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~ Chapter 102 ~

Emma was still sitting on the hospital bed with Regina wrapped safely in her arms. She had found it near impossible to move all evening. It was almost as if she were afraid that if she let go of Regina, Emma would wake up to find that the whole day had been nothing but a dream.

"I think it's going to be hard to leave you tonight." Emma mumbled softly into Regina's hair. "I wish I had brought Henry along with me, then maybe we could have just spent the night here again."

"At least this will give you the chance to clean up the apartment before I get there." Regina teased. "I imagine it's been a bit of a party with just you and Henry living there. Let me guess: you go to the cafe across the street for breakfast and get take-out for lunch and dinner?"

"Not true!" Emma feigned offence, but when she thought about it, Regina wasn't very far off. "I bought cereal for breakfast and we make sandwiches for lunch most days." Emma responded proudly. "I'm assuming that's what Henry's made himself for dinner tonight since he hasn't called to ask what we're having."

"Henry has been making his own meals?" Regina asked in surprise.

"Well, he makes peanut butter and jam but that's about it."

"Have you heard from him at all tonight? I feel bad that he's been there all by himself." Regina responded a little guiltily.

"I texted to let him know I was staying a bit longer, he said that was fine."

"Did you tell him anything else?" Regina's tone raised a little uncertainly.

"If you mean about us… no. Honestly I don't know what we're going to tell him. Do you think he'll be okay with it?"

"I don't know… I don't see why he would be opposed to the idea of us together. We're so close already so I'm sure he'll get used to the idea quickly. If anything at least he'll be happy you won't move out if I get better."

Emma was staring at Regina, she could hear the doubt in the brunette's tone. "You mean when." She said softly.

"Has he really been doing schoolwork all day?" Regina quickly changed the subject. "Just how much homework did your mother give him anyway?" She raised an eyebrow.

"A whole month's worth. I didn't realize how far behind he'd gotten." Emma bit her lip. "He's flying through it though."

Regina smiled fondly. "I'm glad to hear it. Especially since I didn't have to ask him once to start it."

Emma smiled too, hugging Regina close. The brunette closed her eyes appreciatively at the gesture. "I'm so happy you're coming home tomorrow." Emma said softly.

Regina wasn't quite as excited as Emma was, but she hoped Dr. Montgomery was right and some time away from the hospital would be good for her. She knew she was kidding herself when she caught herself thinking she was safer at the hospital. It would be relatively easy for anyone to just walk in and find her here now that she was out of the ICU. Whereas at Emma's apartment there was always security at the front desk questioning visitors, and and no one could even come up the elevator without a key. Although… it couldn't be too difficult to follow someone who did live there, into the building.

Regina mentally shook her head, she had to stop worrying because it wasn't helping anyone. Now that she, Henry and Emma had left town, there was no one left who had the ability to cross the town line out of Storybrooke. Besides even if there was, Wale, the Blue Fairy and Spencer were locked up and Sidney was dead. Perhaps with those four out of the way, the rest of the town would just lose interest and would go back to grumbling about her behind her back.

Emma couldn't stop smiling when she finally made her way out of the hospital that night. 'Regina loves me'. Emma kept repeating to herself. 'She loves me!' As she rode down the elevator and passed through the hospital lobby, she felt the urge to tell every stranger she came across that 'Regina Mills loves me!' Emma didn't do this, but she sure wanted to. Her good mood lasted the entire drive back to the apartment. She was extra friendly in her greeting of the night guard, and she was still grinning when she reached her new floor in the building. Emma hadn't told Regina this yet because she had wanted it to be a surprise, but shortly after they had arrived in Boston Emma had upgraded their apartment. It was far nicer that the previous one, but even so, when she entered the new unit and leaned back against the door, still in shock from her day with Regina, her smile soon began to fade as she looked around the place.

