The nine girls and a boy were taking a walk. "Seriously, Konan." The orange-haired girl said. "Don't you have any guy friends?" Konan rolled his eyes. "Hidan's this close to being transvestite. Does that count?" Hidan shrieked as Deidara snuck up behind her and grabbed her chest. "She would get all the guys if she would undo those bindings, not the lesbos she's been attracting!" "YOU GODDAMN EXPLOSIVE IDIOT! I'M GONNA KICK YOU TO HELL!" Hidan yelled, embarrassed. "Shut it, baka." A tanned girl with stitches bumped her head. Deidara started giggling like a maniac. "Speaking of explosives..." She said quietly. "CHEERY BOMBS!" She shreiked throwing up the illegal explosives. Itachi rolled her eyes. "Let's not. We're near the power plant." "WhatEVER!" She yelled, pulling out a match. There was a huge explosion, and for a second, everyone blacked out. Tobi jumped up, her ponytails bouncing. "DEI-SENPAI! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Deidara laughed like an insane person, which she was.

"THIS IS AWESOME! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!" Itachi grabbed the blonde's shoulders. "DON'T YOU HAVE ANY CLUE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?!" She was talking about the gaping hole in the middle of the air sucking like a vacuum. "WHOA! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Deidara smiled. "Cherry bombs!" Tobi stared into the oblivion. "What the heckles is that...?" She asked getting a closer look. All of a sudden, she fell forward, into it. "AAAAH! TOBI!" Zetsu cried, jumping in after her. Kisame freaked out. "We-WE HAVE TO GO IN AFTER THEM!" Deidara let out a small wimper as she dragged Itachi with her into the portal. Sasori sighed. "Deidara, from this point on, I blame you for everything." "The you're gonna hate me for THIS!" Deidara yelled, pushing the redhead into the portal and jumping in after her.

Hidan jumped into the portal screaming "WHA-HOOO!" And everyone else silently followed, not knowing what else to do.

The Akatsuki napped in silence. Hidan rested on Kakuzu's chest. "Kuzu, do you feel weird at all? Like there's a fucking disturbance in the air or something like that?" "Hn. I don't really know." There was suddenly a huge dust explosion ten yards away from everyone. "DAMN, I WAS RIGHT FOR ONCE!" Hidan cheered as he jumped up to check it out. There was silence for a whole minute. "GIRLS! EIGHT OF THEM! I think..." Hidan yelled. The blonde sat up. "CHERRY BOMBS! YEEEAAAHHHH!" She appeared to be really exited. She looked at Hidan as if in sudden realization that he was right there. "Huh? Hidan?" She questioned. Hidan jumped back in surprise. "HOW- HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" "Wait..." She thought for a second. "She's right there...Who are you?" As if on cue, fem-Hidan woke up. "WOW! Just... DAMN! THAT WAS A WILD RIDE!" "You said it, sista!" Deidara said, giving her a high-five. Zetsu woke up. "IS TOBI OKAY?!" She nearly screamed. "Allo." Tobi said, hanging by her undershirt on the branch of a tree.