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Chapter 1: Medusa returns... Again.

THUD! Pit crashed to the ground, part angry, part confused. Dark Pit aproached him. "I told you over a thousand times to stop calling me Pittoo!"

"Sorry, Pittoo, I gues I forgo-"


Unable to finish his sentence, Pit crashed through the wall, right in front of Palutena. Palutena looked up from the Nintendo Power she was reading. "Cant you two ever get along? I'm sure the readers would appriciate it."

An Explosion was heard in the distance, Dark Pit facepalmed. "Great, you just broke the 4th wall" he said with a groan. "Sorry" Palutena said in a hoarse whisper, horror in her eyes. "Maybe they wont find us, anyway, I have an assignement for both of you.

"What is it?" Pit asked.

"Well, I have reason to believe Medusa will attempt to take over all of skyworld today".

"And what 'reason' is this?" Dark Pit implied

"Today marks the 50th anniversary of when Medusa attempted to take it over, I remember it like it was yesterday..."


Medusa: "Can I have all of Skyworld?"

Palutena: "No."

Medusa: *Walks away sadly*

*End Flashback*

"Anyway" Palutena continued, "I want you to patrol Skyworld with the Centurions, Medusa is bound to come on a day like this".

"Pff, yeah, sure." Dark Pit said sarcasticly.

"I'm on it, Lady Palutena!" Pit said enthusiasticly. "But, what if she doesnt show up?"

As if on cue, the roof of Palutena's Temple ripped off, revealing Medusa and underworlders.

"AH HAHAHAHAA" Medusa laughed. "Surrender now, and you wont have to suffer!"

"Suffer what?" Pit asked as he readied a palutena bow, while Dark Pit pulled out pandora claws.

"SUFFER THIS" Medusa roared, as one of Pit's worst nightmares appeared, something that is only found lurking behind the 4th Wall: the Kid Icarus Fanatics.

"Look, its Pit and Dark Pit!" some random fan screamed.

"Get them!" another fan shouted, as all the fans pulled out chainsaws,
weed wackers, ratchets, lazer swords, chimpanzees, and anything else
that could be considered a weapon.

"OH, FIRETRUCK!" Pit and Dark Pit shouted simultaneously. Palutena
activated their Power Of Flight (POF), and the duo took to the skies.
The fans somehow sprouted pink fairy wings and took off after them.

"CAN I HAVE YUR ATAGRUPH!?" a sadistic looking fan sporting a
chainsaw shouted at Pit.

"NO, YOU KILLED MY FATHER!" Pit replied.

"no... I AM YOUR FATHER!" the fan replied. Everyone else paused immediately.

"...wha?" Dark Pit asked.

"Naw" Pit replied. " I made the whole thing about my father up, he was
just playing along like the S.E.F.F. (Sadistic Evil Fat Fan) he is".

"Oohhhhh..." everyone replied

Suddenly, Medusa appeared and sealed all the fans behind the 4th wall,
then grabbed Pit and Dark Pit.

"HAW HAW" she laughed/screamed, resulting in a creepy sound that made
Pit wet himself. "Now, I can hold both of your pathetic lives for
ransom, until I am paid enough money so I can buy a new cannon for the
space station colony A.R.K." and explode the world to smutherins!"

"Hey!" Dark Pit said. "Isnt that kind of a ripoff of the plot for
Sonic Adventure 2?"

"It doesnt matter" Medusa cackled evilly.

"Whoa" Pit whispered to Dark Pit. "She's crazier than Eos".

While Pit and Dark Pit began to randomely talk about KFC, Palutena was
thinking about a way to free the two angels. Suddenly, she had an
idea, and spoke to one of the snakes on Medusa's head

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"Yes?" the snake replied in a voice that sounded like a high pitched
canadien squeal.

"Dont you think it would be nice to be free from Medusa's head?"
Palutena continued.

Meanwhile, Medusa still held the two angels, while they argued about
Charlie the Unicorn. Suddenly, all the snakes slithered off of
Medusa's head, revealing it to be bald. Screaming, she reached up to
cover her head, thus dropping the two angels.

Pit and Dark Pit then got in stupid battle poses, while the Seven
Chaos Emeralds came out of nowhere and began to surround them, while Crazy Frog began to play for no actual reason at all. Suddenly, they,
were engulfed in a white aura, and when it faded away, it revealed the
two angels to have gold tunics and red eyes.

"EAT THIS!" they said, as they pulled up a giant loaf of bread, and
shoved it into Medusa's face, causing her to explode instantly.

The angels then went back to Palutena's Temple to watch Wipeout and
relax. The chaos had finally, ended, or so they thought...

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