It was the end of a very long day for Manchester's Major Incident Team. Rachel had just gotten a confession out of one of the suspects and they were all busy filling out paperwork. In fact, everyone had nearly finished. Everyone except Kevin, of course, who was busy making a model of his car out of blue tack.

Gill looked out into the office from her desk and saw the huge mountain of paperwork that Rachel and Janet had already completed. Not bad for Rachel; she was becoming more responsible and was obviously looking for a little Christmas bonus by doing more work. Gill liked to think that she was responsible for Rachel knuckling down and getting on with her work, she thought she gave a good example. Kevin, on the other hand, she was not responsible for. She had only hired him as a favour to Julie and no matter how much she tried to make him do it, Kevin never did any paperwork. Janet usually did his as well as her own, he was too busy making models out of blue tack or looking at girls on the Internet. Gill got out of her chair and opened the door to her office.

"Right, I think it's late enough. You lot can get going."

"Thanks Boss!" Rachel looked delighted.

"This isn't like you Gill, the Christmas season must be getting to you," Janet replied jokingly as she and Rachel left the office. Heading for the pub, no doubt.

Kevin got up to get his coat from the stand near his desk.

"Erm, where do you think you're going, Kevin?" Gill asked sternly.

"Home," Kevin replied.

"No you're not," Gill said. "You staying here with me until you have finished that paperwork, or at least done as much as everyone else has."

"Ha, nice one, Boss!" Mitch remarked as he left, laughing at Kevin.

"But Gill, that's not fair!" Kevin whined, sounding like a little kid.

"I think you'll find that it is totally fair. And it's Boss or Ma'am while we're still in the office," she replied.

Kevin slumped back into his chair to begin the work.


About half an hour later, Kevin was still on the same piece of work that he had started with. He had become distracted and was now drawing a naked lady in his daybook. He turned round in his chair and stared into the empty office. He could see Gill working at her desk, looking busy. His phone began to ring and he turned his back on the rest of the office to go back to his desk and answer the call.

"Hello," he said, answering the call. "Oh, hi Mom. No, I'm not coming home yet, Godzilla's made me work over time for no reason, stupid bitch."

"KEVIN!" Gill bellowed from the doorway of her office. She had obviously come out of her office just in time to hear Kevin's conversation.

Kevin turned around, still clutching his phone to his ear.

"My office. Now!" Gill stood staring at Kevin for a few seconds, then led him into her office. She didn't know why she ordered him into her office, there was no one else in the building so he could have just given him a bollocking right there, but there was something satisfying about leading him there. It meant she had the power, she was the stronger out of the two. She closed the door to her office and reeled around.

"I don't care who was on the phone, you do not speak about a senior member of staff like that!"

"But Rachel calls you Godzilla all the time, Boss," Kevin protested.

"Yes, but that's Rachel. I like Rachel, I don't like you," Gill replied sharply.

Kevin looked wounded. "Right, sorry," he said.

"Sorry, Boss," Gill said.

"Sorry, Boss," Kevin copied.

Gill opened the door. "Get back to work," she said. "Oh, and stop drawing naked ladies in you daybook."

Kevin looked embarrassed. As he went to walk out, his foot got caught in the handle of Gill's handbag, which was on the floor by her desk. He slipped and fell onto Gill, pushing her against the door, his hand landing on her breast. Gill was taken by surprise and let out a gasp. She looked down at Kevin's hand and he swiftly removed it. He got off Gill and she tried to straighten her skirt.

"Nice, erm…" Kevin tried to clear his throat. "Nice boobs, Boss," Kevin remarked.

"Thank you, Kevin," Gill replied, slightly flattered that a young 'un like Kevin had thought that she had nice breasts.

"Erm, I'm gonna get a snack, do you want anything?" Kevin asked. Typical Kevin to think of his stomach.

"Yeah, go on then. I'll have something," Gill replied.

Kevin walked out of Gills office and went to the microwave in the corner of the room. He was going to get his Alphabetti Spaghetti, Kevin's favourite thing to put on toast. At least he was making an effort to make something for Gill.

Kevin came back into the office with a plate with two pieces of bread and some Aplhabetti Spaghetti. He put it down on Gill's desk, showing that he had spelt out a message with spaghetti.

'Wanna shag?' it said. Gill could not believe what she was seeing. Kevin wanted to shag her? Since when? He hated her!

Kevin leaned down to Gill and kissed her. It felt so wrong but at the same time, it felt so right. Gill kissed back, pushing her lips onto Kevin's. Kevin pushed back even harder. She stood up and Kevin pushed her up against the window, making the blind fall down. This startled Gill and she broke off the kiss to try to fix the blind.

"Never mind about that. Leave it," Kevin told Gill, sliding his hand up her top. Gill grabbed hold of his arm and yanked it out of her blouse.

"I don't think so, sunshine," she said and she kissed him again.

Gill pushed Kevin back and he crashed into the filing cabinet. She pushed him against the cupboard and kissed him gently this time. Kevin pushed back, hungry for more. Kevin moved forwards so that Gill was against the door. He undid her purple shirt, revealing her black bra.

"Not here," she said and did her buttons back up. She grabbed Kevin's had and led him out of the office.

They got into a cab outside the station. Neither of them wanted to drive so they decided to get a cab. They sat in the taxi and started to kiss again, Kevin's hand sliding up Gill's skirt. Gill didn't push his hand back this time, she let him leave it there.


They arrived at Gill's house and she opened the front door. Sammy, who was inside with his girlfriend, Melissa, heard a man's voice and then his mother giggled. He didn't think that this was like her, so he went out into the hall to see who the man was.

"Gill?" Melissa asked, shocked that Gill had brought a man home.

"Kevin?" Sammy asked in complete shock that it was Kevin that his mother had brought home.

Gill led Kevin up the stairs and stopped half way up.

"We won't be long, Sammy, love," she said to him, winking at Kevin.

"Yeah, I think it's best if we go out for a bit," Sammy said to Melissa, who agreed and disappeared out of the front door as fast as she could, with Sammy following close behind.

Gill and Kevin ran up the rest of the stairs and Gill showed him into her bedroom. Kevin leaned in to kiss Gill and she fell back onto the bed, squealing with excitement. Kevin held Gill's blouse and pulled in over her head while Gill undid Kevin's buttons on his shirt. She kissed him again and Kevin's hand wondered to her breast again. She kicked off her heels and Kevin untied his laces.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"I've never been so sure of anything else," Gill replied taking off her bra…