"Where the hell are you Will?" Doug Billings snapped into his cell. Willow rolled her chocolate brown eyes as she exited the hospital

"Chill big brother. I'll be there I've just finished my shift" Willow uttered waving goodbye to her fellow nurses. And headed exited the hospital. She made her way through the car park heading towards the staff lot.

"Well hurry up. We're meant to be leaving soon and we've got to pick up Phil and Stu-"she scrunched her nose in distaste hearing the name of one of her brother's friend.

"Ergh Phil? Why him? He's such a douche bag" Willow pulled out her keys to her moped and lifted the seat up revealing a small compartment beneath it.

Doug laughed "Yeah I get that Will. Just give him a chance ok? For me. "

She groaned and shoved the seat back down and threw her leg over it so that she was straddling the it. "Can't I just not come? It's a bachelor party and that's a guy thing" Will said slipping her sunglasses onto her face

"Because I want you there. You're my sister and ever since mom and dad passed away you've been hiding in your shell. It's time to come out and have fun" Doug said he really wanted her there.

Willow sighed and pulled her hair out of its pony tail. He was right ever since their parents had died two years ago Willow hadn't been the same, she wasn't as fiery or as happy since their passing. He was determined to get her out of the city for a night and have some fun.

"Please Will I'll make sure Phil behaves" Doug said earnestly

"Have you banged your head or something?" Willow scoffed "we are talking about the same Phil right? Phil Wenneck? That bloke can't behave for a million dollars" she pulled her helmet off of one of the handle bars.

"Ok" Doug chuckled. The sun bored down on her pale skin, she shifted from one foot the other causing the rusty moped beneath her to creak under her weight. "You don't even have to talk to him" he added on.

Willow smirked "Now that sounds like a plan"

Doug shook his head "Will why do you hate him so much?"

She scoffed "You're kidding me right? It's Phil. Is there any other reason to hate him?" there was the sudden sound of sirens causing her to jump, she swore when she scraped her leg against the side of the moped.


"Fuck I knew I should've worn trousers" she huffed and examined the small red patch of skin.

"Willow? Are you hurt? You want me to drive or-"

"Chill big brother" she rolled her eyes "I'm fine. Look I'll talk to you when I'm there. You still at Tracy's place?"

"Yes and-"

"Will hurry up" she grinned hearing her future sister-in-law on the other end. "I need you to see the seamstress for one last fitting"

"Ok, ok. Chat to you guys in a bit is my bag-"

"Yep" Doug cut her off. "I brought your things over earlier. So don't worry." He reassured her.

"Ok bye-"

"Are you taking your bike-"

"Will hang up before Doug goes off into a rant" Tracy shouted making the brunette laugh. Willow did as she was told and shoved her cell into her pocket.

She pulled her hair into a messy bun; a few stray curls were let loose to frame her face. Willow slipped on the helmet and buckled the strap beneath her chin. The hospital parking lot wasn't that busy but she knew when the evening came it would be packed.

Willow shoved the key into the ignition and started the faded blue moped. She kicked off and sped out of the parking lot swerving just in time to avoid getting hit by an oncoming ambulance.

"Watch it Will" Steve the EMT yelled. "Going to Vegas?"

"Sorry" she shouted as she drove pass him "and yeah I am"

Willow just managed to hear the grey haired shout "Don't get pregnant" she grinned. Truth be told she was excited about going to Vegas. The slim brunette hadn't left this town in her whole life. She couldn't wait to see what Vegas offered.

Willow took the familiar route to Tracy's house. She knew the other woman's address like the back of her hand. She couldn't think of anyone more than perfect for her big brother. When she was first introduced to the other woman she was nervous as was Doug.

Willow never hid the fact that she had hated his past girlfriends so he was delighted when she got so well with Tracey. After a night out the pair had gotten incredibly close so close in fact that she had asked Willow to be a bride's maid. Not the maid of honour since Tracy had asked her long time childhood friend Christina.

