Hello there everyone! Since I'm currently out of work and therefore bored out of my mind, I decided to begin a few pieces of work I'd like to submit. I was inspired by Mike's "OshKosh B'Gosh" quote in 2x10 and thought, let's just get Harvey a baby somehow. This is the brainchild of that idea. This may eventually move into slash with Harvey/Mike.

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There was something to be said about sleep, Mike surmised. It was a time for brains to rest and problems to disappear for a few restful hours. It was a time for him to kick back and relax after hours of words and letters jumbling into his brain. After hours of being stuck in between the proverbial pissing contest Harvey and Louis entertained themselves with. After hours of staring at Rachel's now deserted office and wondering where it went wrong.

He spent most of his time after she left thinking about the fallout. Rachel had seen him with Tess. Tess, his ex-flame, his first love and lover. Tess, married Tess. After Rachel had left, Mike had told Tess to leave straight after so he could think. He wanted so badly to smoke but Harvey had demanded him never again to smoke after the problems it caused in the office. The motion that Hardman made before being dismissed was still in effect and now instead of every three months, drug tests were given every month. Harvey said it could never happen again and it left Mike distressed. The withdrawal was bad the first time, this time it was even worse. Coupled with his grief about his grandmother's death along with the guilt of sleeping with Tess was killing him. He had told Harvey, who, understandably, had a look of sheer disappointment on his face. Mike hated that look. Harvey, always lecturing, told Mike another story about his family, without the aid of drugs or alcohol. He told him the story of his father finding out his mother cheated. He told Mike of the look on his father's face. The look of ultimate betrayal, hurt, and helplessness that crossed his father's features. He told him how much he wanted to take away that hurt and pain. He told Mike that what he did, he could never take back. He broke a man's trust in his wife and could've irreparably damaged their relationship. It made Mike think about one of their cases where the judge was a complete asshat to Harvey when he thought the man had slept with his wife. Harvey hadn't and now Mike knew why. It reminded him of his mother and the thought of breaking another man like she did repulsed Harvey. Mike had looked Harvey in the eyes and vowed never to disappoint him in that manner again.

Tess was a remembered memory among the others that flowed around his brain. He could never forget it, the downside to his eidetic memory. Instead he filed it away into the part of his brain reserved for Trevor and all his shortcomings. Mike shifted in his bed, determined to go to sleep but the thoughts kept him awake. He dozed for a while, never fully sleeping until the sound of his phone ringing interrupted his doze.

Mike shot up and grabbed the phone off the bedside table not looking at the screen. There was only one person who would call at this hour of the night. "Hello?" He answered groggily.

"Get over here. Now." The voice said simply and hung up. Mike thought about calling his boss back and demanding a please be thrown in there somewhere but decided against it sensing the man's distress.

Mike thought many things as he dressed and biked into Manhattan; cabs weren't readily available at 3 in the morning. He wondered why Harvey was up so late, what he was doing and why Mike was the one he called. If it was for work than Mike was usually the first one called, but they didn't have an opened case at the moment. Unless Jessica threw one on him, as she often did at the most inappropriate times. He pulled his bike next to the rack across from the building door. He stepped into the lavishly decorated lobby and quickly entered the elevator to Harvey's penthouse condo. His eyes took in the sights allowed by a glass elevator. The night sky stained black with the bright lights surrounding the city. He could see little if nothing else because of them. The elevator stopped and Mike stepped out into the hall before Harvey's door. He let out a breath and knocked on it. He heard a 'come in' growled out from behind it. Mike opened the door carefully, hoping that something wasn't going to come flying at his head. He stepped in cautiously walking over to the couch and being taken by complete surprise at what he found when he got there.

Instead of Harvey Specter, legal devil extraordinaire, womanizer and all around general asshole; there, on the cushions, was a small figure wrapped in a blanket. A baby. Mike's eyes widened as he took in the child's features. It was small, chubby baby, probably eight or nine months old, fluffy brown hair matted down with the sweat that only sleep could bring. He wore a light blue sleeping jumper. Its face was round and glowed with the chubby innocence of the baby's age. If the color of the clothes was any indication, the baby was a boy. Mike heard the sounds of bare feet against the wood floor and turned to see an unkempt Harvey walk into the room. Mike allowed himself to look at Harvey for a moment. His hair was ungelled and ruffled, his cheeks lined with slight dark stubble. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and grey cotton pants. His eyes looked tired and his mouth was set in a frown. He glanced at Mike and back to the sleeping child.

"If you were me," Harvey started with a sigh. "You would've started with 'give me an explanation…now.'"

"That's what I want though." Mike said coming around to stand in front of him. Harvey sighed again and dragged a hand down his face. He went to sit on the couch, next to the child.

"Remember the phone call I got today?" Harvey asked. Mike nodded. Mike remembered that he and Harvey were in the office. They were reading a case file together. Jessica was gearing up to have the associates involved in another mock trial to get their minds off of the Hardman crap that had dragged everyone through the mud and remind them what was expected of them. Mike was assigned a role as the defending counsel again, surprisingly. He assumed Jessica was giving him a second chance to prove himself in front of the partners as thanks for helping her and Harvey bring down Hardman and he was grateful. He hoped that he would make them proud. Donna had interrupted them during their usual mentor time, which consisted of an argument of how Harvey was more like Spock and not Kirk, saying to Harvey it was important. Harvey had taken the call, smirk ever present. The smirk flew off his face at whatever the person on the other line had said. He thanked them grimly and told Mike to go back to his desk for the rest of the day. When questioned Harvey had replied that he needed to take care of some business and that was that.

