"There ta da now the sun won't piss you off that much" Willow declared dropping a sun hat onto her brother's head.


They had managed to get Doug back down to the villa, Phil and Alan was hurrying around packing everyone's things, whilst Stu was making calls to airport about getting flights back to LA, Willow qas currently taking care of Doug.

"Stay here-"she instructed

"I can't exactly move now can I? Will-"Doug shouted watching as she ran out of the room, just as Phil and Alan dumped the bags by the front door.

Phil frowned "God damn it. Where has she gone now?" he asked

"No clue, so what the fuck happened here?" he looked around, the villa was a wreck

"Nothing nothing-"

"Will and Phil got married" Alan blurted out, earning a glare from the tall man beside him "What? I got excited" the bearded man defended himself "I'm going to get the car"

"What?" Doug said through gritted teeth "You married my sister?-"

"Now Doug-"Phil attempted to calm the other man down "It doesn't really matter, it's your wedding day-"

"You're just lucky I can't move" Doug snarled as Willow rushed back into the bedroom with a wheelchair much to their surprise

"Where did you-oh my god you stole that" Stu exclaimed

"Alright calm down milady" Willow drawled "this old guy wasn't using it and he gave it away."

Phil frowned and gave her a quick once over, she was too busy trying to get Doug off of the couch

"Will what did you do?" Phil asked putting his glasses over his face, as she and Stu settled Doug on the wheelchair.

"Let's go" Willow uttered quickly pushing Doug out of the Villa with Stu on her heels



"You flashed? Who the hell are you?" Doug shrieked

"She got a tattoo as well-"



Phil couldn't help but smile as he closed the door to the villa, but not before giving a place a once over. He turned on his heel and walked down the carpeted hallway; he dug into his pocket and pulled out his ring that he had found in Willow's shorts.

He pocketed the item

"PHIL MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASS" Stu shrieked there was a thump and an 'ow'

"What about the one after that?" Stu asked, he was on the phone, Willow was pushing the wheelchair that held Doug and Phil jogged up beside them

"Here ya go bud" he uttered handing Doug a large bottle of water.

"Giving me water wont' miraculously make me come on board about you marrying Will" Doug grumbled. Willow rolled her eyes

"Get over it Doug, we got married" she snapped as they exited the hotel

"You cannot be serious" Stu exclaimed hanging up "god damn it"

"What?" Phil asked as they crossed the ramp,

"Every flight to LA is booked-"

"What about in the Verback?" Phil asked

"Totally sold out"

"Shit" Willow muttered, could nothing go smoothly for them she wondered.

"Oh fuck we can't drive there" Phil snapped glancing down at his watch "the wedding starts in three and half hours" she pushed Doug towards Alan, who was waiting by the valet booth. And the luggage cart was beside him

"Alan where's the car?" Willow asked

"It's on its way" Alan replied with his hands on his hips. She came to a stop and made sure to put the breaks on. Willow hurried around and knelt down in front of Doug,


"Shush" Doug decided not to argue with his younger sister since he can see that she was in nurse mode. The brunette dug into her bag and pulled out a pot of aloe vera, she touched up on Doug's sunburn face.

"We can drive there, we'll make it-"

"As long as Phil drives" Willow uttered screwing the lid back onto the tub. She stood back up and spotted a familiar face she smiled and waved. She nudged Stu and pointed to Jade.

"Go talk to her-"she murmured.

"Right, give us one second" Stu jogged off.

"Who's she?" Doug asked

"Stu's wife" Willow smirked when her brother chocked out a strangled 'What?'

"We will leave without you" Phil yelled after him. Willow elbowed him

"No we won't. Just hurry up" she called out, "don't' tell him that" she rounded on Phil and poked him hard in the chest.

"Oww" Phil hissed rubbing his chest "mean-"

"You know it" Willow felt his arms around her waist and tugged her close so that their chest collided with each other's.

He chuckled and nipped her earlobe, causing her to swat at him. "Stop" she mumbled unconvincingly

"Is he missing a tooth?" Doug asked canting his head to the side.