Willow turned left and drove up a gravel driveway towards a large house. Tracey's family was well off which was somewhat opposite of how she and Doug live. They weren't poor by any means they shared a decent size apartment but they wouldn't splash cash just for the hell of it.

"Tracey?" Willow called entering the large house the front door was unlatched. The brunette stepped into the large foyer and looked around, she could see several people scurrying around for the wedding.


"Hi Linda" she smiled at the strawberry haired woman "Is Tracy around or-"

"Finally" Tracy appeared at the other end of the corridor "there you are. Come on-"

"Wait what-"

"Honey don't argue. She's going crazy" Linda muttered pushing Willow in front of her. Tracy groaned seeing the slow pace that the brunette and her mother were going at.

"Come on." she snatched Willow's wrist and dragged her into another room. Willow looked around at the busy parlour, she saw the other bridesmaids already there in their dresses as well as the seamstress. The room was more than large enough for the group of women.

"Hey Will" Janet greeted she was Tracy's sister

"Hi" she smiled, her eyes landed on the wedding dress that was displayed on a mannequin "wow" she breathed her hand reached out to touch the dress but it was slapped away.

"Oww" she hissed glaring at the seamstress. She was an elderly woman who resembled a hawk "What the hell man?"

"You got dirty hands. No dirty hands touching this-"

"Hey I cleaned up before I came here." Willow glowered at the woman, "Bitch" she muttered under her breath

"What you say?"

"I said-"

"Nothing" Tracey stepped in, dragging the younger woman over to the changing screens. Willow could hear the other bridesmaids and Christina giggling "Seriously Will don't pick a fight with a woman who is going to use pins to fit your dress"

Willow rolled her eyes and pulled off her light jacket "I know, she's just such a-"

"I may be old dear but I can still hear" the seamstress haughty tone wafted through the thin changing screen

"Right sorry" Willow called out and mouthed 'bitch' causing Tracy to giggle.

"We haven't got all day so strip and put this on" Tracy gestured to the dark coloured dress that was splayed out on top of the screen.

"Ok, ok" Tracy left the brunette to her own devices. Willow pulled off her creamy coloured camisole and her denim shorts but not before kicking off her ballet flats.

"So Will" Christina called out, she and the other bridesmaids had already had their final fittings for the wedding. "Tracy told us you're going to Doug's bachelor party-"

"Yeah" Willow snorted slipping her feet into the midnight blue dress. "Doug won't leave me behind" she stepped out from behind the changing screen and was ushered onto a footstall in front of the other ladies who were sipping Champaign.

The seamstress hurried around Willow and zipped up the back of the dress. She barely paid attention to the elderly woman "He says I need fun-"

"Which you do" Tracey scoffed plopping down on one the couches "you haven't stopped working since you finished Doug-"

"How did you-"

"Doug told me"

Willow rolled eyes "Yeah he blabs everything. I don't want to go" she whined.

"Why not?" Christina asked

"Oww" Willow yelped feeling a sharp pin prick of pain

"You lost some weight again. Now I have to re-do the sides" the seamstress huffed. The brunette sent Tracey a bewildered look but her future sister-in-law shook her head, "stay still-"

"How can I?" Willow snapped "you're freaking stabbing me"

"You skinny-"

"You're old-"

"Not nice lady" the seamstress snarled causing Willow to hiss.

"Ok so Vegas" Tracey spoke over the bickering pair she didn't want her bridesmaid to be mutilated by a pissed off seamstress "it'll be fun-"

"I'm most likely going to end up in strip clubs with my brother" she drawled staying completely still.

"Oh Will you'll have fun trust me" Janet assured her "You love Stu and Alan and you get on with so well-"

"Yeah but Phil is coming" Willow mumbled fiddling with the sash of the dress. She sighed loudly when the grey haired seamstress slapped her hand away. Willow rubbed her hand and resisted the urge to whack the woman in the face.

"Oh Mister Hottie is going" Betty another bridesmaid smirked "what's so bad about that?"

Willow frowned "What's so good about him? He's a man-whore-"

"How can you not be a whore if you look like that" Betty cackled sending the other women into laughter.