Regina had been joking when she'd told Emma there would be time to clean up the apartment, but what Regina did not know was that the apartment really was a disaster. Henry's homework had been printed out and was currently scattered all over the kitchen counter. His textbooks had arrived in the mail (along with some sweets from the Storybrooke candy shop), and they too were lying all around the apartment. There were dirty dishes in the sink and there were open suitcases on the living room floor. The only bags that were zipped up and standing against the wall were Regina's, which, apart from taking a few things out to bring to the hospital, Emma had left unpacked.

"Crap." She whispered. She glanced at the clock over the stove. It was only 9:30, there was plenty of time to tidy the place up.

Henry came out of the bathroom just then, yawning and looking bleary eyed. He was already wearing his pajamas. "Oh, hey Emma I didn't hear you come in. How is Mom?"

Emma relaxed slightly at the sight of him. After kicking off her shoes she opened her arms to bring him into a hug. "She's good. Actually, Montgomery said she could come home tomorrow. Isn't that great?"

"What?!" Henry exclaimed in excitement. "Does that mean she's almost better?"

"Well, not quite." Emma frowned, guiding him over to the couch with her arm around his shoulders. "The doctor says your mom isn't responding to the treatment as well as she should be, and so she thinks some time away from the hospital might bring Regina's mood up. She says sending Regina home could help with her recovery."

Henry's brow furrowed. "But… there's still the transplant right? She can still get that?"

"She can," Emma agreed, "but… the results from my test came in and… well… they were negative. I'm not a match." She clarified.

Henry's face fell. "But what does that mean for Mom?"

"It means she can't receive a donation from me. She can still have the transplant, but the donation will have to come from someone else."

"But they already told me I can't do it!" Henry protested.

"I know… we're probably going to have to wait for the hospital to find someone. I'm sorry."

"What about Grandma and Grandpa?" Henry asked.

"Yeah, it's possible one of them could be a match… but we've been over this before, how would we ever be able to get them tested? They can't leave Storybrooke and I doubt we can bring a doctor in to Storybrooke. If anyone would even agree to make the trip it would be far too risky. We can't let anyone find that town."

"But doesn't Mass General have our address anyway? They already know it exists."

"Yeah… I think the curse prevents them from really thinking about it too hard or something… I don't really know. Besides, I thought you were supposed to be our expert?" Emma playfully hit his shoulder.

Henry grinned at that.

"We'll figure it out Henry." Emma said, trying to force certainty. "But." She patted his shoulder for emphasis. "In the meantime… Regina is moving in tomorrow! We need to get this place cleaned up before she gets here. Since you're still growing I'm only going to make you stay up till ten o'clock cleaning with me, but in the morning we're both giving it our all okay?"

"Okay," Henry smiled, then bit his bottom lip as he looked around. "Where should I start?"

Emma stood up from the couch and dragged him with her. "How about with all this?" She gestured to his mess of dishes and papers and pens on the coffee table. "And don't just put those in the sink, rinse them. Or better yet wash them. I'm going to try to finish getting your mom's room ready."

"I thought it already was ready?" Henry asked, clearly annoyed with his own mess as he started stacking dishes in his arms.

"Well, I haven't put the sheets on the bed yet because I didn't want them to get dusty. I didn't unpack her stuff either. I meant to ask her if she wanted me to but I don't really think she'll see it as an invasion of her privacy. After all, I was the one who packed the bags in the first place. I just want everything to be all ready for her when she gets here you know?"

It was the next morning and Henry was working on putting all of his loose papers into a binder. Emma had already put fresh sheets and a brand new duvet on the bed in the master bedroom, and currently she was scrubbing down that room's ensuite bathroom because she had been using it while Regina wasn't there. Half an hour later Emma emerged from the ensuite. She took a shower in the bathroom that connected to both Henry's bedroom and the living room, and then dragged Henry out to go grocery shopping.

"You and I may be able to live off of peanut butter and hot chocolate but Regina needs real food." Emma had explained.

"Peanut butter is real food!" Henry had argued.

"You know, something a little more substantial than that."