"Yeah-"Alan laughed.

Willow rolled her eyes and took a step back; she rested one hand on the handlebars of Doug's chair and glanced over to Stu and Jade who were talking.

The valet finally returned with their beat up Mercedes, Willow tossed her bag in the back whilst Phil put their luggage in the trunk. She pushed the front seat forward and helped Doug in. She hastily buckled him in.

"Will seriously?"

"No it would be our luck to end up dying in a car crash after all of this shit" Willow replied and swung her leg over the car. She sat down beside Doug and made sure that his sun hat was secure. As Phil got in the front

"This needs to go down" Alan said trying to pushed the roof fully down.

"Alan get in the car-"Willow said they didn't really have time to be messing around.

"It's fine it's down-"Phil said getting frustrated

"No safety first" Alan argued.

"Jesus Christ-"

"Phil what are you doing?" Willow asked ducking so that Phil didn't kick her in the face; he stomped on the roof forcing it all the way down.

"Don't mess the car up-"Alan said pitifully.

She cocked an eyebrow "Erm…Al this care is more than messed up" she commented causing Doug to snicker but then let out a pained groan from the jolting movements.

"Don't make me laugh" Doug muttered causing Willow to giggle. Alan and Phil were finally in the car. She watched as her husband slammed his hand down on the windshield to attract Stu's attention. Alan mimicked him

"Stu?" Phil called

"Stu?" Alan copied

"Come on-"

"Come on"

Willow sighed and tucked in a stray curl she saw the questioning look that Doug was shooting her.

"Al hero worships Phil" she told him her eyes were focused on Stu and Jade "Aww" she cooed seeing there cute little hug.

"Serious?" Phil asked looking over his shoulder

"What? They're cute. I wish they go out, Stu has to go back that bitch Melissa" she grumbled under her breath

"You are such a softy" Doug chuckled

"Hey at least I'm not crying like Alan is" Willow pointed out

"Seriously?" Phil asked incredulously "Alan are you crying?"

"No" Alan sniffed "I just don't get why they can't just get together" he wiped his eyes.

"Yeah he's the big softy" Willow muttered, Phil started the car as Stu ran over to them. She waved goodbye to Jade and was shoved slightly when the dentist leapt into the car.

"Careful" Doug hissed.

Soon enough they were on the highway heading back to LA. Willow used her sunglasses to shield her eyes, she felt the wind whipping against her. Phil pressed his foot down even harder on the accelerator.

"Will can I borrow your cell?" Alan asked loudly so he could be heard over the wind.

"Sure" she dug into her bag and handed it over to him, Phil weaved the car in and out of other cars on the highway.

"At least the trip wasn't a total waste" Doug yelled

"How'd you mean?" Alan asked, Willow's hair blew behind her she swore when they nearly hit an elderly couple in the car next to him.

"When I woke up on the roof, I found eighty thousand dollars' worth of Bellagio chips in my pocket." Doug pulled out a bunch of chips from his pocket. They cheered and laughed. Things were finally looking up.

"Oh my god" Stu exclaimed

"Looks like we're going home with some money guys" Doug grinned his mood was beginning to brighten.

They were getting closer to LA, "There he comes" Alan yelled, Willow saw a van pulling up beside them. The back door slid open revealing a rocker looking guy

"Hey Mitchell" Alan yelled

"What's up Alan" the man shouted back, Stu shifted and caught one of the packages that contained the guy's suit. Willow's dress was back with Tracy and the other bridesmaid.

"Here Will" Stu tossed her the package as another one was flung into the car.

"Whoa look out" Mitchell,

"Oh shit" Phil swore and swerved the car away manage to avoid hitting another car, Willow was flung about as he pulled the car back around. Doug grabbed her wrist to stop her from doing a face plant into the front seats. Alan's friend tossed the final package

"Thanks man" Stu shouted high fiving the other guy.

"Adios" he yelled as Phil stepped harder on the accelerator pulling the car ahead.

"Who the hell was that guy?" Phil asked

"That's my buddy" Alan replied.