"I just don't like him-"

"Tracey mentioned that you and him were an item once" Cristina commented sipping her drinking. Willow sent Tracy an affronted look


"He's such a blabber mouth" Willow muttered under her breath. She jumped when the seamstress slapped her on the bum

"You're done now. Take it off-"she ordered her.

Willow gritted her teeth and took a deep breath to calm herself. She went to step down off onto the stool but the seamstress had an iron grip on her hand "Here.-"

"Wait you want-"

"She wants you to strip down here." Tracy said glancing up from the magazine "so you don't dislodge the pins"

Willow huffed and slowly slid out of the dress

"I've got a theory" Janet said from the corner of the room, she was the youngest out of all the women in the room.

"About?" Betty asked "please let this not be a lesson in science"

Willow smirked it was no secret that Janet Garner the youngest Garner sibling was a major nerd.

"No" Janet thumped the blond haired woman with a pillow

"This is Chanel" Betty snapped glaring at the youngster

"Ok, Jan tells us your theory before Betty goes psycho" Christina grinned, Willow stepped off of the stool. And scurried back behind the screen,

"It's a theory about Phil and Will-"Willow froze as she slipped one leg into her denim shorts

"What?" she yelled out jamming her camisole over her head "I swear to god Jan you better-"

"Spill" Betty ordered.

Willow buttoned up her shorts and flipped her dark hair out "Don't-"

"Phil loves Willow duh" Jane said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, Willow's jaw drop

"What? That's the biggest pile of horse shit I've heard-"she uttered

"No, no carry on" Tracy uttered leaning forward in her seat "I think she's on to something"

Willow rolled her eyes and walked over to the large mirror to see if she was sorted. Since she was going to Vegas she opted to wear a pair of denim shorts and a thin camisole.

"Well Phil acts like a man whore because he can't fill the void in his heart that Willow left behind" Janet said clearly.

Willow snorted at that "Yeah right. Major man-whore-"

"Nope" Tracy declared "I think she's right. You know how Doug is such a blabber mouth-"

Willow snorted "Yeah who doesn't know that?"

"Well Doug does mention that whenever he sees Phil the guy always asks after you and if you're dating-"

"Which is none of his business" Willow scoffed "the dude is a prick. End of story"

"Not end of story" Janet drawled, as all the women gathered around her. To Willow they all look like vultures scouring for information "He is madly in love with her but Willow being Willow-"

"Which is being stubborn" Tracy pitched in

"And sometimes a bitch-"

"I am here you know" Willow pointed out they were acting as if she wasn't in the room

"You are a bitch sometimes you know-" the seamstress commented but backed off seeing the glare the younger woman was shooting her

"Why did you two ever break up?" Christina asked curiously, it was no secret that Willow and Phil had been a couple beforehand "You guys are perfect for each other. He's like a Ying to your Yang-"

"Are you being racist?"

"Shut up Roxanne" Tracy laughed at her ditzy friend.


"Nothing is ever going to happen between me and Phil Wenneck. He-"

"Broke your heart" Janet said softly "what happened?"

Willow glanced at her own reflection; she could see the light purple bruises beneath her eyes. Make-up should cover it. She stroked her skin and sighed. She could see that all the women even the seamstress was waiting for her to say something.

"Because he never took our relationship seriously ok?" Willow rounded on the women "We were just stuck in a rut. Now if you don't mind I'm going to look for my brother"

"He's in the study" Tracy called as Willow strolled out.

There was a moment of silence which Christina decided to break "Yeah Jan I think your theory is right. Phil is so in love with Willow-"

"Yeah and it goes the other way. You have to be an idiot not to see that she still loves him" Roxanne said flipping through the magazine. "Now you know when they say it's faux fur? What animal is a faux?"

"Ok. You are an idiot" Willow said re-entering the room she had managed to catch Roxanne's last few words

"What happened? Couldn't find Doug-"

"I always know where Doug is. Sibling magic" she grinned tapping her temple. "Nah I forgot my shoes"

Willow slipped on her shoes and hurried out of her room.