Emma felt more pressure than usual as she pushed the cart around the grocery store. Regina was meeting with her nutritionist today but Emma wouldn't hear about it until afterwards. She decided to get mostly green vegetables, lots of fruit, some juices, some organic soups, and three boxes of chamomile tea because it was on sale. At Henry's insistence she also got chocolate milk and fruit rollups. As they were about to go cash out, Emma noticed another sale item. She picked one up. "Does Regina like avocados? Can she eat avocados? I should look that one up…"

Henry shrugged.

"Well… I guess if anything I can make guacamole for nachos or something." She said, tossing a few into her cart. "Should we buy tortilla chips? Maybe we should get cheese too then." Emma gave a dramatic sigh. "This is why I'd rather eat out. Shopping is too complicated."

By noon they had arrived at the hospital and were making their way up to Regina's room. As soon as Emma laid eyes on Regina she wanted to gather her in her arms, kiss her, and confess her love once more, but because they had not yet told Henry, Emma settled on giving Regina a brief hug while giving her temple a quick peck. Regina's cheeks turned a shade of light pink at the contact and Emma thought it was the most adorable thing she had ever seen. If this seemed a little unusual to Henry, he didn't show it. Regina took Emma's hand and held on until Emma made room for Henry. As soon as Emma had stepped back, Henry had taken her place by engulfing his mother in a fierce hug. Regina realized it had been nearly two days since she had seen him, and she felt her heart swell with happiness. "Sweetheart I missed you so much." She said, hugging him tightly.

"Me too." Henry's voice was muffled against her.

"How are you doing? I heard you've been hard at work back at the apartment."

Henry nodded. "I was doing the homework Grandma sent me all day yesterday. I don't want to lose the school year."

Regina beamed fondly. "You have no idea how happy that makes me Henry. I'm so proud of you." She said softly, brushing her fingers through his hair.

Henry had a huge smile on his face now. "Emma said you get to come home with us today! Is that true?"

Regina nodded, smiling up at Emma. "It's true. The doctor thinks I'm ready. She says it will be better for me to be at home." Again, Regina's thoughts went to her beautiful house back in Maine. She missed its comforts and its familiarity, but also, as much as she hated to admit it, she knew Emma was right that it was a bad idea to try going back right now.

"Do you get to leave now then?" Henry's voice brought her back.

"Not quite yet sweetheart, Dr. Montgomery hasn't officially discharged me. But as soon as she does we can head out. I'm looking forward to taking a shower in a real bathroom for a change."

After Dr. Montgomery had initiated Regina's discharge process it still took several hours before they could leave the building. There were forms that Regina's nurses and consulting doctors had to sign, and important instructions that they needed to go over including which medications she would be taking. They went over so many things that even Emma's head was spinning from the overload by the time she was helping Regina change out of her hospital gown.

Finally came the time when Regina was allowed to leave; she was a little annoyed when a wheelchair was brought in for her. "If I am well enough to leave the hospital I am well enough to walk out on my own," she complained. The nurse who had brought the chair in simply told her it was hospital policy that she leave the building this way, because of any liability the hospital could face if Regina were to fall on her way out. Emma had a lot of things to say about this but she knew it was better to just let it go.

Soon Regina was seated in the wheelchair, holding in her lap the giraffe plush that Emma had bought for her.

"But what if a patient falls when they first get to the hospital?" Henry asked. He was walking beside Regina as Emma pushed her wheelchair down the hall, the nurse following beside Emma. "Or if they fall going in to the showers or something? Can the hospital get sued then?"

Regina breathed a tired laugh as she glanced over at him. The last few hours had been more draining than she had anticipated.

Emma couldn't help but grin, the kid was asking the questions she was tempted to ask.

The nurse just seemed tired by the question, she probably got these sorts of questions daily.

When they got downstairs, Emma went to get her car while the nurse took the chair back into the building and bade her goodbyes. The nurse had offered to stay until Emma returned but Regina graciously declined, stating that she would be fine with Henry.