Willow grinned and shook her head, Alan sure did make odd friends but that didn't really surprised her.

Phil pulled the car to a stop so he and the other guys could put their suits on. Willow remained in the car; she dug through her bag and quickly did her makeup. She applied some red lipstick and a thin layer of eyeliner.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw Phil hopping about trying to pull his trousers on.

Damn she wished she had her camera on her this was definitely a sight to see. Willow grabbed her brush ad pulled the knots out of her hair; she hurriedly smoothed it down, knowing she could fix it when they got to the wedding. Phil leapt into the front seat, Doug and Stu jumped in beside Willow causing her to drop her tube of lipstick,

"Alan?" She yelled and saw the man running after them since Phil was beginning to pull away,

"Will catch me" Alan screeched

"No way. Phil stop the car" Willow screamed as Alan flung himself into the car and knocked her all the way into the front seat. She landed face up besides Phil's crotch. "Oww-"

"Now this is a nice view" Phil smirked. he groaned in pain when she slapped his crotch

"Just drive" she instructed pulling herself up into a sitting position. They were finally in LA, Willow leant over the car so that she was face to face with Doug, he was shaving his face and she was attempted to sort out his hair


"Shut up-"

"Oww" he yelped when she dug the brush further into his scalp

"You can't look like a hobo on your wedding day" she argued with him, as Stu pulled on his sock.

"Thank god" Willow jumped out of the car before Phil had even slowed it down


"Dress" she yelled back and ran into the manor, she saw the guests around the back and took a detour. She ran pass the other bridesmaid whilst unzipping her red dress

"Will where the hell have you been?" Christina asked handing the other woman her dress. The brunette hurried around the back of the changing screen.

"We…map quest" was her muffled response "go the other guys are here" she said slipping on the midnight blue dress. Willow tightened the white sash around her waist and hurried over to the mirror, she pulled one side of hair up and pinned it back.

"Use this" Janet said picking up a single white flower,

"Damn" Willow jumped "nearly gave me a heart attack"

"Sorry, Tracy has been freaking out when you or Doug didn't answer your phone" she said as Willow slipped the flower into her hair.

"Erm…battery died" she said lamely and knew that the younger girl didn't buy it. "Long story"

She took a step back "So what do you think?"

"Lovely…but you need your shoes" Janet said, Willow looked down and saw that her feet were bare.


"HURRY UP" Betty screamed causing both girls to jump. Willow slipped her feet into the pair of heels and laced them up.

"Did I miss anything?" Willow asked as she and the youngest Garner sibling joined the others.

"No. trust me, except we had another party it was wild"

Willow grinned and shook her head "Yeah no I bet my weekend trumps yours" she uttered,

"What the hell happened?" Betty asked

"So much" Phil laughed as they all lined up, he offered her his arm. Seems like they would be walking down the aisle together.

"You guys seem friendly" Roxanna commented as she stood behind them with Stu.

"We got very friendly" Phil smirked wagging his eyebrows up and down suggestively,

"Phil" she hissed elbowing him in the gut, all the bridesmaids were behind them gaped

"What happened?" Christina demanded, as the music started to play.

"We got married" Phil replied casually

"What?" all the other bridesmaids asked in unison. All at once questions were fired at them

"Ssh" Willow hissed "there's a wedding going on" she said, they were given the go ahead and Phil and Willow walked arm in arm down the aisle, she smiled seeing Doug at the other end by the priest.

"Never thought we be doing this" Phil murmured. "Walking down the aisle" she chuckled

"We did a lot of things I thought I'd never do" she whispered back "but getting married to you is something that I don't regret" she said sincerely. They reached the end of the aisle.

"Me too" he leant down giving her a chaste kiss on her lips. They parted ways; Phil went to stand on Doug's side whilst she took Tracy's.

Doug glanced between the pair and could see that they were genuinely happy. He caught Willow's eye and smiled at her, she grinned at him and held tighter onto her bouquet of white flowers. She looked over to the aisle and saw Stu and Roxanne walking up the aisle.