"Yeah she is so in love with him" Tracy smiled shaking her head. She stood up and stretched her arms above her head.

"They should just get together. Whenever they're in the same room the sexual tension between them is killing me" Christina drawled and downed the rest of her drink.

"Yeah their sexual tension is even making me horny" Roxanne uttered causing all the women to look at her.

"Yeah now she is stupid" the elderly seamstress muttered causing the rest of room par Roxanne into a fit of giggles.

Willow could hear the sound of her brother talking most likely to Alan. She had met the bearded man when she and Doug were invited around the Garner's household and noted that although he was odd he was really sweet.

"Doug" Willow smiled seeing her big brother "You're looking handsome"

"Thanks" Doug pulled her into a tight hug "You got here ok? No crashes –oh my god what happened to your leg?" he asked seeing the pink flesh.

"It's fine, just a scratch you really need to stop worrying Doug. I am a big girl-"she laughed

"Yeah she is. She got boobs. Only big girls have them" Alan uttered a goofy grin on his face.

Willow frowned

"Whoa Alan not cool" Doug said stepping in front of her

"Not good?"

"Nope not good" Willow laughed kissing the bearded man's cheek. She knew not to take offence. "Just don't say that again to a woman, unless you want to get slapped in the face" Willow sat down at the edge of the desk. "Hi Floyd" she smiled at the tailor who was currently on his knees measuring Alan for his suit.

"Hello dear, got your dress fitted?" he asked

"Yep you really need to talk to your wife. She's-"

"A complete psycho but my god, she's a vixen in the bedroom."

Both Willow and Doug balked "Eww" she muttered scrunching up her nose in distaste she smothered her face in to Doug's side

"Mental image?" he asked lightly running his fingers through her thick hair.

"You've got no idea" her voice came out muffled; she pulled back the expression on her face made him laugh.

"Whoa watch it pervert" Alan shouted causing Willow to jump

"It's alright Alan" Doug soothed the other man. She bit down on plump bottom lip to stifle her giggles "He's just doing your inseams-"

"Yeah it's when they cup your balls you should worry-"

"Wait they do that?" Alan asked a look of panic crossing his face.

"Yes" Willow replied straight face

"What?" Alan shrieked

Willow burst out laughing Doug rolled his eyes "She's kidding." Her cheeks were blooming pink

"Yes Alan it was a joke-"

"Not funny" Alan pouted.

Willow smiled at him "How about in Vegas I'll get you a….stripper?" she offered

Doug once again rolled his eyes "Will, they do offer other things ya know?"

"What else is there in Vegas?" Willow asked her hands splayed out on either side of her. She leant back on it swinging her legs back and forth


"Exactly Dougie you don't know. Would you like that Al? Getting a stripper-"

"Ok this is too weird" Dog shook his head fiddling with the buttons of his sleeves "even for me"

"I want an inflatable dolphin" Alan uttered, she cocked an eyebrow

"Ok" she scratched the back of her head "going to Vegas to get a dolphin? Sure that sounds about right" Doug laughed

"Thanks Will" Alan grinned at the brunette but jumped "watch it pervert" he shouted

"Chill Al" Willow soothed in laughter was evident in her tone. "He is just doing your inseam-"

"Yeah but he's getting very close to my shaft and Will said he'll cup my balls-"

"I was joking" Willow uttered shaking her head. Like every other room in this house the study was a grand place, there were books lining the shelves, in the centre was a large oak desk along with two cushioned armchairs.

"All done" Floyd declared getting onto his feet "You can get change now" he walked away

"Thanks Floyd" Doug called after the elderly man looking into the mirror.

"You look great" Willow said softly causing her elder brother to smile at her.

He glanced at the time and clapped his hand "We should get a move on. We got to pick up the others."

Willow didn't bother leaving the room. She had seen Doug changed more than once over the years. When they were younger they did share the same room.

"You know Doug" Alan started as he and Doug pulled off their jackets "I was thinking-"



"Kidding" she held up her hands smiling as she did so. "Carry on Al-"she murmured tucking a stray of brunette hair behind her ear. She spotted her duffle bag behind the desk and hopped of the desk to pick it up.