"Did um…he?" Mike questioned, gesturing to the child. Harvey nodded in affirmation. Mike continued. "I assume that he's the cause of it." Harvey nodded again and sighed. "What's the story?" Mike asked when it was apparent Harvey wasn't going to tell him easily.

"The phone call was the police station. This was a child that was left at the desk. They had all the pertinent information for him. Apparently it was left with the child carrier." Harvey pointed to the object in the corner.

"Was your card with the papers?" Mike questioned not really following Harvey's story.

"Yes." Harvey said simply.

"So it was a former client of yours?"


"Harvey, I'm not following and I'm really too tired to try to figure it out!" Mike yelled impatiently. Harvey shot up from his sitting position, eyes blazing.

"He's my son!" Harvey blurted out angrily. Mike's face did an amazing impression of a blowup doll at that moment. His brain, for once, suddenly stopped all thoughts. He was shocked stupid.

After imitating a fish for two minutes, his mouth opening but failing to say anything, Mike found the words to say, "But I thought you used protection?"

"Of course I do! Did you think I wanted this to happen?!" Harvey was yelling. Mike bounded across the room, covered Harvey's mouth with a hand and gestured to the child with the other.

"Let's discuss this in another room, preferably away from the sleeping baby." Mike suggested whispering and felt Harvey nod against his hand. The two silently crept away from the baby and into Harvey's bedroom. Once there Harvey closed the door and turned to Mike.

"You know, this is not how I expected our first encounter in your bedroom to be." Mike joked. Harvey smacked his across the head.

"Stop being a dumbass and flirting with me, I'm in a state of panic. I don't know what to do." Harvey complained frantically. It was a sight to behold. Harvey's voice was higher pitched and his hands were wringing in the air. It would be funny if it were anyone else. Mike sighed and sat on Harvey's bed.

"I interrupted your story before. I think we need all the facts before going forward councilor." Mike said patting the spot next to him. Harvey sat with a small smirk. Mike could certainly bring a humorous light to any situation. Harvey sighed and began again.

"I went down to the police station and they showed me all his papers. My card was with them but the birth certificate said my name under where the father's name is supposed to be. I ordered a DNA test. It should come in a few days. Someone owed me a favor. But until then, I'm stuck with him."

"What's his name?" Mike asked.

"Aiden Michael Montgomery." Harvey said. Mike smiled.

"Nice choice." He said. Harvey rolled his eyes.

"What about the mother?" Mike asked.

"Amelia Montgomery. They said she came down to fill something out. She had left him. They haven't been able to find her. They're looking for anything and anyone who would know where she is." Harvey paused again running a hand through his. "I still can't believe this is happening." He admitted

"Well, the chances that a condom fails are between 0.4% and 2.3% for breakage and between 0.6% and 1.3% for slippage. Even if there are no problems with the condom itself 1-2% of women will test positive for semen residue…" Mike recited.

"Okay Wikipedia, I get it." Harvey rolled his eyes. "I didn't need the health lesson. I meant I don't understand why after eight months." He confessed.

"You mean, you didn't know?" Mike asked incredulously. Harvey looked at him, face blank but his eyes were shining with disbelief.

"Of course I didn't know. I may hate kids but I do have some moral responsibilities." Harvey snapped. "If I did know I would be taking care of him. Monetarily." Harvey said. Mike rolled his eyes.

"That reminds me. How is he still living?" Mike asked bluntly. Harvey cocked an eyebrow.

"You don't think I could take care of a baby?" Harvey asked challengingly. Someone else would have stuttered and blushed and apologized profusely. Not Mike.

"I know you can't take care of a baby."

"Well…Ray helped me." Harvey acknowledged sheepishly. Mike nodded.

"That sounds about right. But why did you call me? The only thing I could teach him is how to roll a joint and pop a beer cap with his toe."

"That's not…you can do that?" Harvey asked. Mike nodded. Harvey eyed him suspiciously for a moment more and then shook his head. "I didn't want to call you but…Donna's at her parent's house and I am not calling Louis." Harvey said.

"What about Jessica?" Mike asked noting he left her out.

"No." Harvey said simply and left it at that. "My brother lives in Toronto and doesn't have the money or time to come out and help me. You're the only other person I could call." He said looking at him. Mike sighed.

"The only experience I have with taking care of kids was watching Trevor. We both know how that went." Mike joked. Harvey rolled his eyes. "What are you going to do?" Mike asked seriously. Harvey moaned and leaned onto his knees.

"I have to keep him until the DNA results come in. After that…if he's not mine he's going to her parents or someone in her family…" Harvey trailed off.

"If he's yours?" Mike finished. Harvey shook his head.

"I don't know." Harvey told him. "I'm not prepared to look after a kid. I'm 39 years old for Christ-sakes!" He exclaimed slapping his thighs in anger. "I'm a lawyer, my work hours should be considered inhuman. I don't have the time. It's not fair to him or to me." He lamented.

Mike leaned in and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey." He called softly, prompting Harvey to look at him. Harvey looked up into the soft blue eyes of his associate. "You can do this." Mike assured him.

"How do you know that? I don't recall an eidetic memory telling the future." Harvey asked. Mike smiled.

"Because your father raised you. And if all the stories you told me are indicators of his character then you know what to do. You're Harvey Specter, you can do everything perfectly. You are your father's son. If he did his job right, then you'll be able to take care of this child." Mike said kindly. Harvey's eyes flickered away from Mike, the feelings passing between them too much for him. "Everyone will help you." Mike assured him. "Donna, Jessica, Ray, even Louis…and me." Mike said. Harvey looked at him strangely.

"You promise?" Harvey whispered.

"Yes." Mike promised. Harvey smiled.

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