Hello, Twi-slash fans everywhere! We hope that you are already following us on Twitter- Slashbackslash4 – but just in case you aren't, we wanted to go ahead and post here, too. Can you believe the fourth cycle of SBS is upon us? We appreciate all the support you've shown over the years, and I know we can count on you again this year!

Always looking to improve upon the already awesome world of Twi-slash, we implemented some fresh changes for this year's contest.

We're accepting ART entries! After all, who wouldn't love to stare at a nice, juicy slashy banner as well as getting all hot and bothered by a delicious fic reading?!

We've gone anonymous- everyone has a fair chance. No more voting based on who the author is.

The contest is now being hosted at LiveJournal. This allows us to post our art entries in the same place as our fic entries. And we don't have to worry about the possibility of the entries being deleted for TOS violations like on some other sites ;-)

The submission deadline has been extended to September 17. This gives you an additional 2 ½ weeks to get your fic or art (or both!) submissions in. All details/rules/and regulations can be found at our host page: wwwDOTslashbackslashDOTlivej ournalDOTcom

Come check out the entries that are already posted, and submit your own asap. We're waiting for you!