. Never would hear her voice, asking him where they were going next.

He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, and red dots danced in his vision. He had to think of someone else. Something else. But nothing could distract him. Her face kept popping up in his mind, along with a certain red-haired woman. Donna Noble.

The feisty, brave, gobby, simply amazing woman that had travelled with him until recently. And what he'd had to do to her was worse than what happened to Rose. He regretted it with every waking breath, but he wasn't about to let her die. Not again. Not ever. And so they had all left, first Sarah-Jane, then Jack and Mickey and Jackie. And Rose, with the meta-crisis. The human Doctor, like him in every way, but different in every way. Human. One heartbeat, with his feelings for Rose, someone who could truly love her, be her equal, stay with her forever. Bitterness welled in his throat, and he fought against jealousy. He had always loved being a time lord, never even considered wanting to be human. But at that very moment, he wished he were.

The Doctor wished he could be human and live on the parallel world to grow old with Rose Tyler. He immediately shook such thoughts away, chiding himself; it wouldn't do to dwell on such impossible things. Rose was happy. That was all that mattered.

And that hurt him too, the fact that Rose didn't miss him. She didn't need to. She had a perfect copy of him right there with her.
Because when a heart breaks, it doesn't break even.

But was she happy? The Doctor often fretted on this matter, but he couldn't go and check. He could never see Rose Tyler, his Rose Tyler again.

He became a lonely wanderer again, never stopping, never staying.

But every moment of his adventures and ordeals, he was missing Rose Tyler.

His other half.

Wo-ooww. Can't believe I even wrote this. I don't support or ship Rose/Doctor. Never have! Never will. So why did I write this? Oh yes, new series starts Saturday, was feeling nostalgic, watched the entire series 2 and three 'cause I have no life... and I decided, for half an hour, to ship Rose/10. Thus this story appeared!
It's dedicated to my friend Helen, who hasn't watched Doctor Who, but loves romance in any shape way or form. She'll be so proud of me! XD (Still hate mangas, Helen! HA!)