She did a quick rummage through to make sure she had everything. Whilst listening to Doug's and Alan's conversation. Willow had packed couple of pairs of shorts and some random tops. Along with two dresses that she and Tracy had bought together and a pair of heels.

"Well I was thinking" Alan started again "you know if you want to go to Vegas without me it's totally cool" Willow zipped up her duffle bag and looked up at Alan

"What are you talking about?" Doug asked unbuttoning his crisp white shirt.

Alan stated to un-tuck his shirt "Phil and Stu are your buddies and Will is your sister, and it's your bachelor party-"

"Say something Doug" Willow hissed at her brother. "You're coming Al-"

"She's right. Will and those two love you." She dove into her bag once again pulling out her novel; it gave her something to do on the car journey.

Alan turned around unzipping his trousers. "I just don't want you to feel like you have to hold back because your fiancée's brother is there-"

"Al-whoa" Willow slammed her hand over her eyes catching sigh of Alan's backside. Something that definitely didn't want to see again.

"It's not like that-"Doug paused seeing what had gotten Willow in a packet. She wondered why the man was wearing a jock strap in the first place. "It's not like that. I've already told you Alan we're going to spend the night in Vegas it's no big deal. Hell even Will is coming with us and she isn't even a guy-"

"Not coming voluntarily though am I?" Willow huffed "you're making me-"

"We're going to have fun all of us" he added the last part sternly "Besides you're not just my future wife's brother you're my brother as well"

"Yeah Al, you're family now. So we're all going together. And don't feel like you have to hold back. Enjoy yourself-"

"Same to you Will" Doug uttered making her roll her eyes.

Alan beamed at the pair "I want you guys to know I'm a steel trap" his hands were on his hips. Willow and Doug exchanged amused looks.

"How'd you mean Al?" Willow asked as she shouldered her duffle bag.

"I mean whatever happens tonight I will never tell anyone" Alan said seriously "I won't ever, ever speak of it"

"Ok, ok" Doug nodded looking a little nervous "I don't think we'll need that but-"Alan stepped up to the pair of siblings

"No matter what happens. Not even if we kill someone-"

"What?" Willow asked alarm. "Alan who said anything about murder we're going out for the night"

"Anything can happen Will, this is Sin city where we're going" she cringed slightly when he pulled his jock strap, the elastic slapped against his skin. "I won't tell a soul"

Willow licked her lips nervously and plastered a smile on her face and nodded

"Ok" Doug's voice wavered "I got it. Thank you-"

"No thank you" Alan pulled Doug into a hug, Willow smothered a laugh seeing the look on her brother's face. He looked so awkward standing there

"I love you" Alan breathed. He then moved onto Willow pulling her even into a tighter hug, she groaned when he easily lifted her off the ground

"I love you even more Will" he whispered, Willow winced in pain and shot a dirty look towards Doug who had an amused smile on his face. She flipped him off.

"Ok, so we're driving?" Willow asked, she Doug and Sid were standing in front of the garage door. The Billing's jaws dropped taking in sigh of the shiny Mercedes. Willow wasn't by any means a car person but she sure can appreciate a good looking car when she saw one.

"Wow" Doug dropped his duffle bag "Really?"

Willow walked over to the car running her hand across the bonnet "You sure about this? We are going to Vegas after all"

"Come on, you're family now" Sid uttered jingling the keys in his hand.

"Are you sure?" Doug came to a stop so that he was standing beside Willow "you love this car"

"Doug it's just a car-"

"Thank god. I thought I'd never meet a guy who would say that" Willow uttered her eyes roamed the vehicle oh but it was definitely a beauty

Sid laughed "Just make sure when you get there to put some armour on to the tires, so that the sand doesn't seep in" he said.

Doug nodded "Absolutely. That's easy"

"Definitely we'll take care of it Sid" Willow grinned fiddling with her sunglasses.