As they were waiting for Emma, Regina was breathing in the fresh air deeply. She raised her face to the sky appreciatively as the light breeze danced through her hair. "I've missed the feeling of the sun on my face." She said, smiling softly. She wrapped her arm around Henry's shoulders and felt him put his arm around her in return. When Emma pulled the car up to the curb she got out to help but Henry had already beaten her to opening the passenger-side door for Regina. Emma offered her hand to Regina, who took it and lowered slowly into the seat. Regina gritted her teeth a little as her stiff muscles protested the movement. Even with the physical therapy she was doing in the hospital, she was still not very active.

"How's that," Emma asked. "Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, thank you." Regina touched Emma's arm in response.

"Good," Emma responded softly, placing a hand briefly on the other woman's shoulder. She closed the door and then moved around to her side of the car and got in.

Regina's eyes were alert as Emma navigated the car around a few of the buildings that made up Massachusetts General. "I didn't realize how big this place was." She commented.

Emma raised her head a little, "I forgot you've never seen it from the outside before."

Regina turned in her seat to search for the building she had been staying in but it was already out of sight.

"One high-rise to another…" She commented, mostly to herself.

Emma couldn't decipher her tone. "You'll like this one better. Trust me it'll feel way more like a home."

Regina turned and gave a small smile in agreement, settling down in her seat.

"Do you need to stop anywhere on the way home?" Emma offered. "The drugstore… the grocery store… Starbucks?"

"I've never been to a Starbucks." Regina responded a little dreamily as she watched the world pass them by outside.

Emma's mouth dropped open into a small 'o'. "Wait seriously?!"

Momentarily Regina seemed surprised by the fact that Emma was surprised, but then she shook her head.

"Well we can change that now if you want?"

Regina shook her head but smiled appreciatively. "Maybe another time. Unless of course you want something. I don't mind if you want to make a stop there."

"I'm okay. Kid?" Emma's eyes met his briefly in the rear-view.

"Their hot chocolate is gross." Henry wrinkled his nose.

Emma refrained from rolling her eyes. "Straight home it is then."

Henry was carrying Regina's overnight bag while she still hugged the giraffe loosely in front of her as they rode the elevator in the apartment building.

"So… we actually have a little surprise for you." Emma said, placing her hand on Regina's back to let her out of the elevator first as they reached their floor.

"Oh?" Regina asked curiously.

"We've made a few changes to the apartment. Actually, a LOT of changes. You'll see."

Henry rushed forward so he would be able to see Regina's reaction when she walked into the apartment for the first time.

Emma unlocked the door and gestured for Regina to go in ahead of her. "Ta-da!" She threw her arms out wide.

Regina's eyes narrowed, but there was an intrigued smile on her face as she stepped into the unit and looked around.

"This isn't the same apartment you were in before is it?" Regina asked, looking around in confusion.

"Nope," Emma grinned, taking Regina's hand and tugging her further into the foyer. "You didn't even notice we came up to a different floor did you?"

Regina shook her head, perplexed. "I'll admit I did not."

"Well who can blame you? It's been months since you were last here. Anyways, a few days after we got back to Boston I asked about availability for a bigger unit. I explained that you were going to be moving in as soon as you were able to leave the hospital, and because I've been such a stellar tenant they gave me a pretty good deal." Emma said proudly. "I don't think they realized that I was gone for over half a year."

Regina looked around the new apartment. It was definitely a step up from the previous one; she could see that the kitchen was more upscale, and that both it and the living room were larger. Rather than the small sofa that had been in the old living room, there was now a large sectional among the modern looking furniture set.

"Oh Emma it's beautiful." Regina breathed, looking very touched. "But you didn't have to upgrade on my account. I'm sure we would have been perfectly fine in the other apartment."

