Eddie opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Morning light shown through the hotel window.

When the plane landed, Loren had gotten off with Kelly, instead of Eddie. She signed autographs for the fans like she knew what she was doing and pretended not to want Eddie's advice, even though Eddie could see her glancing at him every now and then to make sure she was doing everything the right way. She was so cute when she did that; he loved the way she looked up to him.

Eddie put on a fake smile and gave the fans what they wanted; his autograph and some pictures. He and the rest of the crew quickly made their way from the plane stairs to the limos waiting for them, trying to race through the fans as fast as possible. Eddie hated missing everyone, but he was tired and Loren seemed overwhelmed. It was a complete shock that these fans were out so late; it was nearly two thirty in the morning, but there they were, all standing and cheering the two stars on.

Once Eddie remembered this, he remembered being taken to the hotel for a night's sleep before the Boston interviewers got to Eddie and Loren the next day. They had a day before the concert, but their schedules were still full.

Eddie rolled over from his side to his back; he was in the bed, which seemed like a good sign. He was even more relieved when he turned completely over and felt Loren sleeping next to him. She was turned away from him; it was obvious she was still mad, as she should be.

Eddie sighed and turned to lay on his side so he could face her back. He snuggled up to her, holding her to him while she slept. He loved the smell of her hair, the warmth of his skin, and everything else that came with having her in his bed. He hated her being so mad at him; he had to make things right, and soon.

"Loren?" Eddie asked in a whisper.

Eddie rested his cheek on her shoulder and took her one hand in his. He could hear her steady heart beat as she rested; it was calming, like the quietness before the storm came. This time, though, he wouldn't let there be a storm.

"Babe," Eddie said, trying to wake her up again. He didn't want to startle her and make her even more irritated with him, so he tried his best not to rattle her around too much. "Lor-en," he said again, in a sing-song voice. This time, she stirred, which made Eddie smile.

Eddie laughed out his next few words, trying to be as happy as possible. "Good morning, beautiful," he said softly, squeezing her hand.

Loren pulled her hand from Eddie's the moment she realized how they were positioned. She stayed on her side, almost as if she were stunned, and stared at the wall. Eddie heard her inhale slowly and hold her breath; he knew he hadn't won her back yet.

"I'm so sorry, Loren," Eddie said quietly, hugging her instead of holding her hand. If she wouldn't let him hold her hand, he would hold her entire body to make her feel his presence. "I never meant that stuff," he added once Loren didn't reply.

"You still said it," Loren snapped back. There was no "good morning" or even a "hello" in return to Eddie's loving tone of voice. She made it clear he had messed up, that was for sure.

"I know I did," Eddie replied, letting out a sigh to calm his stressful nerves. "You haven't let me forget..."

As soon as Eddie said his last sentence, he knew he shouldn't have. Loren stiffened immediately and let out a long breath. Eddie could feel her grab the sheets in her hand and dig her nails into them.

Finally, she spoke. "What was that?" she asked, trying her best not to be such a jerk back to him; if he wanted to act like that, fine, but two wrongs never made a right, so there was no point in her treating him poorly like that, too.

"I didn't mean that," Eddie said, flustered. He was frustrated and couldn't find the right words to say to Loren.

Eddie's cheek was still rested on Loren's shoulder; she hadn't pushed him off yet. She just lied there, making sure she was making him uncomfortable. Loren felt Eddie's breath on her arm, which made her shiver and calmed her down, but she wouldn't give up the fight this easily. He may be shirtless, warm, Eddie Duran, the rock star, but right now, he was Eddie Duran, the guy who would be sleeping on the couch the next night.

"Then why did you say it?" Loren asked, wanting to know why he kept saying things he "didn't mean".

"I'm just frustrated, babe," Eddie told her, his body relaxing and giving in. He couldn't force himself to be stressed first thing in the morning, and he couldn't force himself to fight like this forever. "Loren, I love you, and I'm sorry. For what I just said, and what I said yesterday." There was still no reply from Loren, so Eddie continued. "Loren I thought the message was something else, so I freaked out."

Loren was interested now; she dropped the fight for the time being and gave Eddie her full attention. "Someone else? Like who?"

"Something for you...a surprise," Eddie told her slowly. He was picking his words wisely, making sure he didn't hurt her anymore and making sure he didn't give the engraving on Katy's ring away.

Loren was quiet, so Eddie hugged her tightly again. He closed his eyes, holding her close, and never wanted to let go. She could be mad at him for days, at the rate his stupid self was going; maybe he wouldn't need the ring after all.

Or, maybe he would. It was simple; something Loren couldn't be mad at him for.

In seconds, Eddie felt the words slipping through his lips. "Marry me."