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My life is ruined.

Let's see. How in the world did this happen? I mean, I'm freaking Travis Stoll! I'm awesome, the best pranker in history, King of Camp Half-Blood- okay, maybe that's Percy being the savior of Olympus of all- and I'm dating Katie Gardner, daughter of Demeter.

But Katie is exactly my problem.

Okay, not Katie per say, but Katie's father.

I was with Connor and we were planning a prank on the Apollo cabin when Katie came to my cabin to deliver the splendid news. Sarcasm noted.

"We should use pink," I said.

Connor thought about it. "But some of the Apollo kids like pink," he argued. "We should do orange. Orange always rocks."

"No green rocks. It's so awesome; it can punch your face while it's asleep!"

"How the hell is that possible? The color green can't punch one's face!"

I smirked. "Oh, but it can. It's that awesome."

"When you guys finish this idiotic argument, tell me to come back, okay?" Katie's exasperated voice interrupted.

"Hey Katie-Kat," I said.

Normally, Katie would've gotten angry. But not today. For some reason, Katie looked sort of . . . weak and nervous. Whatever. Katie is strong; she can handle it herself.

But then I remembered my conversation with Piper, a daughter of Aphrodite. The least girlish daughter of Aphrodite in history, in fact. She told me I should treat my girlfriends better and when they look upset or whatever, I should ask what's wrong.

"What's wrong?" I asked, sighing.

"I have a dad . . ." Katie began.

My eyebrows shot up and Connor muttered, "Really? You have a dad?" under his breath.

Katie glared at us. She should really stop doing that because I heard some daughters of Aphrodite saying that it causes wrinkles.

Ugh, I really should stop hanging out with those girls. I think they've gotten to me.

Katie continued glaring. "Yes, Connor, I have a dad." She plunked herself onto my bed. "My father wants you to stay with us during Christmas, Travis."

I laughed at her. "That's all? That's no problem! "

Katie glared again. "Your 'charm' isn't going to get you anywhere."

And I laughed at her again. That's what our relationship mostly consists of. She glares, I laugh. "You think I need my charm to be charming? Who's in your family?"

Katie furrowed her brow in concentration. "There's my dad, Rachelle, my stepmom, Chloe and Tori- they're twins- Mandy my half-sister and Brady my step-brother."

I smirked. Our relationship consisted with a lot of smirking, too. "Easy. I don't know what you were worried about."

"Oh yeah?" Katie challenged. "My father is the reason all of my relationships ended, Rachelle is super nice when my dad's around but as soon as he's gone, so is her nice side, Tori is the evil version of Chloe, and a lot like Drew, Mandy likes pooping everywhere and Brady is only thirteen but quite protective. Oh, and I forgot Cerberus, our cat that enjoys hissing at people."

I was dumbfounded. "You named your cat Cerberus?"

Katie threw her hands up, clearly frustrated. "Why does it matter?"

I threw up my hands. "Everything matters, Katie-Kat!"

"Oh, I know." Katie smirked knowingly. "Your bravado is waning and you're really afraid."

I was going to argue, but why fight it? "Yeah."

Connor watched us intently. Then, being the great brother he is, he opened his stupid mouth and shouted triumphantly. "This is a double win situation! Travis, you owe me twenty drachmas! I told you I would be in charge of the cabin for at least a day in the next year!"

And that's how a perfectly good life crumbled and died.

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