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The Forgotten Secret

Chapter 1: How the Story Begins

Once upon a time there was a man named Rumplestiltskin who wanted nothing more than power. Finally through a chance of fate he got the power he craved. But he abused it and lost his only child to a world where magic does not exist. Soon he began to make deals and gave people exactly what they asked for but for a price. One deal he made was to a king that he would offer the king protection from trolls and his kingdom would be safe. The price was that his daughter a young woman named Belle would have to be his servant forever. Her fiancée Gaston forbade it but Belle was brave and went with Rumplestiltskin back to his castle. He was an odd fellow but he was kind to her. In time he gave her a room of her own and a pretty blue dress to wear. He tried to fight his feelings for her but felt him falling in love. Belle loved him too but was too afraid of being rejected. Then one night he shared with her some wine and soon both got extremely drunk where they had no memory of what they had done that previous night. Then out of love he let her run an errand alone and was partly hoping she would return. Belle was about to head for home when a mysterious woman in black asked to walk with her. Soon the strange woman convinced her that if she wanted Rumplestiltskin to be free she had to break his curse. Belle happily returned to him and tried to kiss him but out of fear of losing his powers he turned her away. Heartbroken she returned home to an unwelcoming father who tried to purify her with scolding water and hot pokers. Till Gaston said that he would marry her and then she would be purified so her father agreed. The lady in black told Rumple that Belle was killed and soon the last part of his heart had died. Years later they cast a spell that robbed all Fairy Tale Characters of their memory and trapping them in a place called Story Brooke, Maine. The lady in black was called Regina or the Evil Queen from Snow White who became the mayor of the town. Rumple owned an antique shop but still had full power of the town. Then a woman named Ms. Emma Swan came to town and clashed with Regina. But Rumple's journey began on one dark night and this is where the story truly begins.

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