Soon enough all the bridesmaids and the fellas were at the front of the alter. The music change and Willow straightened up and couldn't help but gape at Tracy; she looked beautiful, the congregation stood up. The bride walked down the aisle with Sid.

Willow's eyes darted over to Alan, Phil and Stu, she could see them whispering about something. Phil leant over and whispered to Doug "She looks beautiful man"

Doug grinned "She's not the only one, you can barely keep your eyes off of Willow" he countered.

Phil smiled and looked over to his wife, who was focused on Tracy. The brunette felt someone watching her and met Phil's bright blue eyes. He winked at her and mouthed "You look gorgeous" she blushed and looked away.

"Shit" Christina whispered "you two actually smiled at each other"

"I bet they did a lot of things together" Jane smirked. Willow rolled her eyes

"Alright ladies" she quietened them down. Tracy pecked her dad on the cheek and stepped up in front of the priest

"We need to talk" Tracy hissed at Willow who gave her a nervous smile.

Doug stepped forward and shook Sid's hand "Sorry I'm late" he patted his future father-in-law on the back

"Vegas" Sid exclaimed as if that explained everything.

Everyone took their places, Willow shifted slightly she was close enough to hear what was being said between Doug and Tracy.

"Where were you? And why are you so red?" Tracy hissed.

"Honey it's a long story" Doug replied

"We are gathered here today" the priest began "because of the strength of love and promises that are kept…"Willow's attention shifted onto Doug and Tracy.

"All I know is that I am so sorry. And I promise as long as we are married to never ever let you go through with anything like this again" Doug promised her. "Can you forgive me?"

Willow smiled seeing Tracy slipping her hand in to Doug's. The rest of the ceremony went on without a hitch. Throughout it though, her eyes were on Phil who also seem not to be able to tear his gaze away from her.

The reception was fully underway

"Mind if I cut in?" Doug asked


"Alan we'll dance later" Willow smiled at the bearded man, the wedding had a live singer, "Go find Stu" she told him.

"So you and Alan seem to get on even better" Doug commented as he held her hand whilst they danced

"Trust me it's hard not to get on with him even if he did spike our drinks" Willow laughed

"I'm not even going to ask" Doug chuckled and waved at Tracy who was dancing with her dad. "But you and Phil?"

"Yeah I know everyone seems shocked about that one" she giggled "But-"

"You're happy and that's all that matters" Doug smiled sincerely and pulled her in a hug, she returned the embrace

"God I was so scared when we couldn't find you" she mumbled resting her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah according to Stu you tackled some guy to the ground" he commented.

Willow shook her head "Loads of things happened" she revealed

"Yeah I can see-"Doug frowned and took a step back he brushed aside her hair revealing her neck "is that a claw mark?"

"Tiger" she simply replied


"Don't worry, we gave it back" she rolled her eyes. "And I think your wife wants a dance" she uttered.

"Wait Will, the eighty grand…I want you to take my share"

Willow frowned and shook her head "After what you went through, you should take it all."

"No I want you to be taken care of Will. And I'm moving out with Tracy. Go find a better apartment, there should be one around-"

"Doug would you relax" Willow cut him off mid-rant "I am a big girl and I can look after myself-"she assured him.

"No Will listen I owe you some money anyway and-"

"Doug chill" Phil appeared behind her "I can take care of Will, she's my wife after all"

"Now that sounds weird" Willow commented "Doug we'll be fine" she told him.

Doug sighed and his eyes darted between the pair. "Fine" he hugged Phil "Take care of her, if you hurt her I'll hurt you it's a promise Phil"

Phil swallowed and hastily nodded "Lovely" Doug grinned and walked off towards his wife.

Willow cocked an eyebrow, the music changed so now the singer was doing his rendition of 'Candy Shop'

"Did he threaten you?" she asked, Phil wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her close

"Sort of, but I can take Doug" he smirked and spun her around; she giggled when he dipped her. Willow grabbed his wrist pulling his hand higher "Seriously trying to cop a feel now?" she murmured kissing the underside of his jaw.

