Zetsu carefully pulled the masked girl out of the tree. "Be more careful next time okay?" Zetsu whispered in a gentle voice that she only used against Tobi. All of a sudden Hidan-errr...MALE Hidan made the comment again. "Who the FUCK are you?!" FemDeidara sighed. "Well, I'm Pinky and this is the Brain." She said, pointing at FemHidan. Male Hidan looked confused. (A/N: I'll come up with a better name later) "Sarcasm." She then said. "I'm The amazing genius Deidara and this annoying bitch is Hidan." Male Hidan stared in shock. "You're fucking kidding, right?" "Nope. And over there, Zetsu's getting Tobi out of the tree." All of a sudden,Male Hidan yelled. "GUUUYYYSSS! GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE!" Within seconds, a buch of men and a woman wearing all the same thing ran over to where Hidan was. Male Deidara stared at the blonde girl, who had just lost interest in what's happening. "WHOA! THEY LOOK LIKE US!" FemHidan commented. "NO FUCKIN' DUR!" FemDeidara yelled at the chick. FemItachi woke up. "You guys are so goddamn loud..." She mumbled. "Tell me about it..." FemKisame replied, also waking up.

FemItachi opened her eyes just to meet a pair of yellow ones. blue skin, blue hair. "Kisame, did you decide to go transvestite?" FemItachi said, half awake. "You look ugly like that. "No, Itachi-san. I didn't. And that's not me you're looking at." FemKisame said. "What-! Then who's THIS?!" The guy smiled. "My name is Hoshigaki Kisame!" He said. "But- SHE'S Hoshigaki Kisame!" FemItachi said, pointing at Kisame gave him a confused look. "What the HELL?!" Yelled a voice, waking up FemPein. "Whoa! Konan! What're you doing up there?!" She yelled at Male Konan, who was at the top branch of a tall tree, hanging upside-down for his dear life. He suddenly slipped. "WHAAA! CATCH HIM, SOMEBODY!" FemPein yelled, as the other girls ran around trying to catch him. Instead, he landed on FemPein's male equivalent. "Oh! Uh, sorry!" He said. "DEIDARA-SENPAI! WHERE THE HECKLES ARE WE?!" FemTobi asked. All the men, except Male Konan, looked at Male Deidara. FemDeidara turned on Tobi. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I FUCKING KNOW?!" Within seconds, FemDeidara was on the ground, pinned by FemSasori.

"Heh..heh heh heh..." FemSasori chucked evilly, making all head turn. "Heh heh heh...This is all YOU'RE fault, Deidara. And for that you will be punished. "Wha-SASORI! PUSHING YOU IN WAS JUST A JOKE! PLEASE DON'T HURT MEEEE!" FemItachi and FemKisame exchanged glances. "We can't say she doesn't deserve it," FemItachi sighed. "But we can't just let Sasori kill her." FemKakuzu then grabbed Sasori by her long ponytail. "Don't. We might find a power plant with luck." FemDeidara started laughing loudly, almost in a drunken state. "CHERRY BOOMMMBBBS!~" "We could of DIED!" FemSasori yelled back. "Just let me cut her hair." "NO! ANYTHING BUT MY HAIR! PLEASE SASORI-DANNA!" She cried. Male Deidara looked like he could puke. Her hair was cut chort and crazy at the hand of FemSasori, who was holding a pocketknife. "Forget making dolls...heh heh heh..." She grinned. "I should be a hair stylist!" She laughed, watching the crying Deidara.