Emma gave a half shrug. "Well, that place was tiny and I didn't know how long we would be staying here in the city. I wanted to be able to bring you somewhere you could be comfortable. I wanted somewhere that could hopefully grow to feel like a home. Since I've been living in this building long enough, I was able to move to a monthly rental agreement rather than the year-lease I had on the old unit. It's better." She insisted happily.

"Besides," Emma went on, "with this model we have access to more of the building's amenities too. I was always allowed to use the gym but now we also have access to the roof deck… or sky terrace as they like to call it here. We're also still allowed to use the patio on the fifth floor. It doesn't have as great of a view I'm sure, but I've used it before and it's actually pretty nice. It's got couches and barbecues and stuff but it's not usually super busy. Basically it's just a nice place to chill outside with a cold drink on a summer's day… well you know, if we're still living here in the summer that is. You never now, it's only a few months away. Anyways, there is an indoor sports court where people play basketball… I'm sure you'll get lots of use out of that." Emma teased, knocking her shoulder into Regina's playfully. There are other indoor lounges and work spaces around the building too, so hopefully we should never feel too cooped up even if we don't leave the building every day." Emma was rambling, she was nervous about Regina hating Boston and asking to go back to Storybrooke again. She knew that any apartment she could get would never be able to replace Regina's true home.

"I know it's not even close to what you really want… but, you do like it right?" Emma asked nervously, despite Regina already having said so.

Regina turned to her, smiling. "I do," she responded, stepping forward to hug Emma. "Thank you so much for doing this for me. But… how much more is this costing you? Surely an apartment like this in the middle of Boston can't come cheap."

Emma shrugged. "It's not much more than I was paying before. Honestly we got an amazing deal."

"Would you let me pay for half?" Regina asked.

"What? No Regina you don't have to do that! You didn't even want to come here in the first place so I'm not going to make you pay for it. And besides, you still have to pay insurance and everything for your house back in Storybrooke right? Honestly don't worry about it."

"Are you sure?" Regina asked softly.

"I'm sure." Emma responded gently. "And hey, you let me live at your house rent free so it's only fair right?" She grinned.

Regina's lips pursed in amusement. "Fine." She conceded.

Her gaze landed on their dining table, something they didn't have in the previous apartment. Placed in the centre of the table was a white bowl that she recognized immediately, it was filled with red apples. Regina breathed a laugh and her hand came to her mouth. "That's not from my office back at the town hall is it?" She asked in awe.

"No," Emma grinned sheepishly. "I saw it at Ikea and couldn't resist. The apples aren't from your tree either, but I'm sure Mary Margaret would ship us some if you wanted. I wasn't sure how well they would keep in the mail." Emma gestured to the bowl on the table. "These apples are just fake ones, but there are real ones in the fridge if you want. So what do you say? Want to see the rest of the place?"

Regina nodded, accepting the hand that was once again offered to her by Emma.

Like Emma's original apartment, the unit had a room that was meant to be a study, but which had been converted into another, smaller bedroom. Regina recognized the few belongings in this room to be Emma's. She raised her eyebrow in a polite question.

"I don't need as much space as Henry does." Emma explained. "He's got a lot more stuff than I do and he needs room to do his homework. We had the desk from the study moved over to his room."

Along with the new dining room and bigger living room, the unit had a master bedroom with an accompanying en-suite that would be Regina's. It also had a second bedroom of the same size that was Henry's. The only difference in Henry's room was that the bathroom was slightly smaller than the one in the master, and it also had a second door connecting it to the living room for everyone to use.

Currently Regina had a soft look in her eyes as she looked around the room that was to be hers. "Emma are you sure? This is your apartment, you should have this room."

Emma raised a hand in protest. "Trust me, the one I have is perfect. I don't need a lot of space to be comfortable. And think about it this way, if you ever decide you'd like to start doing your dialysis here instead of at the clinic it will help to have more room."

Regina's expression fell a little at the thought but she didn't comment as her gaze washed over the room again. She knew she could be comfortable here, even if it wasn't home.