"Well you're my wife now so-"

"Nope, no groping, especially in public" she interrupted him "and-hmph-"he kissed her hard on the lips. Willow literally melted in his embrace, her arms wrapped around his neck. She gasped when he nipped her bottom lip.

Willow felt as if her whole body was tingling. When the need for air arose Phil pulled back but still held her close.

"Phil-"she murmured and gasped quietly when he kissed her throat.

"I got something that belongs to you" his voice was low

"Please don't say a dirty joke" Willow muttered causing him to laugh.

"No, this" he pulled out the ring that he would usually wear on his pinky finger "I found this in your shorts. I'm guessing this is what we used when we got hitched. I want you to have it" he took her hand and slid it onto her ring finger. "I'll get you a new one and-"this time she interrupted him and smashed her lips against his. Phil's eyes widened at this but he kissed her back.

"It's perfect Phil" Willow said softly gazing at the ring. "Trust me"

Phil grinned and spun her around; she sighed and pressed her face into his chest. He dropped a kiss onto the crown of her head.

"I'm going to find Stu and Alan" Willow took a step back "and I think Linda wants a dance" she was referring to Tracy's and Alan's mother. Who was eyeing Phil

"Oh no Will, she'll eat me alive-"he hissed. But Willow slipped from his grasp and waved as she headed inside.

"Will" Alan waved her over, she walked over to him and Stu "Here ya go" he poured her a shot. "So erm…Will of things don't work out between you and Phil you-"

"You'll be the first on my list" she chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. They downed their drinks. Willow spluttered feeling the fiery liquid travelling down her throat she caught movement out of the corner of her eye.

"Bitch alert" she muttered to Stu

"What…oh-"he trailed off seeing Melissa storming towards them.

"Stu you avoiding me?"

"Can you blame him" Willow stated

"Shut the fuck up bitch" she snapped at the brunette

"Whoa now that's mean" Alan frowned "You want me to punch her Will, I can. I am not afraid of hitting women-"

Willow grabbed his arm and tugged him to her side. "Chill" she murmured to the bearded man.

"A) that was completely out of order-"Stu started he pointed towards Willow.

"Oh my god" Melissa spat in disgust "what happened to your tooth?"

"Have you met Alan? Tracy's brother—"

Willow cringed when Melissa grabbed Stu by his face and forced his mouth open so she could see his teeth. "That's disgusting-"she shoved the dentist away "why haven't you returned my calls-"

"Alright Melissa back off" Willow snapped glaring at the other woman "You can't push him around-"

"Our relationship does not concern you-"

"When you're treating one of my friends badly it does" Willow glowered at the shorter woman.

"Back off Will" Melissa seethed "My calls? Why haven't you returned them?"

"We hit a snafu and…"

"Just fucking tell her Stu" Willow drawled

"Tell me what?" Melissa stared at the dentist "I called the bed and breakfast in Nappa and they had no record of you even checking in"

Stu sighed and straightened up "That's because we didn't go to Nappa" he revealed

"Stu? What the fuck is going on?" she shrieked causing Willow and Alan to jump, she could feel the stares they were getting from the other guests.

"We went to Las Vegas" Stu answered truthfully. Willow swallowed and glanced over her shoulder feeling an arm wrap around her waist. She relaxed seeing it was her husband; he rested his chin atop her head,

"Why would you go to Las Vegas?" Melissa asked with her hands on her hips,

"Because my best friend was getting married" Stu replied "and that's what guys do-"

"Oh really I bet you went as well" she sniped at Willow.

"Duh he's my brother. And unlike you I was wanted" the slimmer brunette retorted.

"It not what you do" Melissa rounded on Stu

"Really?" the dentist yelled "then why did I do it? huh? Because I did it. Riddle me that" he clicked his fingers in front of her.

Willow fought down the urge to giggle, she was immensely happy that Stu was finally standing up for himself.

"Why did I do it? Sometimes I think all you want me to do is what you want to do" Stu carried out on letting it all out. Willow leant back against Phil watching the scene unfold right in front of her eyes. "I'm sick of what you want me to do. Sometimes I think that in a healthy relation sometimes guy should be able to do what he wants to do"

"You got that right" Phil muttered in to Willow's ear.