"Oh and don't let Alan drive" they followed his gaze, a look of disgust crossed her face seeing Alan literally sucking faces with a Labrador "there's something wrong with him"

"Have you ever thought of getting him…ya know tested?" Willow asked, Doug elbowed her causing her to shove him "What?"

"Will you can't say that. He's not crazy-"Doug scolded her, she rolled her eyes and yelped when he slapped her lightly upside the head

"No he is" Sid cut Doug off "oh and don't let Phil drive either. I don't like him"

Willow snorted, Doug chuckled as both she and Sid high-fived each other. "I will be the only one driving this car.-"

Willow cleared her throat "What about me?"

Doug cocked an eyebrow "You don't even have a license Will-"

"Doesn't mean I can't drive" she countered.

"Yeah you're not driving. I don't want my car to be impounded" Sid threw the car keys to Doug who easily caught them

"I promise I'll be the only one driving" Doug said as Willow opened the trunk of the Mercedes, she dumped her bag in the boot and left it open for Doug and Alan to put their stuff in

"Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Sid told the youngsters Doug laughed and nodded "Except herpes that shit will come back with you" yeah that wiped the smiles off both of Doug's and Willow's faces.

Doug, Willow and Alan were saying goodbye to the Garners,

"Have fun" Linda hugged Willow "and stay out of trouble"

"I will" she hugged her back, Linda moved on to Doug.

"Remember whenever you go out in Vegas take pepper spray. Got it?" Sid asked embracing the slim brunette

"I will" Willow laughed, the Garners were like a family to her. She was glad and happy for Doug to be marrying Tracy they were perfect for one another.

"Have fun" Tracy hugged her "have fun, keep an eye on them and try to get along with Phil"

Willow rolled her eyes and hugged her "Yeah I can do the first two but the last?...nah-"

"Yes. Maybe this trip is what you need" Tracy uttered.

She shook her head and walked over to the car, Doug was now saying goodbye to Tracy. She was about to get into the car but Alan stopped her.

"Hey Al what's up?"

"Can I sit up at the front?" he asked her.

Willow smiled and nodded "Sure"

"Thanks Will." She climbed into the back her and Alan both settled in their seats.

"Looking forward to this?" Alan asked looking over his shoulder as Willow put her sunglasses on,

"Yeah I am-"

"Great. Remember though Will my dolphin"

Willow laughed "I'll make sure to remember that Al. Doug come on" she shouted "Tracy is still going to be here"

"Yeah Doug come on" Alan copied her causing a wide to come across her face.

Soon enough they were parked outside the school that Phil worked at, Will slid across the seat and leant her head back feeling the sun warming her skin. The air was filled with the chatter of excited kids that were happy that the weekend was here.

"You have to park so close?" Alan asked from the front, Doug glanced over his shoulder to check on Willow who was watching Alan

"What's wrong?" she asked propping her sunglasses atop her head

"I shouldn't be here" he uttered, Willow rolled her eyes

"Seriously Al. I thought we covered this back at the house. You're going to Vegas it-"

"It's not that" Alan cunt her off, she sat up in her seat "I'm not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school"

Willow's eyes widened "What?" both she and Doug asked in alarm.

"Or a Chuck-E-Cheese" Alan finished off.

"Doug drive to the end of the road. We'll wait there-"

"Then we might miss Phil" Alan said

"Who cares?" she scoffed "drive I don't want to-"

"Relax Will, he's here" Willow sighed and looked to her left. There at the top of the stone steps stood Phil Wenneck. She quietly groaned and pushed herself further into the car.

"Hey Mr Wenneck-"

"I don't know you budnick. It's the weekend you do not exist-"

"Yeah he's responsible enough to be a teacher" Willow drawled causing Doug to snort

"But he is a teacher-"

"I was being sarcastic Alan" she uttered. Phil took in the sight of the Mercedes

"Shit" he grinned placing orange aviator glasses on "Nice car" he threw his bag towards Willow. Doug managed to catch it before it could hit her in the face "I'm driving" he exclaimed climbing into the car

"No chance-watch the leather" Doug yelled out exasperated. Phil dropped down beside a disgruntled looking Willow.

