Chapter 6: Remembering

Since Mr. Gold had mentioned about wanting to know who Angela's father is got Belle to do some thinking. Lying in her bed she began to try and remember that night and suddenly a jolt of memories came at her. She was working in a castle and she saw Mr. Gold but he looked sort of green and shiny. Even his name was different she kept calling him Rumplestiltskin. More memories came on as she remembered handing him some ale and he offered her some. They began to talk and the next morning she woke up with no clothes on and quickly dressed and placed some pants on him so he wouldn't remember and get angry at her. Finally she thought she loved him and went back to him to break his curse. When she almost succeeded he grew angry and threw her in the dungeon and finally told her to leave. Nine months later Angela was born and then the curse was made and her memories were taken until now. Belle woke up sweating as she finally remembered what was happening. Fear overtook her for now she was in Rumplestiltskin's house and he may be nice now but once he realizes who Angela is he will turn her away just like he did to Belle. Without hesitation she grabbed a bag and began placing some clothes for her and Angela. They had to leave this house tonight but where could they go? Belle didn't know but she had to protect her daughter from the pain that he put her through. Waking up Angela wasn't easy for the young girl didn't understand why they had to leave such a nice place but she was up and helping her Mommy pack. Mr. Gold slept in his room peacefully when something woke him up. He heard a door shut and tiny footsteps going down the hall. Maybe Angela had a bad dream and was trying to find her mother. He got up and opened his door as he went out into the hallway. He saw Angela crying a bit as she picked up the butterfly picture she drew of Mr. Gold and placed it in her pants pocket. "Princess what are you doing up so late? Did you have a bad dream?" he asked her sweetly as he bent down on one knee so he was eye level to her.

"No, I am sad because Mommy and I are leaving", Angela said sadly wiping a tear from her eye. Mr. Gold's heart raced when her words reached his ears.

"Why are you two leaving?" he asked trying to keep calm. The little girl just shrugged her shoulders in response. "Where is your Mommy?" he asked her. Angela pointed down the hall and Mr. Gold went down there to straighten this mess out. He saw Belle slinging a bag over her shoulder and turning around to leave when she faced him and her face went white. "Good evening Belle are you planning on a late night trip somewhere?" he asked softly.

"Angela and I are leaving tonight I have enough money for an apartment so we are just going to leave now", Belle said firmly as she tried to get past him but he blocked her.

"I said you guys can stay as long as you like. Besides why go now when you can go to this apartment in the morning so I can check it out for you", he offered.

"When don't need any more of your help thank you. We can manage on our own now", Belle said firmly.

"Belle why do look so afraid please tell me I can help you", Mr. Gold said as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I don't need your help Rumplestiltskin now please step aside", Belle growled as pushed past him.

"What did you call me?" Mr. Gold asked in a stunned voice.

"I remember who you are and I know what you have done. You hurt me once Rumplestiltskin and you not will hurt my daughter!" Belle hissed.

"Belle please forgive me for what I did I was stupid to let you go. Please don't leave me I would never hurt you or Angela I love you both please stay with me", he begged.

"Never I am leaving and I am taking our daughter with me", Belle said.

"What do you mean our daughter you mean Angela is my daughter?" he asked in amazement.

"Yes we had a one night stand and I thought you should know but you will only be allowed to see her if I say so and you will not tell her that she is your daughter. I will not have you hurt her like you did me", Belle cried as tears fell from her eyes.

"Belle please I love you don't do this!" Mr. Gold cried as he took her in his arms. Then out of desperation and love he kissed her. All the emotions he felt for her and Angela poured in to that kiss as Belle soaked his chest with tears. When they let go she saw tears in his eyes as well as the love he had for her.

"You do love me", she said in astonishment.

"More than all the magic in the world", he said as he held her tight.

"I love you Belle", he said softly as he kissed her forehead.

"I love you Rumplestiltskin", Belle said happily.

Epilogue: In time the spell was broken and everyone remembered who they were. Rumple eventually found his son Bae and later on he married Belle. Angela now lives a happy life for now she has a daddy, mommy, and big brother. And they all lived happily ever after.

The end

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