"If I ever start to turn into her punch me in the face" Willow whispered causing Phil to snicker, he kissed her cheek.

"THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS!" Melissa screamed going red in the face. They had fully attracted all of the guests' attention.

"Good because whatever this is" Stu wagged his finger "doesn't work for me"

Phil looked on in pride at this.

"Oh really?"

"Since when?" Melissa yelled

"Since you fucked that waiter last June" Stu declared and pounded his fist on the able "BOOM"

There were whispers and sniggers from the other guests

"She got told" Willow muttered

"You told me it was a bartender" Alan commented

"Oh you're right, you fucked a bartender" Stu uttered. Willow licked her lips

"You're an idiot" Mellissa said scornfully

"You're…ergh…you're rotten all the way to you core" he countered "you're just a bad person. Should we dance?" he asked Alan, Willow and Phil

"Erm…yeah" Willow nodded. Stu walked out into the garden

"Let's do this" he called and the band started again

"Coming?" Phil asked his wife, who was eyeing Mellissa

"Er go ahead" she smiled at him, he nodded slightly unsure about what was going to go down but he joined his friends on the dance floor. "Wow Mellissa, seems like you got shamed" she smirked at the shorter woman.

"Go fuck off Will" Mellissa snarled "I bet you fucked Stu-"

"No I didn't but he fucked on a hooker" Willow countered a grin on her lips.

"It was nice meeting you" Alan interrupted "even though everyone hates you-"

"Fuck off" Melissa snapped

"I'm thinking about getting my bartender license" Alan carried on regardless

"Suck my dick-"

"No thank you"

"Alan just go" Willow told him she lightly shoved him towards the door, she turned back on Mellissa "and this is for hitting Stu before" with that she punched Melissa hard in the face, causing the party goers to gasp

"That's my girl" Phil cheered, Stu whistled as Willow joined them the party was back on track.

It was nearing the end of the wedding. Willow was currently sitting on Phil's lap. She, him, Stu and Doug were lounging near the back of the yard. She took a sip of the beer and handed it over to Phil.

"Dougie I got to tell you man this was gorgeous wedding" Stu said, this was the most relaxed all of them had felt ever since Vegas. Willow leant her head back against Phil's chest. She closed her eyes feeling his hands on her hips.

"I give it six months" Phil smirked. Willow scoffed

"If you give them six I give us two" she uttered,

"Never" Phil nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck causing her to giggle.

"You're a dick" Stu lightly kicked him from his seat.

"Kidding" Phil smiled.

"Well thanks for the bachelor party I guess" Doug said causing them to chuckle. Willow shifted in Phil's lap

"Trust me…it was…epic in a weird way. Phil got tasered in the nuts" she said

Doug snorted "Seriously?"


"I wish we could remember what happened the night before" Stu commented. "Some of it"

Phil grinned "Yeah" he wouldn't mind actually remember marrying Willow.

"Hey guys" Alan said walking over to them

"Is that my camera?" Willow asked she couldn't find it anywhere.

"Yeah it was lodged in the back seat of the car" Alan replied, he was still wearing the flower that Willow had given him.

"Are there photos of us?" Phil asked sitting up, forcing Willow to be slightly pushed forward.

"Yeah some of it is even worse than we thought" Alan said

"No fucking way give me that" Phil held out his hand grabbing the camera



"Delete them" the other three all said at once.

But Doug managed to take the camera off of Phil, he glanced over to Tracy and saw that his wife was busy.

"How about we look at this once and then we delete them? Ok? One time and then we delete the evidence"

Stu stood up "I say we delete them right now"

"Are you nuts?" Phil gently pushed Willow off of his lap forcing her to stand "I want to know how I ended up in the hospital, is that in there?"

"Yeah it's in there" Alan giggled

"And I want to know how the hell did I end up with a tattoo" Willow added on

"Ok, one time" Doug smiled "deal?"