"Besides," Emma continued, "I'll probably spend a lot of nights in here with you anyway." She teased.

Regina's eyebrows suddenly raised in exaggerated surprise. "Oh will you now?"

Emma's face reddened as she realized what that had sounded like. "Oh, you know, it's a joke… because before we left Storybrooke I was always… you know… trying to get rid of your headaches."

Regina chuckled, placing her hand on Emma's arm to stop her. "I'm only teasing you dear, I knew what you meant." She took both of Emma's hands, stepping closer. "Thank you for all of this. It's perfect."

"You like it?" Henry asked excitedly.

Regina briefly closed her eyes as she released a small breath. She had almost forgotten that he was behind them. Her eyes dropped quickly to Emma's lips and then back to her eyes, telling her silently what she had intended. They were going to have to tell him soon, she decided. Emma seemed to understand, and so instead Regina placed a gentle hand on her cheek in thanks before turning to Henry.

"The apartment is perfect. Yes Henry, I love it."

"Yay!" The boy turned to Emma and she high-fived him.

"Success!" Emma grinned. "We were working all yesterday and this morning to get this place cleaned up. We kind of moved in like a tornado. Now I think we all deserve a movie night just to relax, what do you guys think?"

"Yeah!" Henry exclaimed.

Regina nodded softly in agreement too. "If it's okay though I think I might take a shower first. I feel like I need to wash the hospital off of me."

"Yeah of course! Do whatever you need to." Emma replied. "Let me know if you need anything. I put all of your toiletries in your bathroom, and I think I got the right shampoo and conditioner but if it's wrong we can go to the store later. There is a drugstore on the ground level of the building that might have it."

"Is there?" Regina couldn't remember seeing it on the way in. She remembered seeing a restaurant on the corner and even a sign for a spa, but no drug store.

Emma nodded. "Its on the other side of the building and you have to access it from the street but yeah, we've got mostly everything we need here."

"It certainly seems that way." Regina commented, looking around again.

"Listen, we still have a lot of day left if you want to go for a walk or something before we settle down tonight." Emma's voice said. "We'll do whatever you want Regina, okay? We'll even do nothing. Just let us know."

Regina nodded gratefully.

"All of your clothes are in the closet and wardrobe already. I don't think we brought your housecoat or bathrobe… but we can go shopping sometime if you want. Or I can send a message to Mary Margaret and she can send some stuff over. Also all the towels in the bathroom are clean, I just put them in there this morning."

"Thank you Emma."

Emma turned to wrap her arm around Henry's shoulders. "We'll just leave you to get settled then." She said to Regina, who nodded gratefully.

When Regina emerged from her bathroom about forty minutes later she was feeling better than she had in days. She had selected a pair of black track pants and a grey cashmere sweater to wear, and now she was dressed and standing in front of the mirror, turning her face and body to examine herself critically. The sweater covered all of the marks on her arms and torso that was the mixed result of both her kidnapping and her time at the hospital. She hated how long it took for her body to heal injuries now. The arm of her sweater felt a little damp around the area where her dialysis access was. It was covered by a clear, waterproof dressing, but she had been afraid to rub the area too much with a towel in case the tape came loose. Her fingers grazed the small bump where her hemofiltration access used to be. Subconsciously, her fingers tugged the neck of her sweater higher even though the scar wasn't visible.

Until she had looked in the mirror, she'd almost forgotten that she didn't look quite as she had when Emma had first come to Storybrooke. How was it that the blonde could still find her attractive? Her skin was dull and drawn, dark circles still remained under her eyes, and her lips were pale and a little chapped. Regina touched her lips self-consciously. Had they been this dry when she and Emma had kissed? Regina reached for her makeup bag and searched for a lip balm. It made her lips feel better but she still wasn't happy with her appearance. She reached for a bottle of foundation and a tube of mascara, meeting her own eyes in the mirror again before shaking her head slightly. She quickly tossed the two products back into her makeup bag, but then searched the drawers until she found a hair dryer and round brush. It didn't exactly make sense to do her makeup for a comfortable night in, but she could at least make sure her hair looked good.