"Hey Will" he smirked at her placing his arm on the back of her seat bringing himself closer to her.

"Fuck you Phil" was her witty reply "and keep to your side of the car. There's more than enough room-"

"Don't start the pair of you" Doug sighed. They were like an old married couple just constantly bickering.

"Would you shut up and drive before one of these nerds ask me a question" he ordered Doug

"Animal" Doug growled

"Why are you even a teacher?" Willow asked looking at him through her dark glasses

"The same reason that you are so hot-"

"That doesn't even make sense" she snorted

"And it's grammatically incorrect" Alan piped up from the front as Doug pulled away from the curb.

"Who's this?" Phil asked glancing over to the bearded man.

"It's Alan, Tracy's brother" Doug replied.

"I met you like four times" Alan said clearly offended

"Oh right-"

"You are such an offensive dick" Willow muttered.

"What?" Phil feigned being deaf and cupped his ear "You want to see my dick? God Will not in front of your brother-"

"Shut up Phil" Willow hit him with her paperback novel. Phil laughed loudly and caught her wrist mid swing.

"Chill, chill this weekend it meant to be fun. No arguments-"

"Well if you want that try and not act like yourself" she countered. Phil grinned and surprised the brunette by dropped a kiss onto her cheek.

Willow ignored the spark and lightly slapped his arm and hastily wiped her cheek glaring at Phil. But the school teacher merely quirked an eyebrow at her,

"You're so annoying-"

"And you look great in shorts"

Willow rolled her eyes and leant back in her seat.

They pulled up to Stu's house

"Not it" Willow shouted

"Crap" Doug exclaimed

"What?" Alan asked not understanding what was going on

"Willow wriggled her way out of getting Stu."

"Just go Will, scared of Melissa?" Phil smirked, she rolled her eyes she was far from scared of the smaller woman.

"No I just hate her. She's such a bitch and Stu deserves someone way better" Will grumbled "Doug go-"



"We can't send him" Doug pointed out "no offence but Melissa doesn't even know we're going to Vegas, Alan might spill the beans, Phil?"

"She hates him" Willow said "well technically everyone hates him. You know Sid doesn't want you to drive his car because-"

"This isn't helping"

"No shit." Phil uttered "I'll deal with this. PAIGING DOCTOR FAGGOT. DOCTOR FAGGOT-OWW" he yelped when Willow punched him in the arm "What the hell?"

"Give another reason to Melissa for beating Stu. Do you want to piss her off?" Willow asked, she saw him rubbing his arm and her anger somewhat became subdue "Sorry" she apologised shocking both Phil and Doug. Willow wasn't one to apologise to people especially if it was to Phil. "Did I hurt you?" she grabbed his hand and gently touched the spot where she had punched him.

Phil felt a warm tingle in the pit of his stomach feeling her smooth and soft hands against his skin "Yeah right there. You can kiss it better. I also think you hurt my dick want to-"he didn't get the chance to finish his sentence since Willow punched him even harder.

"No wonder people dislike you"

"Good you're beating him up already" Stu said appearing on the sidewalk, "saves me from doing it-"

Phil snorted "You can't even punch right Stu, anyway get your ass in the car."

"Take this" Willow lifted Phil's duffle bag and handed it over to Stu. He placed both bags in the trunk and climbed into the car.

Willow was now wedged in between Phil and Stu. She shifted slightly trying to find a comfortable way to sit.

"Would you stop wiggling?" Phil asked "If you're having trouble getting comfortable, you can sit in my lap. But be careful not to move so much. You don't want me to get over-excited. If you know what I mean" he murmured.

His lips were right beside her ear, she could feel the warmth coming from his body. Willow resisted the urge to lean into him and soak up in his warmth.

"Shut up Phil-"

"Ok" Stu declared "Let's get this show on the road"

"Yes lets-"

"Preferably before she murders Phil" Doug laughed, Willow harrumphed and sat back in her seat.

They were heading to Vegas and she couldn't help but feel excited. Phil Wenneck wasn't going to ruin this for her. Willow was determined to enjoy herself.

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