"Deal" they all responded and gathered around the camera. Doug held up the camera and turned it on.

Willow's eyes widened taking in the sight "Fuck-"

"Oh dear lord-"Stu exclaimed,

Doug scrunched up his nose. Phil covered his mouth.

"That's classic" Alan declared laughed.

Alan laying on a bed with a topless stripper.

Stu hugging strippers in the hot tub.

Willow and Phil making out on the edge of the hot tub,

Phil shoving Willow in to the hot tub.

Phil leaning over the edge laughing

Mr Chow dancing in a strip club.

Willow stripping off in the club.

Phil tucking a hundred dollar bill into Willow's panties.

A random guy grabbing Willow's ass.

Phil punching the guy who grabbed Willow's ass in the face.

Doug, Stu, Alan, Willow, Phil and Mr Chow all posing for a picture with a Vegas dancer

Alan snatching something out of Mr Chow's hand

Phil pulling Mr Chow on to the ground.

Stu tucking money into Jade's underwear

Stu and Jade dancing on the bar top.

Willow straddling Phil's lap.

Phil slapping Willow's ass whilst Alan was staring at them

Alan getting a lap dance, but looking bored.

Jade and Stu posing together.

Stu using pliers pulling his tooth out

Stu finally pulling his tooth out, blood marred his face

Doug lying on a limo roof.

Stu downing a bottle of whisky

Stu spitting whisky over Willow

Willow punching Stu in the face, Phil in the background pulling his pants down

Alan and Phil pretending to arrest a stripper. Doug pointing a gun at Willow

Alan and Willow posing with an old lady

Alan firing the gun into the air.

All of them gathered around a craps table, Alan rolling the dice

Mr Chow kissing Alan

Willow shoving Mr Chow aside and kissing Alan

Alan collapsing on the craps table after the kiss

Them in a limo with a bachelorette party.

Willow and Alan making funny faces at the camera.

Phil kissing another woman, Willow glaring at them from the corner of the limo

Two women kissing Alan's cheeks

Carrot Top and Stu posing

The group and Carrot Top posing for the camera

Willow lifting her top up and holding a pen out to Carrot Top.

Carrot Top signing Willow's stomach

Alan getting his belly button pierced

Phil forcing Willow into a chair at a tattoo parlour.

A red face Willow getting tattooed

Willow giving Phil the finger

Alan holding up shirt showing off his piercing, Willow showing off her tattoo, Doug, Stu and Phil grinning at the camera

Willow piercing a screaming Alan's ear

Wayne Newton with his body guards and Stu

Stu pointed angrily at Wayne Newton

Phil holding Stu back

Stu punching Wayne Newton in the face

Alan and Willow leaning against a giant fountain

Alan and Willow standing in the fountain completely soaking wet

Alan pulling Willow's dress down

Willow punching Alan in the face

Doug punching Alan in the face.

Phil spitting on Alan

Phil unconscious on a hospital bed with Alan, Stu and Willow gathered around him

Phil holding onto a bottle of scotch laughing with Alan, Stu and Willow

Mr Chow hugging a woman

Doug passed out on a mattress on the roof

Alan pretending to hump Doug

Willow poking a sleeping Doug,

Phil dragging Willow away from Doug

Mike Tyson cuddling a woman

Phil and Stu leaning over a sleeping Mike Tyson

Willow and Alan sleeping in the same bed as Mike Tyson on the other side

Doug climbing onto the tiger

Alan hugging the tiger

The tiger licking Willow's face

Stu and Willow collapsed on the ground by the cop car, with the tiger inside it

Alan getting a blow job off of a random woman.

Willow and Jade dressed in pale yellow dresses at the chapel

Stu, Alan, Phil and Doug holding Jade up

Stu giving Jade a piggy back ride, her holding up her hand showing off the ring

Phil carrying Willow bridal style

Phil dropping Willow

Willow kicking him in the crotch

Willow and Phil posing with the priest

Willow, Phil, Doug, Stu and Alan all posing for the camera with large smiles on their faces.

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