WOW: Balcony. The brothers and Bobby come up against a spirit who is intimidating in more ways than one!

A 3 x100 word triabble by Amberdreams, Dizzo and Edina Clouds (not necessarily in that order)

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A/n: Some of you may feel like you've read this one before and if you do feel that way, then you're right! This story was originally posted by Amberdreams a few weeks ago, until a random member of a group of self-appointed guardians of morality called Critics United who are active on FF.n, took umbrage at the fact that such an (allegedly) explicit story was rated K+ and reported the story to fanfic admin who, without consultation with us, felt it appropriate to delete it. Whilst we are disappointed with the admins' action, we respect their right (and not Critics United's) to make this decision, and thus I am reposting the story rated to a higher level, namely T.

Our apologies to those of you who left much appreciated reviews on this story as they were lost along with it!


There were several things that were, frankly, concerning about the recently-disturbed spirit of the ancient Greek athlete standing before the bewildered Winchesters right now.

That this muscle-bound Adonis was freakin' huge, like, 'towering-over-Sam' huge with biceps like boulders and jaw like a granite balcony for one.

That he was aiming a badass-looking javelin right at them, for another.

Then there was the toe-curling fact that he was butt-friggin'-naked.

But worst of all, was that this sinuously sculpted monolith, with his glistening, bronzed physique a study in towering strength and magnificent architecture, made both brothers feel just a tiny bit inadequate.


Especially when the ancient athlete made his move, spectral-muscles tightening as he ran towards them, left arm physically outstretched, right arm pulled back ready to release his lethal weapon.

"Now," Dean yelled opening fire on the naked runner – doing his best to ignore the Herculean, bouncing genitals.

It was Bobby's cue. Positioned on the balcony above he began reciting a classical Greek incantation whilst the Winchesters continued firing into the long dead Olympian.

But the salt rounds failed to stop the oncoming titan; failed to stop the release of the javelin which was now heading straight towards the older Winchester.


Bobby's balcony gave him a Royal-Box view of the Winchester Olympics.

First Dean took at least a silver medal in gymnastics floor exercises as he somersaulted out of the path of the sharp pointy object headed his way.

Then Sam proved that he should have been competing in the trap when he fired two perfect rounds in quick succession right into the Greek athlete's temptingly dangling unmentionables.

Fortunately for the ghost, the agony of having his family jewels blown away was short-lived, as Bobby revived the poetry gold medal and finished off the incantation.

"Time for the national anthem, boys."



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