When she was finally done fretting over her appearance, Regina walked towards the window in her bedroom and looked out over the city. This apartment had a better view than the last, and they had a balcony that when the weather was warmer, they could sit out on and enjoy the fresh air. She had to admit, she had been a little apprehensive about moving into Emma's apartment because she knew it would be a little cramped, but now she was willing to accept the possibility that she actually could be happy here. At least until they had the chance to move back to Storybrooke.

Regina turned back to face her new room. It felt strange to have a place that was private again. She was so used to nurses and doctors coming and going, of Emma and Henry walking in practically unannounced. There was no beeping from the monitors, no unfamiliar voices from the hallways. Regina picked up the giraffe teddy that had kept her company all those days in the hospital. She smiled at its now familiar face, kissed the top of its head and then sat it on an armchair in the corner. Suddenly her stomach rumbled quietly and she placed a hand over it in surprise. She wasn't used to feeling hungry.

Since it had been over an hour since Emma and Henry had left her, she decided it was finally time to leave the solitude of her room.

"Mom!" Henry got up from where he was reading a textbook on the couch to hug her. "Emma has never seen any of the original Star Wars movies so I was thinking we could watch A New Hope tonight, and then if we have time, The Empire Strikes Back. Would you want to watch those?"

"Sounds good to me," Regina responded, keeping her arms around Henry for a little longer than was necessary. Finally she pulled back and glanced over to the kitchen where Emma was busy at work.

"Hey Regina! Feeling better?" She asked.

"Much better." Regina responded with a smile, crossing the apartment to where Emma was.

"Your hair looks great!" Emma complimented. "Did you do that with the round brush?"

"Oh," Regina blushed. "Yes, thank you. I was tired of it lying flat."

"I was just making some dinner. Henry and I are having eggs and toast but I can make you something too. What would you like?" Emma asked as she buttered four pieces of toast and put them on two plates.

"Oh I'm sure I can find something. Go enjoy your food while it's still hot." Regina said.

"Thanks. But if you want to wait a bit I don't mind making something for you after I'm done eating?"

"I think I can manage," Regina responded appreciatively, picking up one of the plates of food and handing it over the counter to where Henry was now standing.

"Thanks mom," he said, going to take a seat at the table.

Regina's eyes followed him a little sadly. She couldn't remember the last time she had cooked for him. She decided she was going to change that as soon as possible, now that she was back on her feet.

"I went shopping this morning so we're pretty well stocked. Or, at least I hope we are anyway. Help yourself to anything." Emma said to Regina before she picked up her own plate and followed Henry.

Regina went to the fridge first and saw all the vegetables and juices. Perhaps she could make a salad. Next she went to the cupboard and saw among its contents, several boxes of soup. Her eyes were drawn to a box of the same soup David had made for her on her last day in Storybrooke. Quickly she closed the cupboard, not liking the memories it brought back. She returned to the fridge and grabbed a bottled green smoothie. She quickly checked the ingredients and nutrition info before breaking the seal on the bottle, pouring its' contents into a glass, and then joining the other two at the table. Regina noticed the look Emma gave her meal choice, but Emma seemed to decide to let it go this once.

"So I've been told we're watching Star Wars tonight?" Emma asked.

"Henry loves those movies." Regina agreed.

"You do too though right Mom?" Henry asked. "We can watch something else if you want, I don't mind."

"Star Wars is fine Henry." She assured him, placing her hand over his.

If she were being completely honest, she didn't care what they watched, or even if they watched anything at all. All that mattered to her was that she would be able to spend the night curled up on the couch with Emma and Henry. Away from the hospital, perhaps for a few hours she would be able to forget about her illness; she could forget about the people back home who wanted to kill her, and she could simply pretend that everything was going to be alright from now on.

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